How To Activate YouTube Using | YouTube Com activate Code

Are you trying to watch YouTube on a big tv screen but it’s asking to activate YouTube with code? Is it the same, if yes then don’t worry and learn how it’s easy to activate and access YouTube content on Tv or other devices.

Initially it was very easy to connect YouTube with any Smart TV within a few minutes. Even, if you don’t have Smart TV, users can use several devices like Firestick, Roku, Kodi, Xbox One, PS3 and many more devices to watch regular TV including YouTube. But many things have changed and now you have to sign-in and activate YouTube to watch your favorite videos, shows, live stream on the TV.

If your Smart Tv or any other source is also asking you to open a web browser on your mobile or computer to open site to verify the YouTube Com activate Code then this guide is for you.

The YouTube activation process on the devices isn’t complicated at all. But nowadays many different devices are available that you can use, so the way you activate YouTube varies from device to device.

Because of this, we are adding a YouTube activation process according to the streaming devices. If you don’t understand what to do with enter code then search the device from the below list and apply the exact same process.

Without any doubt, YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform that allows users to upload, download and share their videos. Moreover, users can live stream game play on YouTube to create followers and community. Here you can find any type of content like educational, family-friendly videos, entertainment and news etc. Even, you can earn money from YouTube after enabling the monetization on your YouTube channel. Best thing about this service is that we can operate it from any computing device or mobile device with a stable internet connection. Just because it’s the most popular free video streaming platform, here is no need to explain “what YouTube is” and “how to use YouTube”.

Watching a YouTube video on a big screen like a 34 inches LED Tv or android smart Tv makes the experience much better in comparison to a computer or laptop screen. So, if you are unable to access YouTube app on Smart TV or other streaming devices, due to YouTube.Com activate Code verification, then follow the below steps.

Use Of YouTube Com activate Code To Activate YouTube

At the time of using YouTube app on any android Smart tv or any other streaming device, you have to verify the YouTube activation Code. Process may be slightly different for different devices. So, read the methods according to your own device models.

Activate YouTube On ROKU TV or Roku Media Player

Activation of YouTube for ROKU devices is pretty much easy and only takes a few minutes to set up. After activation of YouTube on ROKU, you are free to stream or watch live streams, videos on big screens. Just sign in into your own account from YouTube/activate link, enter the unique code that ROKU gives you to connect YouTube.

  1. Connect your Roku player with your TV and sign in to your Roku account with correct credentials. [Don’t forget to enable wifi connection]
  2. Come to the “Home Screen” by pressing the Home button from your remote
  3. Select the option “Channel Store” and press Ok from your remote.
  4. Open the Top Free options and select “YouTube app” then press Ok.
  5. Select the option for Add Channel and press Ok from your remote.
  6. Wait for a while and it will be added to your channels automatically. You can check it from My Channels section.
  7. Now open the YouTube channel app.
  8. Select the “Gear icon” or “settings” from the left side of the YouTube channel.
  9. Select Sign in option and enter your YouTube account information [username and password]
  10. Now Roku will display an 8-digit code [YouTube activation code for ROKU]. Remember this code or note down it somewhere or keep this screen open, we will use it next step.
  11. Now open any web browser on your laptop/pc or phone and visit on YouTube Activation official page.
  12. Now enter the 8 digit activation code that Roku provides in previous step 10.
  13. Click Allow access from the next screen.
  14. Done!!!

Now YouTube is activated on Roku tv or Roku streaming device with the Roku code. Open the Youtube app on your ROKU Tv and start watching videos on YouTube without any problem.

In case, if you getting any issue to add YouTube app on ROKU then restart ROKU screaming device or reset ROKU for fresh installtion.

YouTube Com activate Code For Activating YouTube on Smart TVs

Process of Youtube activation for Smart Tv is also very simple and straightforward. But the problem is that some models don’t support YouTube Apps. So, if the YouTube app is not available on your TV then check the supporting apps list. Otherwise, sideload the YouTube APK on Smart Tv manually. Activation of YouTube app on Smart TV is also the same as Roku. Use the same official link to connect your YouTube to your Smart TV.

For New Models

If you are using a new model of Smart tv that was manufactured in 2013 or later, then the latest and updated YouTube App is required. Follow the below steps to activate YouTube on your Smart TVs with YouTube Com activate Code.

  1. Turn-ON Smart Tv and launch the YouTube app.
  2. Click on the Gear icon from the left side area.
  3. Click Sign in option and It will show you an 8 digit activation code. Keep this screen open for further process.
  4. Open the Youtube account activation page on mobile or pc/laptop.
  5. Login into Google account, if you are not logged-in and then type the correct 8 digit code that the YouTube app gave you and proceed.
  6. Click Allow access if you see the option.

For Older Models

If you are using the older models, you have to use the old flash YouTube app.

  1. Open your YouTube app on your Smart TV
  2. Click Sign in from the left side section.
  3. Note down the 8 digit code or keep open the screen.
  4. Now go to com/activate from your laptop or phone.
  5. Now enter the 8 digit code verification code here.
  6. Click Allow access if you see the option.

In this way, we can activate YouTube on any new and older Smart TV to browse and watch YouTube videos.

Activate YouTube on Xbox One Console

In order to activate YouTube on Microsoft Xbox console, it will give you a code that you will have to enter at page. After that you can open your YouTube App from Xbox One.

So, check out the below steps for YouTube activation on Xbox One via Xbox One link.

  1. Go to Sign in & settings.
  2. Select Sign in and then press X.
  3. Now the app will display an unique code for verification. Note it down anywhere or don’t close the screen.
  4. Now visit on official link from laptop or phone browser.
  5. Enter the unique YouTube Com activate Code that the YouTube app gave you and proceed.
  6. Click Allow access if you see the option.
  7. Done!!! Now launch the app on Xbox one and start enjoying the YouTube contents.

Tips: For best audio experience, use the Airpods on Xbox one console.

Activate YouTube on Apple TV

This section is for those users who want to activate the YouTube app on Apple TV. Same as other devices, the process is also straightforward for Apple TVs.

The complete steps for activating YouTube are given below.

  1. Go to Sign in & settings >>> Select Sign in
  2. The app will give you a code on the screen. Note down the code anywhere or keep open the screen.
  3. Now open the web browser on pc or mobile and visit on page.
  4. Enter the Youtube verification or access code and then the YouTube app gives you and proceeds.

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Activate YouTube on Samsung TV

Activate YouTube on Samsung TV

Same as other android smart tvs, Samsung Smart TV has a feature to use YouTube on the big screen. But you need to activate the YouTube on your Samsung TV first.

It’s also important to know that some Samsung TV models don’t have the YouTube app. So, for those models, you won’t be able to perform the actions of activating YouTube on TV.

  • Open TV >> Go to Sign in & settings >> Select Sign in
  • The app will give you a code and don’t close the screen or note down the code in a safe place.
  • Open the page from your laptop or phone.
  • Enter the code that the YouTube app gave you and proceed.
  • Click Allow access if you see the option.

In this way we can easily activate on Samsung Smart TV.

Tips: Do you we can use Samsung One remote as an universal remote for Samsung TVs

YouTube Activation on Kodi

  •  Open Settings >>Select “Add-ons”
  • Select Install from Repository/Get Add-ons >> then select the Kodi Add-on Repository
  • Now select the Video Add-ons and locate and select the YouTube app.
  • Select Install >>> and then go to Videos >>> again  select Add-on
  • Next, Select and open YouTube >> Select Sign in
  • The Add-on will display activation code on the screen. Note it down or don’t close the screen
  • Go to YouTube Activate from your windows pc/laptop or phone.
  • Enter the same code that the YouTube app provides you in the previous step.
  • Click the Allow to access if you see the option.

So guys these are instructions to activate YouTube on different devices [ Apple TV, Samsung Tv, Kodi, Android TV]. If you try to check, steps might vary depending on the model but almost are the same. If you can’t find the YouTube app on your TV, download it from the app store or channel list. Otherwise, sideload the YouTube apk on non supportable devices. YouTube Com activation code is a security feature to verify the device authority. So, it’s necessary to sync your Smart tv with YouTube account with activation code. Otherwise, you can access YouTube features on the big screen.

Please Note: Sometimes, you may see errors if this action isn’t allowed on Youtube Mobile app And Tv. In that case checkout the solution and fix the YouTube app error.

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