What Does WYO Meaning In Snapchat & Text Messaging

What Does WYO Meaning On Snapchat Text Messaging

Without any doubt, the Snapchat app is the most popular social media platform to share messages and snaps.  Nowadays a number of social media apps and websites are running to share social activities with friends and family members. Additionally, this app provides a safe platform to stay connected with friends and family members without putting your private data at risk. This is another reason for the popularity of the Snapchat app.  To use these social apps to their full potential, you should know how they work and what different apps do?

Probably, you may know that each and every social media app has their own lingo including abbreviations, emoticons, etc. At the time of conversation some users use the short terms. In our previous post we shared a full detail on “iON meaning in text messages and Snapchat”. Similarly, you can find lots of other acronyms and slang on social media like SUS and wyo. Just because of this, we are sharing this article and we will try to cover WYO mean on Snapchat including WYO meaning in text message.


What Does WYO Mean In Text

What Does WYO Mean In Text

WYO Mean According To The Urbandictionary

According to the urban dictionary WYO top definition is “What you on”. Most people use this word to ask people if they want to do something.

WYO rn Mean According To The reddit

According to the reddit, users use the “WYO rn” in text messages to say “what are you on right now”.

Some other sources explained the meaning of WYO according to the acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term.

WYO Stands For

  • District of Wyoming
  • Write Your Own
  • Wyoming
  • When You Are Old
  • Windham Youth Organization
  • Winnipeg Youth Orchestra
  • Westmorland Youth Orchestra
  • World Youth Organization
  • Wellington Youth Orchestra
  • Winnetka Youth Organization
  • World Youths Organization
  • Westmount Youth Orchestra
  • Worcester Youth Orchestras

As we can see, the meanings of WYO are different according to different sources. But here we are talking about “WYO meaning in Snapchat app messaging”.

In simple word, WYO word is an acronym that translates to ‘What you on’. In most cases, WYO usually is used among friends to discuss about future plans.

More Similar Acronyms To WYO

Here we are listing some other similar acronyms to WYO that will help you to make you more efficient in Snapchat conversations.

WYD – WYD stands for “What’re you doing” in text messaging.

LMK – LMK stands for ‘Let me Know

DYK – DYK stands for ‘Did you know

Where is WYO Used In Daily Life

Actually the user uses this WYO text in the following scenarios.

  • When you are catching up with someone, so the subtext of WYO changes to a greeting
  • If someone wants to ask about your plans.
  • When you want to know what they are doing currently.
  • Sometimes, users send WYO text messages when they want to make plans with someone for the day.

If you try to check more about “WYO mean in text messaging”, WYO is quite similar to WYD in text. Mostly users used it to make new plans rather than catch up with a friend on the text.

How To Use WYO In Snapchat Messaging

If you are a regular user of the Snapchat app, you can use WYO in several ways according to the different scenarios. Check out how to use WYO In Snapchat app?

Use WYO As Sticker
WYO stickers are another wonderful way to say WYO to your friends without text message. Beautiful Stickers are the USP of the Snapchat app. That’s why you can find the huge collection of WYO stickers that you can use to accentuate your Snaps.

Because of users’ interest, Snapchat offers the dedicated stickers for WYO that means you can add them to Snap and send it to your friends. In this way you can send them your photo with a WYO sticker to ask them about their plans.

Use WYO As Cameos
Recently, the Snapchat app has added new functionality where your face gets superimposed on various animations to make it appear that you are doing outrageous actions.

So, you can use Cameos in Snapchat to send a WYO to your friends. Open Snapchat app, type the WYO in the text field, tap on the ‘Cameo’ icon. Select the cameo according to your own choice and send it to your friends.

Use WYO As Text
The old tried and tested method with nothing fancy and no hoops to jump through. Simply type in WYO and send over to them to make or ask for new plans.

If you are feeling a bit fancy then you can add the same WYO text to a Snap and send it to your friends as well. This can come in especially handy if you are already at an event or party that you want to tease your friend.

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