What Does Kms Mean On Snapchat Text Message

What Does Kms Mean On Snapchat Text Message

Snapchat is the fastest-growing messenger app that allows you to chat with friends and family members. Additionally, it’s popular for exciting fillers to change the complete look of your pictures.

Without any doubt, the Snapchat app is the most popular social media platform to share messages and snaps.  Nowadays a number of social media apps and websites are running to share social activities with friends and family members.

Additionally, this app provides a safe platform to stay connected with friends and family members without putting your private data at risk. This is another reason for the popularity of the Snapchat app.

To use these social apps to their full potential, you should know how they work and what different apps do.

Probably, you may know that each and every social media app has its own lingo including abbreviations, emoticons, etc. At the time of conversation, some users use short terms in text messaging.

In our previous post, we shared a full detail on “iON meaning in text messages and Snapchat”. Similarly, you can find lots of other acronyms and slang on social media like SUSwyo and KMS etc.

Just because of this, we are sharing this article and we will try to cover KMS meaning on Snapchat including KMS meaning in a text message.

KMS Meaning According To The Urbandictionary

Actually, it’s really hard to find out the origin of internet acronyms and it’s the same with KMS short form. But according to the Urbandictionary, KMS can be used as “kill myself” or “kill me Now” in Snapchat and other social media platforms.

What Does KMS Mean On Reddit

According to Reddit, users use the “KMS” in text messages to say “kill me now” when they feel overwhelmed or stressed out and want a break.

Some other sources explained the meaning of KMS according to the acronym, abbreviation, shorthand, or slang term.

  • kMS Stands For
  • kill me slowly
  • Software term – Key Management Systems
  • kill me now
  • Chemical term – Symbol for Potassium metabisulfite
  • Kill My Self
  • Kill me Sure
  • Business term – Knowledge Management Systems
  • Kill me to suffer
  • Kill me Smartly
  • Physical term – Kilometers
  • Kill me several time

As you can see “KMS” short form meaning is different for different sources. But here we are going to talk about “KMS means in Snapchat text messaging.”

In simple words, KMS is an acronym that translates to “Kill my self” or “Kill me slowly”. Mostly, this used among friends to show fake anger to someone on Snapchat. Moreover, KMS can be used in Snapchat to express disgust, sadness, and depression.

How To Use KMS In Snapchat Messaging

As we already told you, KMS means Kill Myself or Kill Me Now on Snapchat including other platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter etc.

This short word is mostly used to show your bad mood, depression and frustration to express your emotion and anger. But if someone is serious then they need more help and fast!

It’s also important to know that you can’t say the “KMS” every time.  Use the KMS word in your message when you’re feeling frustrated, angry or need help. Similarly, use it to express dissatisfaction with someone or something in your one-on-one conversation.

Use KMS Snapchat Sticker

KMS stickers are another wonderful way to say KMS to express your feelings. Send a KMS sticker to your friends without a text message. Different types of beautiful Stickers are the USP of the Snapchat app. That’s why you can find a huge collection of KMS stickers that you can use to accentuate your Snaps.

Because of users’ interest, Snapchat offers dedicated stickers for KMS. That means you can add them to Snap and send them to your friends. In this way, you can send them your photo with a KMS sticker to show your emotion or dissatisfaction.


Use KMS As Cameos

Recently, the Snapchat app has added new functionality where your face gets superimposed on various animations to make it appear that you are doing outrageous actions.

So, you can use Cameos in Snapchat to send a KMS to your friends. Open the Snapchat app, type the KMS in the text field, and tap on the ‘Cameo’ icon. Select the cameo according to your own choice and send it to your friends.



Use KMS As Text

The old tried and tested method with nothing fancy and no hoops to jump through. Simply type KMS and send it over to them to make or ask for new plans.

If you are feeling a bit fancy then you can add the same KMS text to a Snap and send it to your friends as well.

Examples Of KMS In Snapchat Text Messaging

(a)    KMS as a Joke

Nowadays, KMS is adopted by teens to use it on different platforms such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, or iMessage, etc. Because actually, they find it funny in their inner circle.

  • Some people might only say “KMS” to a very specific group of friends. For example, a girl might only message “KMS” to other teen girls whom she’s known for a long time.
  • If your friend finds a situation a little unlucky or inconvenient, they’ll say “KMS” to let off some steam.
  • Your friend will probably talk about an everyday situation that annoys them a little but that they’ll forget later.
  • For example, they may say, “I can’t believe 7/11 is out of Hot Cheetos. KMS.”
  • If they’ve had a tiring day, they might comment, “Am I ever going to get sleep?! KMS.”
  • If they’re feeling goofy, they may say something like, “You don’t follow me on IG?! KMS! ”

(b) Use of KMS As Killing Me Slowly

Some users use this term when they feel bored.

  • When your friend uses “KMS” in text messages on Snapchat “kill me slowly,” they’ll usually use a sarcastic tone in their texts and posts.
  • Similarly, they might make a comment like, “So who’s your crush?! I have waited all day for your message. KMS.”
  • When are the leads in this show going to kiss already? It’s taking forever. KMS.”
  • If they’re frustrated with classes, they may say, “How much longer is this semester going to be? It feels like an eternity. KMS.”

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