Use Samsung OneRemote As A Universal Remote On Samsung TV

Methods To Use Samsung OneRemote As A Universal Remote On Samsung TV

Do you know, we can use Samsung One Remote as universal remote control for Samsung Tv and other electronic gadgets? Users can easily control other devices by selecting the Universal Remote option on Tv. Samsung officially offers this service but you need to enable it manually.

It’s very simple to understand. When you connect or attach any device to a TV with HDMI port, it will be automatically detected by the Smart Hub. For example, if you have any Blu-ray player or stereo, then you can control them with your Samsung TV remote. Let’s see how to enable universal remote feature on OneRemote?

Nowadays almost all digital gadgets come with remote controllers to access features wirelessly. Mostly, these remote controllers work on specific devices according to the model and compatibility. But it’s not the same for Samsung OneRemote controller. If you have different digital devices with different remote controls but they are not working then Samsung OneRemote will come in handy. We can make this Samsung One Remote as an universal remote control for Samsung tv and other gadgets.

In simple words, with the help of universal remote, you no need to purchase additional specific remote for your Tv and other devices.

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Trick To use Samsung OneRemote As A Universal Remote On Samsung TV

Here we are adding all the steps to make Oneremote as a universal remote for Samsung television and other gadgets you have in your household.


  1. Get the Samsung OneRemote in your hand.
  2. Now Press the Home button from Samsung oneremote controller.

Samsung one remote

  1. Check the TV screen and go to the Source option.

source option samsung tv

  1. Scroll up the screen and here you will see an option Universal Remote. Click on it.

universal remote option in samsung tv

  1. Then select the “New Device”.
  2. Specify the device by selecting the type of the device that you want to connect with OneRemote. It could be your DVD player or stereo.
  3. Next, Select the brand name of the device.
  4. Again, select the HDMI port the device is connected with.
  5. Complete the power test to confirm the device and the OneRemote is properly connected.
  6. All done!!! your OneRemote is now the universal controller for other gadgets and you will be able to control your devices with one remote.
Samsung one remote compatibility list
Brand Auto Detection Possible


Blu-Ray™ Device 2011 – 2018

Home Theatre System 2011 – 2016



PlayStation 3

PlayStation 4

Blu-Ray™ Device from 2011

Home Theatre System from 2011




XBOX 360

Apple TV


Apple TV 1

Apple TV 2

Apple TV 3

Apple TV 4



Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV 2



Roku 3

Roku 4




Nexus Player



Blu-Ray™ Device from 2011

Home Theatre System from 2011



Blu-Ray™ Device from 2011

Home Theatre System from 2011

Panasonic Blu-Ray™ Device from 2011

Home Theatre System from 2011


If you want to know about the Samsung TVs with One Remote, check out here.

This is Samsung’s official trick to convert Samsung OneRemote into the universal remote for other devices along with your Samsung TV. After enabling this feature we can use the same Samsung one remote control for all other attached devices.

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