How To Factory Reset Roku Player – Reset Roku Without Remote

Soft Reset And hard Roku Without Remote – How To Factory Reset Roku Player  

Sometimes you may feel to reset Roku device. But before that it’s must to know that is it really necessary or not and if yes, then how to reset roku without remote and with remote?

Roku is one of the best media streaming device and it comes with ability to replace cable TV, setup box etc. With the help of this device, users can stream their desired favorite media on TV including PBS network. Best thing about Roku player is, it helps user to stream contents of Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Youtube TV, Sling TV and more with slandered internet connection.  But as we all know, nothing is perfect in the world. Similarly, it’s also not perfect and sometime you may stuck on a “retrieving” screen or LOGO BOUNCING SCREEN or device won’t start properly. So, if you are getting any type of issue with Roku device, there are some solutions to overcome them.

  • Restart or reboot Roku device.
  • Reset roku media player. [ Soft Reset & Factory Hard Reset ]

Initially rebooting the ROKU device is highly recommended solution to fix Roku device. Otherwise, soft reset is another best solution. In case, soft reset to Roku is also not helpful for you, then you have to perform hard reset or factory Reset Roku method.

Before going to jump into factory reset or soft reset your Roku media player, make sure there is no any hardware issue. Similarly, soft reset is advisable because it will reboot your device without affecting custom settings and data of Roku device.

Methods To Soft Reset Roku Without Remote And With Remote

As we already said, follow the soft reset method on Roku before going to advance factory reset. Most of the time soft reset fixes the basic issues on your Roku device and you need to apply hard reset. Hard reset to Roku player will wipe all associated  account, data and custom settings.

For this here you have two different options. Soft reset roku using remote or reset roku with buttons.

Method01 Soft Reset

How To Roku Soft Reset Using Remote

If the Roku remote working properly then follow the below steps to reset roku from remote. ( Check The List Of ROKU Hidden Secret Menu )

Roku Secret Menu For Reset

  • Home 5 times
  • Up 1 time
  • Rewind 2 times
  • Fast Forward 2 times

These Roku soft reset key combinations are universal for all Roku models including latest versions. Otherwise, apply the below steps to perform soft reset on Roku from menu.

Press Home screen from remote, select “Settings” option >>> again select “System” >>> “Power” >>>> “System restart“.

roku system restart

Above steps will reboot your Roku media player after your confirmation. This is easiest method to soft reset Roku using remote control.

How To Soft Reset Roku Using Button [ For Older Models ]

Roku users also have another method for soft reset without remote. If your remote is not working or you are using older roku model then use the direct reset button.

  • Check your Roku hardware box and find the “Reset” button from the back panel or bottom of the device. Some models will require a paper-clip to press the button.

Reset button in the Roku 2

  • Just press the reset button, and then release it again about one second. The device should reset successfully after power off.

These are two possible methods to soft reset Roku device with remote and without remote. Try any above method and reset your device without losing data and custom settings.

Method 02 Hard Factory Reset For Roku 

Before doing the factory hard reset roku device w, it’s must to know that this will clear all settings of your device. After that device will come in factory default settings.

How To Hard Reset Roku Using Menu [ For New Models – Roku 4, Premier And Ultra ]

This is an advance option to reset complete existing settings and data of Roku player.

  • Take your Roku remote in your hand and press Home button.
  • Next, navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Scroll the screen and select System option from the list.

roku system

  • Again, scroll down the screen and this time select the “Advanced System Settings” option.

roku advanced system setting for reset roku

  • Now select Factory reset option >> Enter your Roku pin (if already enabled) and press OK. Done!!! This last step will factory reset roku device to fix issues.

roku factory reset option

Roku Hard Reset Using Buttons

In any case above factory reset method is not working correctly or your device freezes then use the “Roku reset button” for factory hard reset.

  • Find the reset button on Roku device box, Press and hold the reset button for 20 seconds.
  • Release the button when the power indicator light on your Roku device blinks rapidly.

roku reset button on panel

This time your Roku should factory reset. So now you have to setup your Roku device again.

So, this is all about roku soft reset and roku factory hard rest to solve common issues. If normal restart is not helping you to access your device then factory reset is advisable. Similarly, roku factory reset is also recommended when you want to sell or gift your Roku to someone. Factory reset will erase all settings and data of the device including your Roku account which is important before selling your device.

Now you can see how it’s easy to factory reset Roku without remote and with remote? So, if you have applied factory reset on Roku then you need to setup the device again. For this wifi connection is must. Learn the method to connect ROKU to WIFI without remote and start streaming PBS live contents on ROKU.

UPDATE : Official Spectrum TV App is now available in Roku App Store to stream live channels, videos, movies and more than 250 channels.  [ Spectrum APP For ROKU Device ]

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