How To Monetize YouTube Videos – Enable Monetization On Videos

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How to monetize youtube videos or how to enable monetization on videos are very popular and frequently searched questions on the internet. If you are one of them who really wants to make money online then I can say you nothing is better then YouTube. Just upload your video on YouTube and monetize YouTube videos and YouTube channel .that’s it. Yes its really very simple and legit way to make money online. In this article I will show you how this programme works and how to monetize YouTube videos?

May be you know or not, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet. YouTube is a videos sharing website, founded on 15 February, 2005 by steve chen,chad hurley and jawed karim. Now after passing 10 years there are millions of users around the whole world and have created account on the website. Users can upload their appropriate videos and anyone can watch videos, can leave their response as a comment and also can download and save them.

Let’s Try To Understand How YouTube Monetization Works

We all used it umpteen times to watch videos and entertain overselevs but do you know, you can really make money from youtube by uploading videos. In order to make money from YouTube you need to create YouTube channel, upload your video and enable monetization on it and start earning from the day of starting.

        I know there is a question in your mind and you want to understand how YouTube monetization works and why YouTube will pay you for videos? Now I am going to explain you each and everything about YouTube and YouTube monetization.

       Same as other advertising network YouTube places ads inside the video or near the videos. After you have enabled monetization on YouTube channel, your videos can be submitted and approved for monetization. Now Google adsense is ready to display ads on your video. If anyone will click on your ads then you will be paid revenue by Google adsense. But remember you can enable monetization on your own videos. It means you must own worldwide commercial rights to everything in the video. So be careful and never ever try to copy someone else video for monetization. It’s truly against of YouTube copyrights policy and they are very strict about their terms and policy. If you caught by YouTube they can reject your videos or also they can ban your YouTube channel permanently. For more information about YouTube copyright and fair use please visit on youtube’s copyright center.

    YouTube determine your earning on many factors like numbers of views, users engagement, types of ads and the pricing of ads appearing on your videos.

How Ads Are Displayed?

As I told you, YouTube earning is totally depends on ads type and pricing of ads appearing on your videos. And ads that are displaying on your videos are determined automatically by their algorithm. We can’t control it. It’s depends on many factors like your video category and video Meta data. So make sure that video titles, description, tags are SEO friendly for best results.

Now Here Is How To Monetize YouTube Videos – Enable Monetization On Videos

To begin, login to YouTube website with Gmail Id and create a YouTube channel in order to upload videos. To start the process uploads your videos under the channel. Now you can enable monetization at channel level as well as on a particular video level. It is because you can choose on which video you want to enable monetization and leave the once you don’t want to monetize. In order to be able monetize videos you have to enable monetization on YouTube channel. This means you are agree with YouTube terms and policy and you allows YouTube to place ads on your own (No copyright content) videos.

(a) Channel Level Monetization

(b) Video Level Monetization

(a) Channel Level Monetization

  • After uploading videos under the channel .if you enable this Channel level monetization option then all the videos uploaded under the channel will automatically become eligible for monetization. For this you have to click on “enable My Account “button in “Monetization” option. You can find this option under the “Channel Setting”. Otherwise use this direct link to navigate on the same page. Monetization Tab

how to monetize youtube videos

  • Once you will click on “Enable My account” now you will see an agreement forum .check mark on all boxes and click on accept button. Now click on “channel “option and navigate to “Monetization” tab to check your account status as shown in below screenshot.

how to monetize youtube videos

  • Now click on “Uploads Defaults” tab under the channel setting and click on Monetize with ads option.

how to monetize youtube videos

  • After configure this default setting now monetization is enabling on your YouTube channel videos.

(b) Video Level Monetization

  • channel level monetization allows you to enable ads on your all videos automatically. But if you want configure monetization on particular videos or want to disable monetization on any video then you can do it at the time of uploading videos or anytime later by editing the video. So when you are uploading videos on YouTube on that time click on monetize and activate the adsense monetization for videos. Here you can also choose three different types of ads format for your videos.

how to monetize youtube videos

  • Same as if you want to monetize videos after uploading then go to “Video manager” and select the particular videos which are not monetized or the one you want to monetize and click on edit and select “Info and setting” option as shown below screen shot.

youtube monetization

  • Now click on “Monetization” tab and enable monetize with ads. thats it.

youtube monetization

It’s all about video level monetization. By using this method you can enable monetization on any uploaded video or can also disable monetization for particular video.

Final Step –Set Up Google Adsense

After enabling monetization on YouTube channel videos now you have to verify Google adsense account. Once YouTube will approve your application you will get an email from YouTube to link it with adsense account. If you are using Gmail Id for YouTube then you can still link any other adsense account with YouTube account.

How To Check Monetization Status?

If you want to check the monetization status then navigates to Channel setting as well with individual videos.

YouTube Channel>> Channel>> Status and features

how to monetize youtube videos (2)

Go to YouTube channel >> Video manager >> Videos if dollar sign is visible (green Or blue color) on video that means video is monetize .but if dollar sign is in black dark color that means video is not monetize.

how to monetize youtube videos

This is all about how to monetize YouTube videos ?now you are ready to make money by uploading enabling monetization on videos you can convert your videos in money making machine. If you have a ability to create a viral video then you can make huge money from your monetize video.just create fresh and interesting videos for your audience and get lifetime royalty.

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