Solution – Adsense Ads Not Showing On Home Page in blogger

Adsense Ads not showing on Homepage in blogger then follow this tutorial and learn why you are facing this problem and how to short-out it?

Are you facing this problem? adsense ads not showing on home page is the most asked question by newbie users. Have you experience your Google Adsense ads are displaying on other pages expect for homepage?

Last week I was on forum and I find this question- Why my adsense ads are not showing on home page? And I was surprised lots of users are facing this same problem on their blog.

So don’t worry I am here for you to solve this problem. Mostly it happens when you are new to blogging and also new in Google Adsense world. If you try to find this is not a big problem but you have to set up your blog setting, so you can allow Google adsense to display ads on your home page and that’s the secret behind fixing this problem. To fix this problem you need to cover some important point about your blog and Google adsense.

Important check point

  • Check Google Adsense ads are displaying on other web pages.
  • You can display only three ads on a single page.
  • You are not playing with Google Adsense Term and policy.

Solution – Adsense Ads Not Showing On Home Page in blogger

Step 01 – Create a Privacy Policy

Google adsense is a largest Ads serving network and they are more conscious about their advertisers and they don’t want to take a risk in any condition. So they had changed their term and conditions of its adsense program. Now one of the new most important requirements is for all Adsense publishers to have a “privacy policy” info page on their blog or website.

So create a privacy policy page on your blog. Google adsense wants to see this section on your blog or website before serving ads on your site.

Step 02 – Blogger Setting

  • Go to Your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Simply click on setting tab in left side bar.
  • Navigate to Search Preferences ( Dashboard > Setting >Search Preferences )

adsense ads are not showing in blogger

  • Now you will see Meta Tags in right side are as shown in below screenshot.

adsense ads are not showing in blogger


  • Now Enable search Description (Click to Yes) and type your Meta description in blank box.
  • Don’t forget to save it.
  • That’s it.

Now reload it and see the magic .Now you can see Google Ads will be on your home page.sometimes it can take few days to display ads on blogger so wait for for some time after configure your blogger setting.

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