How To Recover Deleted Messenger Messages – Retrieve Facebook Message on Messenger

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Easy Ways To Recover Deleted Messenger Messages – Retrieve Facebook message on messenger

Are you looking for a trick to recover messages on messenger? If yes this guide is for you. In this guide we will show you all possible methods to retrieve Facebook messages on messenger.

No need to download Facebook messages recovery tool. You can recover all deleted messages of messenger within few minutes. Just follow all the below steps and recover all deleted FB messages.

This is one of the best trick to recover messages on messenger and get back your deleted messages in your android or iOS device. Best thing is that you can apply these FB messages recovery trick without pc or laptop.


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Official Methods To Recover Deleted Messenger Messages

In this post we are adding different methods and tricks to retrieve deleted messenger messages of Facebook from pc, android mobile and iOS device. You can check all the methods one by one or can choose best one for you.

Different Official Methods To Recover Deleted Messages Of Facebook Messenger
Method 01 : Recover Deleted Messenger Messages In Android & iOs [ All Messages Recovery ]

Method 02: Directly Recover Deleted Facebook Messages From Android Phone

Method 03: Recover Facebook Messages On Pc

Method 01 How To Recover Deleted Messenger Messages In Android & iOs [ All Messages Recovery ]

This trick is for both android and iOs device users. Steps are almost same. Now let’s see how to recover deleted messages from Facebook messenger in android phone?

  • Open any browser in android smartphone. Here we recommend you to use “Google Chrome” browser in mobile.
  • Go to official site of facebook with login detail. [ Login Is must to download deleted Facebook messages ]
  • Click on “three line” from  top right corner and scroll down the screen >>> click on “Settings” >> select “download your information” as shown in below screenshot.
Please Note: For new FB version – Click on “Access Your Information”.

download your information

  • Don’t forget to deselect all right top and Select “Messages” option only because we are going to recover deleted fb messages.
Please Note: For New FB Version – Click on “Download your information” link and then follow the same steps.

recover facebook messages

  • Now scroll down the screen and select “Create File” option from bottom section.

create file to recover deleted facebook messages

  • Downloading will start and it will take couple of minutes to create complete database of Facebook messages including deleted messages. So wait to complete the downloading.
Please Note: This method will recover complete messages of your messenger app. So file creation time depends on your messages file size. If you have lot’s of messenger chats then it will take more time. In our case, it was creating file for 2010-2019, so it’s took approx 5-8 minutes.

  • Here it will ask to enter your Facebook credentials and then you can download this file.
  • After download, you have to extract the downloaded file in android mobile. Here you can use any unzip mobile app for this purpose. Example – ES File Explorer

find facebook deleted messages

  • Now go to the extracted folder. Open “Message” folder >> click on “Your_messages.html” >> open this html file in chrome browser.

  • In next window you can find all deleted or non-deleted messenger messages related to your own account.

In this way you can recover all deleted messenger message in android mobile without helping of any Facebook messages recovery software and tool. Best thing about this trick is that no third party fb messages recovery tool or online Facebook messages recovery site is required.

Simply follow the above Facebook messages recovery trick and recover messenger messages in android mobile.



Method 02 Directly Recover Deleted Facebook Messages From Android Phone

This is another fb messages recovery trick for android smartphone users. By using this method, users can download or recover permanently deleted or non-deleted messenger messages from android mobile.

Let’s see “how to recover deleted facebook messages from android phone directly?

  • For this method, you have to use “ES file Explorer app”. In 2019 es file explorer is not available in play store but you can download ex file explorer apk from Google search or from below download button.

Es File Explorer APK Download / MIRROR

  • After installation of “ES file explorer app” in android mobile, open ex file explorer app and navigate to Storage/SD card > Android > data.

recover facebook deleted messages in android

  • Once you are into “Data” folder, scroll down the screen and find the “facebook.orca” folder. Open this folder, click on “Cache” folder >>> “fb_temp” folder as shown below.

facebook messages backup files


  • In this “fb_temp” folder, you will get all Facebook messengers backup including deleted and non-deleted fb messages. From here you can recover your desired messages.
  • Done!!!

Method 03: How To Recover Facebook Messages On Pc

This method is very useful if you are not comfortable with android mobile and want to restore deleted messenger messages on computer. Simply apply the below steps on your computer or laptop and find the Facebook deleted messages from downloaded Facebook backup.

  • Open Facebook official site and login to your FB account.
  • From the main page, click on “Down arrow” button and select “Setting” option as shown in below screenshot.

facebook setting option

  • From left side bar, select “your facebook information” option.

your facebook information

  • Click on “View” from “Access your information” section.

access your information

  • In next window click on “Download your information” option from top of the page.

download your information

  • Now click on “Deselect all” option from “download your information” section.

  • Again tick mark on “Message” option and then hit on create button to create database.

  • Process will start and you will see a message” A copy of your information is being created.” That means it’s fetching your information.

  • After few minutes, refresh the page again and check “Available copies” section to download messages database. Just hit on “Download” button to start downloading.

  • Now enter the login password to continue the downloading process. [Login Password is must ]

  • This downloaded file will come into zip format. So extract it using any unzip software.
  • Now enter into “Message” folder and open “your_messages” file using any browser.


  • Here you will see complete list of users with conversations. So you can find the user with their name and can find the deleted or non-deleted messenger messages easily.
  • Done!!! These are the simple steps to find the deleted messages of Facebook from computer.

So guys these are all possible methods to recover deleted Facebook messenger messages using android and pc. Both methods are almost same but platforms are different. So you can choose any pc or mobile trick to recover deleted Facebook messages.

No need to go to find any Facebook messages recovery tool or online Facebook deleted messages recovery site. Simple official method is enough to find the FB deleted messages within few simple steps.

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