How To Make Money on YouTube Without Adsense Account?

Read this post and learn how to make money on youtube without adsense? Join .A youTube partner network and grow your youtube channel ranking and earning with 60%-40% ads revenue.

As we all know youtube is a best and legit way to make money online without investment and you can earn for life time by uploading the videos on youtube. Same as we all know adsense is must to make money by youtube .if you don’t have adsense account or want to know how to approve it then read below articles for more information.

But today we are going to share a unique way to make money on youtube without adsense. Yes!! Earn without adsense. It is only possible by YouTube Partnership Program. Just join any YouTube partnership program and make money without adsense. if you will try to search there are so many youtube partnership program on internet for youtubers with different qualities and features .

But today we are talking about because its one of the best and reliable youtube partner network with less requirements and limitations. So anyone can apply to join on .best part of this network is that there is no any legal contract for youtubers and you can leave it any time with your complete earning. In other hand there is no any threshold limit like Adsense account.that means if you have $1 then you can withdraw it via paypal account, no need to wait for threshold limit.

so now if you want to make money on youtube without adsense then jump for next segment of this post and learn everything about it.

How To Make Money On YouTube Without Adsense ?

What Is freedom YouTube Partner Network ?


If you are new on youtube or using adsense for money or don’t have adsense account then YouTube partner network can be a good place for you to grow your youtube channel earning and channel subscribers. Same as freedom network also provides so many exclusive features like you can use copyright music, videos ,logos and banner etc with a small fee. Best part of this network is that freedom offered 60%-40% revenue ,simply they take 40% share and gives you 60% ads revenue which is much batter in comparison of Google adsense.

Requirements & Interesting Features About Freedom YouTube network Partner

best youtube partner network

  • Apply on freedom youtube partner network with referral for fast joining – apply through our referal link and get approval fast.
  • Freedom offered you 60%-40% ads revenue, which is much higher from adsense.
  • If you have sufficient views [1000 views] with proper visitor engagement then you will get Up to $3 for per 1000 views on youtube by It’s not official statement but it’s our experience.
  • You can join it if you have minimum 33 views per day.
  • Minimum 1000 views required per month.
  • No copyright stricks should be there on your youtube channel or on any video .
  • 3 or 4 videos with required views are sufficient to apply on partner network.
  • In the starting of their business MCN accepted only gaming channel but now they accept any type of youtube channel with original content.
  • There is no any legal contract for users that means you can leave it anytime with your complete earning, if you want.
  • Freedom will pay you via paypal, so paypal is must to get paid. [you can attach paypal account after joining]

How To Make Money On YouTube ?

This section is for newbie users ,who are new for youtube or trying to start a new youtube channel for money. So if you are new for youtube then read this section for quick view ,otherwise you may jump on next section.

Without any doubt Youtube is one of the best and easiest method to make money online by uploading videos. But remember uploading videos are not quit enough .because few peoples knows that how to convert their earning in multiple figure. youtube earning depends on many factors like views, visitor engagement ,video playback duration and niche of your video etc.

So you have to use Youtube SEO to get higher rank in search result so people can watch your videos and you will get paid for it.

For more details you can visit on the following links. It may help you to know more about youtube earning and monetization.

How To Start On freedom & Make Money On YouTube Without Adsense?

  • At first create youTube Channel and upload 3 or 4 videos and get minimum 33 views per day.
  • Don’t use other channel videos [try to make original videos] and enable monetization .no any strike and good standing is must to get approval from

Visit on your own channel status.

youtube copyright status

Note: referral allows you to get fast approval .so you may use our link to apply on it [click here].otherwise you can also apply on it by direct link .

  • Once you will click on above link you will be redirect on partner site .just click on “apply Now” button.

make money on youtube without adsense

  • Now you have to sign-up on freedom with your Gmail account.
  • After successful sign in now they will open a Form in front of you. Just fill your personal details like Full name, email address, youtube channel name and details of your youtube channel.
  • After submit the above details now you will get an email with your login info. Remember it’s not an approval.

freedom emal

  • Now all done!!!
  • Now freedom team will review your youtube channel videos and all requirements.
  • Wait for some days ,if everything is fine then you will get an approval mail in your inbox.


  • Final step- if you get an approval mail then go to your channel dashboard .here you will see a notification on the top right corner like “Mcn Freedom ( Limited) learn more .just click on Learn more and accept it.

learn more button

  • Now all done .now start earning with youtube network partner and your channel status will be like this.

make money on youtube without adsense

Conclusion: so now it is all about .now you can also apply on to make money on youtube without adsense. we tried our best to include all necessary details about the subject. Now just try it on your youtube channel and get more earning in comparison of Google adsense. if we will get any other information we will update it .

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