What Does Sus Mean In Text And Other Social Media App [Snapchat & Instagram ]

What Does Sus Mean In Text And Other Social Media App [Snapchat & Instagram ]

Nowadays social media platforms are very popular and most of us use these platforms in our daily life. These social media apps and sites are one of the best places to share our social activities with our friends and relatives.

But at the time of conversation some users use the short terms. In our previous post we shared a full detail on “iON meaning in text messages and Snapchat”. Similarly, you can find lots of other acronyms and slang on social media like SUS and WYO. If your friend is using sus in text message then you should know the meaning of sus in text message and snapchat. Sometime, means of these slangs may be different for different social apps users. But if o you know the exact meaning, it will easy for you to star conversation efficiently. Moreover, these slang words are spilling into other apps and eventually into daily normal speech.

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In this article we will try to cover about what does sus meaning in among us and What does this internet slang term stand for?

Official Definition Of SUS In Texting – Sus is a shortening of suspicious or suspect. In slang, it has the sense of “questionable” or “shady” and “suspicious” or “suspect”.

What is Sus Means In Text Slang?

In straight forward word, Sus is a slang word for text messages. Sus is a shorten combination of two words, suspicious or suspect. Sometime in slang, it has the sense of “questionable” or “shady.” This sus term is used quite often in social such as like Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok. Similarly, nowadays you can also see this word in IM apps like whatsapp etc. According the community, “SUS” is from top ten teen slang words.

Exact Meaning Of SUS In Texting

As we already said, sus word derived from the two words ‘suspicious’ and ‘suspect’. Because of this users use this word to express suspicion about someone or something in the conversation. Actually it’s a short word to express the surprise reaction.

For example,

Me. I heard tomorrow share market may go down according the news

Friend. Hmm, that’s sus.

According the above text message, here user uses the sus terms to show the surprise expression and interpret the term accordingly.

How To Use SUS Slang On Different Social Media Platforms

According the Google trends, SUS has become most searchable quarry string in 2020. It’s because, it widely used on different social media platforms. If you know the meaning of SUS in text message, then use it in text form or search for latest sus stickers. Before going to apply sus slang in daily speech or conversation, check the context before using the term.

Sus In Test

The easiest way to use the sus term is simply by texting it. Just replace the word “‘suspicious’ in your message with sus short term in sentence.

How To Use SUS In Snapchat App Chatting

Sus word is highly popular in Snapchat app users. We can use this term to replay to person’s snap or story with your own snap. Same as ION stickers, Snapchat app also provides different stickers that we can use to express the term ‘sus’.

  • For this launch Snapchat app on the device.
  • Take a photo to send as a snap.
  • Click on the stickers button on the right-side panel.

sus for snapchat

  • Type sus in search bar to find the sus stickers. Alternatively, you could also use other search words that mean the same thing like ‘strange’, ‘weird’, ‘spooky’, etc.

sus snapchat sticker

How To SUS Text In Instagram DM

After getting so much populartly in Snapchat app, now sus text also trending in the Instagram app users. As we all know Instagram offers a facility of DM. With the help of this own messaging service, you can use sus to respond to a post that you received from your Instagram friend. If you find any post is suspicious, smily reply with sus in the DM to express your expression.

Moreover, find the Instagram SUS stickers for DM messages.

To use sus sticker in Instagram app,

  • Launch the app on your own device.
  • tap on the DM button [direct message function] from the top right corner.
  • Now locate the chat and tap the ‘Stickers’ button.

sus instaram text message

  • Type different terms relating to “sus” like ‘strange’, ‘weird’, ‘spooky’, and ‘suspicious’.

This is all about SUS slang and how to use SUS in Snapchat app & Instagram app? I hope this article helped you to learn more about SUS in text messages.

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