How to Approve Google Adsense Account

How to Approve Google Adsense Account

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          Google  is one of the most powerful and famous professional source to earn money .Google adsense is a trusted and professional way to earn by showing your passion towards to writing good content and sharing information .its also trusted by advertiser and publisher and they don’t accept randomly application for Google adsense .if you are able to show your good professional approach of writing then they can consider you otherwise google will simply throw your application.if you are in U.S. or U.K. its easy to get google adsense account but if your in other country like India you have to do some work to get adsense account.

      According to rumors google accept only 3 account just in a single day in all 1000 application.its seams to be hard to get approvel  adsense account.but here is a way by this you can get google adsense account easily just in few days .you have to understand some basic things about google Adsense before  submit a application for An Adsense Account.

Prepare Yourself Before Applying Google Adsense Account : there are few things that should be clear in your mind before applying a Adsense account…

Google Adsense Account Approval

if you want easiy and faster Google adsense account, so follow all guidelines . Without this it’s hard to get adsense account approval in 2020.

  • How To apply for Google Adsense Account
  • How To Qualify for Adsense Account
  • Are you eligible to apply Adsense account
  • Google Adsense requirement

Google Adsense Basic requirements:

  1. Your site or blog should at least 3-6 months old. This condition is  Not applied on Europe ,USA , Canada blogs or websites. [ Now in year 2020, you have to approve every new site for same adsense account ]
  2. Never ever use adult content or nudity on blog or site. [ Avoid restricted content ]
  3. Google have a strict policy and guideline about copyright. So never ever use picture ,videos and links without permission. Google may denies your adsense request or can down ads displaying on running site.
  4. Avoid copy and paste from other sources. Try to write organic and unique contents for your website. Content are king. So focus on your content and serve fresh information on the site.
  5. Write 20 or 25 posts, rich with information before applying to new adsense account.
  6. Your age should be 18+

If you are clear these all above topic then follow our guideline and get fast approval for Adsense account.

Quality Post : if you are using any wordpress or other blog or website make sure you have approx 40+ good quality content article on your site. It should be with fresh content and  information. Google always need to collect information and if you are able to share good quality information then its easy to get account approval.

     So try to write 40+ fresh content post with more information, include pictures. If you can provide with post or content . Try to max lengthy article 2050 words. Every new and high quality post gives you chance to select.

Note : don’t try to cheat Google by copy & paste contents from other site . Its a Google, they use highly advanced algorithms. You can search information to get knowledge and write it to share the world. Every one need to get good informative topics.

No Use Of Third Party Ads or Affiliated Programs: if you are new and want to approve Google Adsense Account so don’t use any third party ads or any code like Yahoo, chitaka, Infolinks etc.

  Google strictly visit your site manually .so don’t ever try this. You can use simple regular widgets and fresh contents  .dont use affiliate program like Amazon, clickbank, ebay etc.

   Keep your site clean with fresh content.

User Friendly Website: try to make website with  your own Domain and hosting for website .it should be user friendly with good navigation so that user can easily brows and surf content on believes that if you operate your website professionally visitor will comes to you several time  and will click on google ads that’s the google want .so buy a professional template for your website to reduse loading time and easily navigation .

Google Analytics Code :for approving a Google adsense Account ,analytics code is most important factor .it is based on trust factor with your web searcher or visitor .its shows that how professionally you are tracking to your visitor who Is using your site.

    If you don’t have that code so sign in Google and get your tracking code by fill your website name,url and other required detail and after getting tracking code paste it in each and every page of website to track visitor visiting area.

Submit site to Google/Bing Webmaster Tool : when you create your website submit it on Google ,bing ,yahoo etc search engines to index your website or blog .

     When u complete to submit your URL on google then sign in your webmaster tool and verify your site by meta tag,HTML File Uploading etc .read our linked article about this.this is for verification for website ownership.

      Same as submit your site in big webmaster tool and other search engine .its shows that you’re a serious about your website and working as a serious web developer.

Submit Sitmap : you can easily create a sitemap for your website or blog it doesn’t  take more time to generate sitemap.submit your sitmap in webmaster tool to index your more webpages .so that google bot can crawl that links and keep in search result .

   If you are using WordPress so there are so many plug_in to create sitemap .in same way if you are using other platform for website you can create sitemao by XML-Sitemaps generators.

Important Pages details :google wants to know your identity when you signup in adsense create  these important pages on your site so they can cross check you .if you create these pages its shows your full identity and show how professional your and your visitor can contact you.

(a)Privacy Policy

(b) Term of Uses

( c ) Contact us

(d) About us

  In about us ,Use your same Name  ,Address  and all information which is in adsense account.try to write why you create this website and what’s the benefit of website. More clear and complete information gives you more chances to get easily your adsense account.

Domain and email Id Importance: it’s a very important part because some of people try to use blogspot and wordpress free platform and they try to apply for adsense but in really Google adsense team take Custom Domain and Email Id seriously in against of free domain.

   So if you are trying to hard work I suggest you please buy a custom domain and hosting and create and domain ID(Your )

You Tube Account: You tube account is a another way to get approval of Adsense Account. You can read our full page article About it.

   So create your own video and upload it on you tube .when you get some sufficient traffic or viewer on your video then submit a application for you tube partner .its also a good way to get Google Adsense account faster .

NOTE: Now in 2020, it’s not easy to get approval for YouTube channel. You have to quality the minimum requirements like 4K minutes watchtime with 1K subscribers in one year. After that YouTube team will review your channel for approval.

  • Point To Point Steps:

. Create website or Blog

.Write Fresh, genuine and informatics Content as much as possible.

.write 40+ post ,2000+ words article min 3.(Genuine )

.Submit URLs to Search Engines.

.Create Account in Google Webmaster tool/Analytic and bing webmaster tool.

.submit sitemap on Webmaster tool.

.generate genuine Traffic on your site.

  • Important Tips:

.Never click on your own Ads.

.don‘t tell to anybody to click on your Ads.

.Google can dismiss your adsense account if you use direct clicking method.

.don’t use any PTC (pay To Click ) to get traffic .

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