Solutions: Facebook Not Playing Videos On iPhone / Mobile & Computer

How To Fix Facebook Not Playing Videos On iPhone / Mobile & Computer

First thing, you are not alone who are facing “Facebook not playing videos error in iPhone, computer and android Smartphone”. So don’t worry if you are unable to watch facebook videos due to Facebook videos not playing error.

Here we are adding some effective solutions for all iPhone, android mobile and pc users to learn how do get videos to play on Facebook. All the listed solutions are 100% working and tested to solve Facebook videos not playing in windows pc, mobile and iPhone devices.

If you try search for this error on internet then you will find that there are many users who are getting the similar FB videos are not playing issue for different platforms [windows pc, android and iPhone].

When I hit the play button I can hear the words but the video I eighter a black screen or just a still picture. How can I see the videos?

Different Quarries About Facebook Videos Not Playing On iPhoen , Android And PC

Check out below list of FB videos not playing properly related issues and if any issue is happening with you then you can follow the tutorial with easy solutions.

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Got Stuck In “Facebook Videos Not Playing In Windows pc / iPhone And Chrome Browser” Issue?

After reading lots of forums, we found that many FB users are facing this annoying FB videos not running error. According to their quarries, large number of people who join Facebook every minute getting this issue on all platforms like windows pc, browsers, android mobile and iPhone etc.

Q.1 In the starting, all videos on Facebook used to work well, up until a few months ago, videos won’t play Facebook for me at all.Also, today I tried to upload a video on Facebook and it uploaded successfully but won’t let me play it, it’s just a black screen, nothing else. Any solution to resolve Facebook video problem?
Q2. Recently I found that Facebook videos stopped working for me. When I click on the video in Facebook, it doesn’t play. I use Google Chrome. Why videos won’t play on Facebook and how can I fix it?

Online forums are full from these types of quarries. Every effected FB user wants to fix FB videos not playing issue quickly.

It’s annoying that FB videos are not playing properly on android, iPhone/iPad or chrome. In that case, we are here with solutions. Seriously, it’s not a big issue and you can solve this issue via simple ways by yourself. Here we sort out some easy and working methods for you to make the videos on Facebook played again.

Just read the solutions for Facebook not playing videos error, read them properly and then apply it one by one.

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Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing On Android

  • Reboot Device : Before doing anything, just restart or reboot your device once. Most of the time system reboot will fix this FB videos not playing in android mobile. Having your device “ON” for days can result in all sorts of weird issues. After reboot, open your facebook app on android mobile and check videos are playing or not?

If working then it’s good otherwise go for next solution.

  • Internet Connection – Sometimes your internet connection is the reason of Facebook videos not playing in android phone. Proper internet connectivity is necessary to play and watch FB videos. Slow internet connection or weak data network could be reason for videos are not to play on Facebook app. Same as, if you are using Facebook app in android over the WiFi connection then make sure your are close enough to the router for good signal strength.

  • Clear Cache [Advance Method]: Above both methods are basic solutions, if you are unable to play videos on facebook. But still getting the same issue in mobile, clear the Facebook App cache from phone setting. Follow the path and clear FB App Cache.
  • Go to “settings” >> “apps” section and search for “Facebook”
  • go to storage and clear cache
  • Reboot the device again to apply the modifications.
  • Stop Background Apps: Sometime multiple apps those are continually working in background can raise the issue. Too many Apps running can hog RAM and cause trouble in other Apps such as Facebook which requires lots of resources. It’s a good idea to remove all background apps, if you are using any low RAM android mobile.
  • Uninstall Or Reinstall App: You can try to fix this error by updating FB app again. But here we commend you to uninstall older Facebook app from android mobile and then install latest update facebook app from Google Play store. Update version is must because newer releases have bug fixes and are generally more stable.

These are some more efficient ways to fix Facebook videos are not playing issue in android mobile. Just take some time and try to apply all available solutions one by one and fix Facebook Videos Not Playing On Android Phone.

Method To Fix Facebook Not Playing Videos On Pc Browser

Although solutions are almost same for all android mobiles, iPhone and browsers to fix FB videos are not playing error.

But in case you are using Google Chrome browser or Firfox and facing the same error to load facebook videos, follow the below steps and resolve the issue.

  • Refresh Or Reload Page: many times Facebook videos won’t play due to browser stop responding. It’s the first solution to fix Facebook error, just refresh the page again and check you are able to watch video again or not?

  • Check Internet Connection: Good internet connection is must to watch Facebook videos without buffering and error. If your browser is properly responding but unable to watch FB video or facebook video continually buffering then check your LAN or WIFI internet connection. Restart the router or ADSL modem and replay Facebook video.
  • Clear Browser Cache: Same as Android app, it’s require to clear cache from Chrome or Firefox browser. Clearing the browser cache can re-read web page information to circumvent the Facebook videos not loading problem.
  • Update Adobe Flash Player In Pc: Probably you may know that adobe flash player is must to run videos in pc browser. In some cases, Facebook videos are not playing error accrues due to older version of Adobe Flash Player. Try to update Adobe flash player with latest available update or re-install Adobe flash player in pc.
many times the outdated Adobe Flash Player is the most common reason why Facebook videos aren’t playing on computer browser and laptop browsr. Or sometimes, your browser has deleted it.
  • Install Latest Browser In Pc: All above are basic solutions to fix FB videos playing issue. If all the solutions are not helpful for you and till now getting the same issue to watch Facebook videos then try to install latest browser again. Do you know Facebook has switched to HTML5 for video playback instead of Flash? Therefore, downloading the latest version of the browser can enjoy playing HTML5 videos on Facebook. Older version of browser doesn’t accept the HTML5 to run videos in Facebook.
  • Check Video Availability: Still facebook videos are not playing error is there with new browser and it’s showing black screen then don’t forget to check video presence. It may also possible that the original video was encrypted or deleted for some reasons. That’s why to can’t play videos on Facebook.
when trying to troubleshoot videos not playing on facebook or getting black screen, site will provides you a warning about this. Sometimes, the warning accurately point out what error it is about the video. For confirmation, try to play another facebook video.

Facebook Not Playing Videos On iPhone

Billions of users are using most popular and world’s largest social media and social network site in daily life. But many iOS users complain they meet Facebook videos not playing on iPhone and they have no idea what to do exactly. But don’t worry because in this section, I will introduce why this glitch happens and how to resolve it.

  • Reset Phone Network Settings: For iPhone user, it’s should be their preferred task if the issue Facebook videos not playing on iPhone occurs. Just follow the below path to reset networking setting of you iPhone to clear cache of the device automatically and the network will go back to normal.
  • Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  • Enter 4 Digit Passcode and tap on “Reset”.

This process will reset network connection setting to factory setting.

  • Create Enough Room For Buffering – Proper enough room for buffering is required for Facebook videos for smooth playback. If your iPhone is clogged up with unnecessary cookies, junk files then it may show error to play Facebook videos.
  • Clean Junk Files From iPhone: Proper space is must to run facebook videos smoothly. By default iPhone it-self has no inbuilt cleaner to clean junk files. In that case you can use additional junk files cleaner app for iPhone. These types of app will clean all junk files of your device including cache. More space without junk files and cache means, it will increase efficiency of the device.

  • Update Or Re-Install Facebook App; Still error is same and unable to watch Facebook videos in iPhone then update the installed FB app or re-install it again. Probably you may be encountering the issue due to bug of Facebook App itself.

These are our best valuable solutions for android, iPhone and windows pc users who are unable to play Facebook videos properly or at the time of watching videos on Facebook, its showing black screen.

Just check the above solutions according to your device and try to apply them to fix Facebook videos not playing or unable to watch videos on Facebook account.

All the above solutions are 100% working and tested from the majority of Facebook users. If you found it’s helpful for you to resolve Facebook videos playing error then don’t forget to comment below.

You comments are very helpful for our reader.

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