QLM IMEI Repair Tool v1.0.2

Latest QLM IMEI Repair Tool v1.0.2 Version For All Qualcomm Phones

Last updated on January 15th, 2021 at 05:41 am

Download Latest QLM IMEI Repair Tool v1.0.2 Version For All Qualcomm Phones and start IMEI repairing at your own home.

Universal Qualcomm IMEI repair tool v1.0.2 has been released for all Qualcomm devices [Android & Feature phones]. In this guide we are adding direct link of QLM IMEI tool v1.0.2 2020. This tool is 100% working and tested on both android Smartphones and keypad mobiles. Best thing is latest version of QLM IMEI tool is free and comes without box. That means, you no need to purchase any other professional IMEI repairing tool.

Just download QLM IMEI Repair Tool v1.0.2 free from below download section and start IMEI repairing of your device.

Latest QLM IMEI repair tool version 1.0.2 is one of the best Qualcomm IMEI tool and works well without any issue. Its simple user interface and easy to apply procedure makes it more reliable IMEI repair tool in 2020.

We already tested this tool to repair IMEI of Jio Qualcomm keypad phones. Moreover, procedure is same to fix null IMEI or invalid IMEI or IMEI 0 error for all Qualcomm phones.

Officially this offers facility to repair dual IMEI tool but it can also write single IMEI tool. Because of this new QLM IMEI repair tool 1.0.2 also known as dual QLM IMEI tool.

Sometime you may experience no network or emergency network or insert SIM error on your mobile. It may due to software bug or wrong firmware flashing. In that case, type *#06# IMEI code to check IMEI status of the device. If it’s showing IMEI 0 or invalid IMEI or IMEI null that means, you need to write IMEI again. For this QLM IMEI repairing tool is good option for you. Otherwise, if you have QCN file for your Qualcomm phone, restore IMEI again with QLIM IMEI tool [don’t forget to create new IMEI with QCN rebuilder IMEI tool ].

We know, many of you are new and don’t know how to use and write IMEI with QLM IMEI tool v1.0.2 software. But don’t worry, it’s very simple to use latest version of QLM IMEI tool v1.0.0.

Just because new QLM IMEI repair tool is a pc software, you have to use windows OS based computer or laptop. For this, you are free to use windows 10, windows 7, windows 8 and windows XP etc. Once you are ready with QLM Qualcomm IMEI tool, boot your device into DIAG mode and write IMEI instantly.

Easy to understand user-interface of QLM IMEI tool will helps you to write DUAL or single IMEI without any technical skill.

DIAG port must be enable on Qualcomm phone before using new QLM v1.0.2 latest version. Without enabling DIAG port, tool will not detect your device in any how condition.

QLM IMEI Repairing Tool v1.0.2 Free Tool All Qualcomm

About : Download QLM IMEI Repair Tool Latest Version Free

Name : QLM_IMEI_REPAIR_Tool_V1.0.2

Supporting Devices : All Qualcomm Android And Keypad Phones

SIM Support : DUAL And Single SIM IMEI

Prices : Free IMEI Repairing tool for Qualcomm Phones

Password – None

Status : 100% working and tested tool

DOWNLOAD QLM IMEI Repair Tool v1.0.2 Free

Important : Before going to repair IMEI of any Qualcomm chipset based android and keypad mobile, we recommend you to install or update Qualcomm USB drivers on windows pc. USB drivers installation is must to create bridge connection in between pc and mobile. Similarly, it’s also required to enable DIAG port on Qualcomm phone.

Qualcomm USB Drivers Download

Guide To Install Qualcomm USB Drivers On Windows Pc

How To Use QLM IMEI Repairing Tool To Write IMEI Number

QLM IMEIRepair tool is very important to restore corrupted IMEI number. With the help of new QLM IMEI repair tool, users can write or change iMEI number of any Qualcomm device. But here we never suggest you to replace or change IMEI number. It may illegal in some countries.

Always try to write original IMEI of the device to get network again. Note download original IMEI number from back panel of the device or from your phone’s box. Once you have correct IMEI of your own phone, use QLMIMEI tool to flash IMEI again. Tool will take just few seconds to flash IMEI on any Qualcomm phone.

  • Update QUALCOMM USB Drivers on windows pc.
  • Enable DIAG Port on your phone and connect it with pc via working USB cable.
How To Enable Qualcomm DIAg Port : In order to flash IMEI on any Qualcomm phone, DIAG port is most important step. Likewise, DIG port enabling process may be different for different android and keypad devices. For some devices, we can use DIAG port code. Otherwise, you can apply commands and rooting for same purpose. Do Google to find best way to enable DIAG mode for your Qualcomm phone or read the article below to learn different methods to enable DIAG mode.

Jio Phones DIAG Port Enabling Methods

Oppo Diag Port Enabling Software

Xiaomi Diag Port Enabling Methods

All Qualcomm DIAG Port Enabling Tricks

  • If the device is properly connected with pc into DIAG mode, you can easily see “Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostic 9091 port” under the device manager section.
  • Now it’s the time to launch your QLM IMEI repairing tool as administrator.
  • Once the tool opened on your pc, tool will load COMPORT automatically.
  • Now type the both IMEIs in IMEI1 & IMEI2 section for DUAL IMEI Repair. Otherwise, type the same IMEI in IMEI1 & IMEI2 section for single SIM mobile.
  • Finally hit on “Write IMEI >>>” button from the tool.
  • Within few seconds, tool will write both IMEI and it will show green “DONE” message.
  • All ODNE!!! IMEI flashing completed successfully and you can unplug your device from pc.
  • Now reboot your device for once. Reboot is important to apply the new modification.
  • Once the device rebooted properly, dial *#06# code and check IMEI number status again.

Detail Guide : How Write IMEI Using QLM IMEI Repairing Tool


  • At this time, we have two different versions of QLM IMEI tool (a) QLM IMEI Repair Tool v1.0.2 & (b) QLM IMEI Repair Tool b19. Both are same tool and you are free to use any version of QLM tool. Working process and success rate are high for both versions.
  • Some users also know QLM IMEI tool as a Jio Qualcomm IMEI tool. So be confused in their names.
  • DIAG mode should be enable for Qualcomm chipset based android and keypad phone, in order to repair IMEI number. Try the DIAG port enabling code and other techniques according to your own device model.
  • Device must be in power ON condition to use QLM IMEI repairing tool. After that reboot is must to apply changes.

This is all about latest version Of QLM IMEI tool – QLM IMEI Repair Tool v1.0.2 2020. We personally used this tool on many QUALCOMM android phones including QUALCOMM jio phones. It works like a charm without having technical skills.

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