How To Make Money From YouTube? Online Money Method

With your Youtube channel you can earn money online easily. I will quickly share how to make money from YouTube without investment. Just upload your video on YouTube and enable monetization. that’s it.  1) No domain and hosting money required 2) It is possible to earn very first day on YouTube 3) AdSense Approval via YouTube is easy too

how to make money from youtube

Once anyone enter in the web world, he tried to find How to earn money online, make money online, earn money without investment, how to earn money from home? These are the most searchable keywords from the beginners who want to earn money online. Because everyone is here for money and if you are enough good in computer skill and you have enough knowledge about internet and computer then you can see there are lots of many ways to make money online. You can choose anything according to your interest and can achieve your goal with a little hard work. But everything should be in right direction. Otherwise you will trap in scam. Online scam is another real fact of internet. So just open your mind and do search and search for better option and start your work with the best .otherwise you will lose your precious time and money too in your first attempt.

    So if you are one them who really want to work online and want to make money online then we are here .here in this article I will tell you how you can earn money online without investment? Yes it’s possible.

Did you heard about YouTube

Definitely your answer should be yes. Ok then let me clear one thing about YouTube then I will be continue on our topic. There are (YouTube) two different types of user’s category .most of them think that YouTube is a place to find latest songs, videos, movies or to waste time. Same as other user’s category consider it as a major revenue source of their online income. Yes we are serious, you can make money from YouTube. It’s really very good place of online income and more than its 100% legit way to make money online.

How much We Can Make Money From YouTube?

Now if your question is how much you can make money from YouTube then here is an example.

 DC toy collector is the highest paid YouTube channel. Who has earned $5.2 million with her channel. Dc toy collector channel have 6270200 subscribers with 9552548006 views .so now you can understand how much you can make money from YouTube?

Making money by YouTube takes some times and effort but these little efforts can turn into huge money. If I will try to simplify YouTube earning then you can expect around $1.50/1000 views. Remember YouTube earning directly depends on the YouTube video views. More views means more earning. If you have 1 million views on any video then your YouTube earning should be$ 1500. That’s around £880 to us English folk.

   This is all about how much you can make money from YouTube and now I will show you how to make money from YouTube?

How Does It Work? – Make Money From YouTube

Before starting on youtube you should know about how does it work and why YouTube offers money for videos? Remember you can’t make money from YouTube by just uploading videos on it. The basic deal with this is Google Adsense .Google adsense is a simple advertisement program run by Google. This adsense programme allows to all users to monetize their websites or their videos with advertisement. It means you have to create a Google adsense account to display advertisements on your videos so you can make money from YouTube. If you have already a Google adsense account then its good and you can start your earning from today. If not then create Google adsense account first to monetize your videos otherwise you can’t earn money on YouTube.

How To Create Google Adsense Account?

Different ways to create Google Adsense Account Without Website.

Same as you can Sign up on YouTube and upload your best videos and increase viewers and followers on your channel. After then you will receive a mail from YouTube, if you want to monetize your videos. Then you will be able to select videos you want to earn dolor on.

Which Type Of Videos Are Good For Earning?

As I told you youtube is a largest video hosting platform, same as youtube have millions of users and viewer. we can’t justify which type of videos are good but definitely video should be interesting, If it is for entertainment .if you are uploading any tutorial or any knowledge base video then it should be easy to understand for users with complete detail. Interesting quality videos are the key of success on YouTube if you want to be a successfully video blogger.

Just find out your skill and present it in front of youtube users. Otherwise you can visit on youtube as a visitor and do search on youtube on any topic .in the last definitely you will be back with lots of ideas. Implement all the ideas to make your video interesting and upload it. Check the response day by day and if you get any improvement then continue it again .otherwise go to next idea. Be creative and do experiment with your content.

Tips To Create Video For YouTube.

If you are going to make money from YouTube then you can see video is everything on the YouTube platform. So your video is most important part of your success.

  • Always try to make new video with better quality .for this you will need to record your videos in full 1080p HD.
  • After recording any video, editing is the most important part to present your video to your viewers. Both pc and Macs have pretty decent video editing software (Movie Maker and iMovie) but Camtasia Editor and Adobe Premier are the decent option for advanced users.
  • Sound is a soul of any video and it is also very important to engage your viewers while they are playing videos. So try to use a decent microphone to record audio for any video.

How To Make Money from YouTube – Step by Step process.

In the staring of this article we discuss about Youtube ,How Youtube work And how much we can earn money with Youtube? Now in this second part of article I will show you how to start earning money on youtube and what is the full process to make money from youtube? Now we are going to start the process just focus here and keep clear everything in your mind.

Google Adsense

before starting on youtube you have to create Google adsense account to monetize your video. After that Google adsense will display ads on your video and you will get percentage of revenue from Google adsense earning.

If you are willing to make money from youtube then your first step must be Google adsense.just sign up or login with Gmail account on youtube and link up your youtube channel with Google adsense account to enable monetization on videos. Google adsense is the primary advertisementing engine Google uses on its own sites and partner sites, including YouTube. For this you need to create Google adsense first and verify your youtube channel to start earning with youtube. Here are some important links to guide you how to create google adsense account and how to approve google adsense fast?

How To Create Google Adsense Account

Different ways to create Google Adsense Account Without Website

How to Approve Google Adsense Account

Create YouTube Channel

 after applying on Google adsense account now login or signup on youtube and create your youtube channel. For this you need to pick a name of your channel. You can use any type of name for your channel otherwise you can also use youtube names generator .it will help you to find best name for your youtube channel according to your focus keywords. You need to make your username or youtube channel name memorable and steer clear from number and random characters. Always try to pick simple and short name.

Upload Video On YouTube Channel

Now it’s the time to upload  video on youtube channel. Here in this option you can simply drag and drop your video or you can also add them individually by clicking on the upload arrow. Depending on the size of your uploading video and internet connection it can take few second to a few hours to complete the process. For additional you can also upload multiple videos at a time as long as you do not close the upload page in your browser.

How To Upload Video On YouTube?

  • Sign in to youtube with Gmail account.
  • Click on Upload button at the top of the page in the right side.
  • Now click on Arrow to select video from your computer which you want to upload on youtube server.
  • Top of the page you can see your video is in process.
  • Fill up all the information and required detail about uploading video.
  • After completing the process click on publish .without clicking on publish button your video would not be visible or viewable by other users.

Youtube will send a notification email If your video is successfully uploaded on youtube. Now you can share or forward this mail with your family and friends.

upload video on youtube

Configure For SEO

We all know youtube is the second largest search engine after Google and good search engine optimization (SEO) can be the difference between few views and million views. So SEO is must for any video if you want to increase traffic on your uploaded video. Because more views means more earning. Here I will show you how to configure video .while uploading video you can see there are for different type option .

  • Title
  • Description
  • Public/Private
  • Title : always try to use eye catching title including with focus keywords.
  • Description : now second option is description.fill out the complete information about the video and related topic.sometime users want to know how much you know about that topic and whats the information you are providing in your video.
  • Tags : tags are also very important factor to increase your traffic.because you cant include all search terms in a single video title then tags can do it.go to google and search on your video topic and fill the tags according that.its a smart trick to improve traffic on video.
  • Public/Private : if you want to public your video then don’t forget to click on Public option.otherwise your video would not viewable for viewers.

how to upload video on youtube

Video Promotion

 now your video is online and it’s the time of promotion. We all know marketing is must for everything for success. Same as it’s the time to get the world out. Promote your video link as much as you can so people came to know about your video. You can share your video on blogs,forums,message board ,social sites like facebook ,twitter,stumbleupon and anywhere else you can online. If you are running any website or blogger then you can embed your video on site and bloggers also.

Your adsense earning are determined by the number of views on the video,which adds are displaying on video and how many times the ads are clicked. High engagement and clicks on ads are more important than total views but more views can be transfer into more clicks. You can’t force anyone to click on your video ads but you can increase traffic on your video. Better engagement on video can offer you 40 cent to $10 per 1000 views. So just focus on your video engagement and promote it as much as possible.

dont forget to link adsense accont with youtube account- enable monetization

Tips On How To Make Money From YouTube?

Ok now I can say you are ready to make money from YouTube and everything is clear in your mind about YouTube. just upload video and enable monetization on your uploaded video and promote it as much as you can. Here we are listing some important tips about video .so please read out all points carefully and implement it while you are going to start with your video.

  • Find out best and popular topic for video. Like gaming, learning tutorials, funny, prank etc.
  • Be creative about your work and go with trends. Entertainment and information is must to get success.
  • Never ever try to use other video on your channel. YouTube can take action against to you or can permantelly delete your YouTube account.
  • YouTube is very strict about their policy.
  • You can’t use any copyright claimed audio file on your video.
  • Be original with your work. There is nothing wrong with tried and tested formats.
  • You would not build an audience if you are not regular .so just try to upload regularly at least once in a weak.
  • Do your work with your passion and take it as a hobby and try your best to create it more interesting.

In the last always make sure you are following all rules and regulations and not avoiding any terms and policy of YouTube website. Inappropriate contents, copyright and spamming activates can hold or delete your YouTube account for parmantelly .so play nice and you will be fine.

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