Make $10 Online | How To Make Money From GPlink URL Shortener

Make $10 Online |  How To Make Money From GPlink URL Shortener

How to make money online” or “how to earn money online without investment” or “make money at home” are very high search volume based strings in Google search. Everyone wants to make money online with less investment or without investment at their home.

So now the question is that is it really possible to make money from internet at home? Answer is yes. There are many online methods are available to generate handsome money from internet. But the problem is that many of them are fake site. That means, you have to choose legit money making online trick. Otherwise, it’s completely waste of time.

This is not paid promotional article. We are using this best URL shortener site on our website and URLs to generate extra income. It’s 100% legit URL shortener website of 2019 – 2020 . GP link is now most trusted authority in India.

So before starting your online work you have to know all about that solution properly. If you are satisfied then go for next and put your 100% to achieve success.

YouTube, blogging, freelancing, article writings, backlinking, SEO services, shortener links and  PPD sites are some legit online works, if you are going to apply for legit sites.

For our readers, we already published a full detail post on “[ 100% Legit ] Best PPD Site 2019 | Pay Per Download Websites”. If you are Youtuber or website holder then you can navigate your visitors to download files from these PPD [ Pay Per Download Sites ] and you will get money for every successful download.

Personally I recommend you to use “File Upload” PPD site which one of the best Pay Per Download site of 2020 – 2019 with higher payout.

In the series of online money making tricks, Shortener URLs are other best method to generate online income with less investment. It’s very easy method to make money from a short URL website. Probably you may know that there are so many custom Shortener websites are available on internet. But for your help I am going to share a single legit custom short URL website to earn money from link update.

Just post your link as much as you can and force your audience or viewers to visit on these short URL and you will earn lot of money without doing anything. Good thing about this sort URL website is that till now it’s high payout short URL site with $1 threshold. That means, you can payout your earning just after $1 earning.

Name of this site isGPLINK”.

Now read the below post and learn each and everything about “GPLink website” and start your earning today.

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Make Money From GPlink URL Shortener

Highlights Of GP Lisks Sites

Minimum Payout – $1

Earning Per 1000 Views – $ 6 – $ 10

Earn $1 For 100 – 200 Views

13 Different payment Modes

Calling Customer Support

What Is GPLINK And How It’s Work?

Basically GPLinks is a URL shortening network where we can earn online by shortening any URLs/links. That means, we can convert any URL into short URL and this site will pay for every visit which is really great because we can do it without having any blog or website. But if you are a website holder or youtuber with enough traffic then your earning will be more in comparison of normal user.

GPLinks is online website where we can short any url within one click. When any visitor or user clicks on this short URL, GPlinks promote their products or content and then the GPlink URL Company gives us money. Best thing about this site is that it’s not a CPC network. That means, it paid us for every visit. Not only for click.

For example- GPlinks pay $1 – $10 for every 1000 visitors. Every country and every ads have different rates for advertisement, so earning depends on visitors country also. But officially they announced that you will get $8 for 1000 views from GPlinks website. Minimum payout is $1 from GPlinks website which really good because you can withdraw your earning quickly. Additionally you can use it’s referral link program to generate more money from GP links site.

How People Earn Money from GPlink

GPlinks is URL Shortene website which allows users to short any URL. After that those users can publish their link anywhere to get more click and GPlink site will pay for ever click. Business model is very simple to understand.

Most of the money makers are publishers. GPlinks allows advertisers to display their digital ads on GPlinks platform and half of the revenues from advertising are used to pay the publishers. So users can earn as low as $0.03 to as high as $0.10 per click and view of your shortened link. Same as, for every 1000 views you are able to get $6 to $10 from GPlink site.

Minimum Payout And Payout Methods Of GPLinks Website

Minimum threshold limit is $1 that means you are free to withdraw your earning from GPlinks as soon as it’s $1 amount. It’s very simple to make $1 from Gplink because you can achieve this target from 100 – 200 views only.

Withdraw Method From GPLinks

GPlinks supports approx 13 different payout method for different countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, united state etc.
1. PayPal
2. Paytm
3 PhonePe
4. UPI
5. Google Pay
6. Skrill
7. Bank Transfer
8. bKash (Bangladesh)
9. Google Play Gift card
10. Wire Transfer
11. Amazon Gift Card
12. Bitcoin
13. e-Sewa (Nepal)

Payment Model Of GPLinks

CANADA Earnings per 1000 Views $10
US Earnings per 1000 Views $10
Australia Earnings per 1000 Views $8
India Earnings per 1000 Views $6
Bangladesh Earnings per 1000 Views $5
Pakistan Earnings per 1000 Views $5

How To Use GPLinks To Make Money Online?

It’s really very easy to earn money online by using GPlink shorten URLs site. Just register on GP links site with full detail, short your URLS and publish your link anywhere like whatsapp, facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, Youtube and website etc.

  • Visit on below link and create your free account. You can also create your GPlinks account using Google ID.


  • Check your mail ID and check confirmation mail for verification.
  • Done!!! Free GPlinks account created successfully and you will be redirect into GPlinks dashboard.
  • Once you are into “GPLINKs Dashboard” section, click on “New Shorten Link” option from left side panel >> add your original URL > > hit on “Shorten” button to create short URL as shown below. That’s it. Now share this short link anywhere and start your earning on GPLinks site.

Tips: Share the link as much as you can and earn more. More visitor = more earning through the GPLinks site.

Smart Tips To Multiply GPLinks Earning

As we can see, we can earn money from GPLinks by sharing short URL and GPLinks pay $6 – $10 for every 1000 views. It’s fine but we can multiply this earning by smart trick.

Hard work is important to achieve any target but in the same way smart work is also important if we want extra with limited time.

So here I will try to explain you how you can earn more from GPlinks with minimum amount of work.

If you are youtube or running any site then it’s really very easy to boost your GPlinks earning. Otherwise, do the below steps to multiply your online earning. This trick is for entire youtubeers & Website holders or non-website holders.

  • Create your account on “File Upload site” , upload your file which you want to share with your audience and save the URL in notepad / text editor. This site will pay you for every successful download. It’s our first step.
  • Now create “GPLINK Account” >> go to Dashboard >>. Click on “new Shorten Link” >> paste link here to create new short URLs.
  • Done!!! Now share this new short URL on any site, youtube comment, youtube description, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Logic behind this trick is that you viewers will visit on your short URL and you will get paid from GPlinks site. After that user will download file from your second URL [File Upload URL] and file upload site will pay you for every successful download. That means, you can earn from two sites with one single link.

Tips To Get More Views On GP Links Shorten URL

Now the main point is that how to get more and more clicks or views on GPlinks short URL to earn more online money.

As we already told you, GPlinks pays for every view. So your aim should be get more clicks on your link. For this purpose, you can follow the below tips.

For YouTubers – If you are youtuber and running a youtube channel then you can add shorten URLS in video description. If you have enough visitors on your Youtube video then it’s not hard to generate handsome money from GPlinks.

For Website Holders – Website holders can share these GPlinks shorten links in their article and can force their users to visit on this link.

For Non –Website Holders & YouTubers – If you don’t have any YouTube channel or website then you can comment on others Youtube videos with Shorten links. For website, leave the comment with shorten link. These steps will help you to earn money from GPlinks without website.

Share On Social Media – Social media is one of the best free place to share your URLs. You can create facebook page, whatsapp group etc and share the links with your audience.

GPLinks Customer Support Number

Call Customer’s Support –  8788053767 helpline.

This is all about online money making website GPlink URL Shortener. Currently we are using it on our YouTube channel and website. Believe me guys this site is amazing online earning site without any investment. Best thing is that it’s highly paying url shorten site on that internet and it’s have only $1 threshold limit. So, no need to wait for big amount. Additionally we can display banner ads on any site or blogspot for additional income.

If you are regular visitor of our site then we highly recommending to use this money make site for once. It’s 100% working, tested site from us.

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