How To Enable Google Adsense Ads On Blogger?

Are you a blogger and want to earn money online? Then I am dam sure your answer is yes. Everyone is here for money. Ok, If your answer is yes then nothing is better than to display Google AdSense ads on your blog. Just create google adsense account and enable Google AdSense ads on blogger. Here in this tutorial I will tell you how to enable Google AdSense account on your blog and convert your blogger in money making adsense

If you are newbie user then before display Google adsense ads on blogger you need to focus on these important points.

If you had already created AdSense account then follow all these steps to enable Google AdSense ads on blogger.

How To Enable Google AdSense Ads On Blogger?


  • login to blogger dashboard with your Gmail ID and here you can see list of your blog if you had created multiple blogs.

gmail account

Step 02

  • Now select a blog where you want to display Google adsense ads.


Step 03

  • Now click on “earning” tab in left side bar {dashboard >Earning}


Step 04

  • Click to sign up For AdSense and follow all steps.

google adsense

Step 05

  • Once your account gets approved, come back to your blogger dashboard and click option “layout” in left side bar.

Step 06

  • Now in Layout section you can see “Add a gadget” option –click on it.

google adsense

Step 07

  • After click on “Add a gadget” option a new window popup will be open in front of you. Scroll down it and find “AdSense” and click on it.


Step 08

  • In this step you have to configure AdSense for your blog. You can choose “Text and image” or “Text only” ads format to display on your blog. Choose the color, size and then don’t forget to save it.


Step 09

  • Now refresh your blog to see your Google AdSense ads.
Tips For Google AdSense
You can display only 3 ads on a single page. Your Google AdSense account should be approved otherwise it will show as a blank section in side bar. Create more than 10 post with fresh and quality content to approve AdSense on blogger. Your blog have to be two months old. Never use other affiliating ads if you are going to display AdSense ads on your blog.

Use above simple method to enable Google AdSense ads on your blogger and start your adsense earning. There are lots of other tricks to increase your Google AdSense income or revenue. Try to display Google AdSense ads on different spot and find out which spot is more good to generate better revenue.

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