How To Find Birthdays On Facebook App [ UPDATED ]

Updated Trick On How To Find Birthdays On Facebook App 

Without any doubt Facebook is one of the largest social media app and website. Because of this, more than 25 million active users are using this social media platform in daily life.  Probably you may know that WhatsApp also owned by Facebook. That’s why they are frequently applying the changes to make more engaging for their users. Now the result is, no one doesn’t know where anything is on the Facebook app anymore. The Facebook app developers are still applying the new modifications within the app and our favorite functions get tossed around.

Main reason of popularity of this app is that different age of people can use this platform to keep in touch with family members, friends and acquaintances from all over the world. Most of us have hundreds of friends on this network for social activities and dial updates. No matter how well you know social media friend, it’s always nice to send hearts, likes and birthday wishes etc. Birthday wishes reminder on Facebook is the main USP of this app. But as we already told you, everything has been changed with latest Facebook update. When it comes to birthdays, Facebook is definitely a lifesaver to remember friends and connected FB users b’day.

If you are looking to find out upcoming birthday dates of your friends, relatives and socially connected members, here is how you can go about it. Recently we found that number of users complaining about they can’t see birthdays on Facebook app.

Can’t find birthday in event section of Facebook app? New update for Facebook app, removed this birthday information from even section. For this, you have to apply other possible tricks and tips.


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How Facebook Knows Your Birthday Data?

Before going to learn how to see your friends birthdays on Facebook, you should know how Facebook does know your birthday date?  Same as other social media app, Facebook also verify the age limit for the app. For this, it asks you to enter your date of birth at the time of creating new Facebook account.

After that Facebook uses this information and publish on your profile with your permission. You are always free to opt to hide your age or birthday date on your Facebook account.

With the help of user’s detail, Facebook sends out the daily birthday notification from email and push notification. Sometime it’s annoying for some users but reminder feature is a great way to stay updated with your friend’s birthday. Moreover, this functionality helps users to find the upcoming birthdays on Facebook app and website. But main problem is that in new version of Facebook app, uses are unable to see the birthdays list of friends.

How To Find Birthdays On Facebook App After Update

Well, how to find birthday on Facebook app 2020 is highly trending string in Google search. It’s because, Facebook app is now in new look with new user interface. Many things has been changed or removed from latest Facebook mobile app version. Because of this old way of searching through Birthday is no longer available in FB Application. In the older version, users can see the list of previous and upcoming birthdays under the “event” section. But now it’s removed from event section.

Good thing is that, now it’s really very easy to find friend’s birthday on Facebook, but if you know how. In comparison of previous version, latest version is quite easy to find birthday’s list.

Here we are adding both old and new methods to see the list of birthdays on Facebook application.

Older method – How To See Birthdays On Facebook Website & App

Finding the date of someone’s birthday on Facebook website and app both are almost same. But it’s must to know that now app process is different and you can check it in next section.

Step01 launch the Facebook official website on your pc browser.

Step02 Login with credentials and then navigate to “EVENTS” tab, click on it.

event section on facebook

Step03 Choose the “Birthday” option from the list.

birthdays on facebook

Step04 here you can see the list of upcoming and previous birthdays of your friends.

friends birthday on facebook

Here in this “Birthday” section, you will see three different Facebook notification sections such as “Today’s Birthdays”, “Recent Birthdays” and “upcoming Birthdays”. Top of the body shows the birthdays list from friends who celebrate their birthdays that very day.

Second “Recent Birthdays” sections shows the birthdays you recently missed. Other one display the list of upcoming birthdays of your friends. That way, you can make sure you remember to send them your wishes on their b’day. Moreover, this upcoming birthday section shows all the coming birthdays according the months including their profile pic.

Alternatively, Facebook users can also use “Calendar” tab instead of the Facebook Birthdays tab to see past birthdays, today’s birthdays and upcoming birthdays.

 [ New Version ] Checking a Friend’s Birthday Using Facebook Mobile App

Above method is still working to see friend’s birthday list on Facebook web version. This was also same to find friends on Facebook mobile app 2019 but now in updated Facebook app, Facebook birthday option gone.  With the updated Facebook mobile app, you are no longer able to view your friend’s birthday information at all. This is same for Facebook android app and iOS Facebook app.

But that no means, there is no any option to check their birthdays. Here we are adding two options for you to check out friend’s birthday date on FB mobile app.

Still you can check and find birthday of your Facebook friend by going to their individual profile page. Actually it totally depends on your friend’s privacy & policy settings, whether they want to display their birthday date or not.

  • For this login to your FB account with correct credentials.
  • Open the profile of your friend whose birthday you want to check. [ click on magnifying glass icon >> key in their name ]

How To Find Birthdays On Facebook App

  • Once you are on friend’s Profile page, click on “See About Info” option to expand all personal information.

Find Birthdays On Facebook App

  • If the Birthday information enabled by your friend, you will see your friend’s birthday under their “Basic Info” section.

birthday on facebook app

Fact is that most of user disabled this feature because they never want to share their personal information with anyone. In that case, we suggest you to apply new birthday finding method in Facebook app.

  • As usually login into Fb account.
  • Tap on the “search” button from the top right corner of the Facebook app.

facebook app search section

  • Just type “Birthday” in the search box.

search birthday on facebook app

  • Now new Facebook mobile app will show all today’s birthday.

friends birthdays list on facebook mobile app

  • All Done!!!

How To See Upcoming Birthdays On Facebook Mobile App

By following the above method you can check specific person’s birthday and today’s birthday easily. But what you will do see next coming birthdays of your friends?   Good thing is Facebook helps you to view all your friend’s birthdays in order of when they are.

Once you are into “birthday” section on Facebook app, click on “See All” function again. This section will display all recent birthday and upcoming birthday according the coming months.

How To Check Individual Birthday Data On Facebook

As we can see, it’s really easy to check birthdays of your Facebook friends from Colander Tab and Birthday Tab. But if you want to see the birthday of any specific friend, then you have to personal profile or about section of that user. In this “About section”, you can find all professional and personal information made available by that friend, including his, date of birth, job information, workplace and so on. But these may limited by users and have choice to hide information publicly.

So guys this is all about how to check and view all Facebook friends birthday on Facebook mobile app and web browser. All the tips and tricks that are given above work well on the Facebook android app, Facebook iOS app and website too. In short, you can apply the same method for your pc and mobile to birthdays of your friends. Moreover, if you are thinking that above methods are little bit hard for you, then don’t worry. Facebook always sends daily birthday push notifications to remind you of who among your friends are celebrating their birthdays. For this you need to allow for notification.

Please Note: We also found that some users are talking about mod Facebook mobile app to get back birthday information in event section. But we never suggest you to use any third party and modified Facebook apk for this purpose.

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