How To Covert EXE To Apk File On Windows Pc – EXE to APK Converter Tool

Methods To Covert EXE To Apk File On Windows Pc – EXE to APK Converter

Are you looking to download exe to apk file converter tool to covert exe file to apk? If yes, then this guide is for you. Sometimes it’s happen that we wish to run windows pc software in our android smartphone but we all know there is no any direct method is available to run exe setup file on android. For android, apk file is must and then we can install and run any program on android mobile.

As we already told you, we cant run exe file in android in any how condition. For this purpose, wee need to convert exe file to apk file with or without exe to apk converter tool.

Before going to jump into tutorial, it’s must to know that we can’t convert all exe to apk. In short, we can’t run all windows pc software setup in android. Android support only and only APK file extension. So if you really want to run  pc software exe setup file in android, you have to convert EXE to APK first and then go for next to install that program in android mobile.

Here in this guide we are going to talk about EXE to APK conversion method which is one the best and easiest method to convert any EXE file to APK file.

Probably, you may know that we can run any APK file on windows pc and iOS using android emulators like Bluestack emulator or NOX player etc. But we can’t run exe file on android directly because of unsupportable format.

Unfortunately, android does not have any emulator to run exe files on android. So, it’s must to convert EXE file to APK to install on android devices [Phone & Tablet].

What Are EXE File And APK File – Introduction

Before going to continue the EXE to APK file convert process, make sure you have enough knowledge about EXE and APK.

Technically, EXE files are specially made for Microsoft windows OS based computers. If you want to use any pc software on windows pc or laptop, first off all you have to install setup file [ exe file ] and then you can use it.

Every software comes with installer or setup file [.exe file] which is necessary to install on pc. Otherwise, you can’t run the program in any how condition. These are high volume files which get installed on windows through a setup.

Same as EXE file, APK files are the files which can run on android OS only. For every android application, we need to install APK file first.

However, there is option to run android apk on windows pc via android emulator. Simply install android emulator on pc and run any APK file on windows OS based pc.

Why Convert EXE To APK File Using EXE To APK Converter

As we all know android is the largest and most popular mobile OS in the world and 73.55% peoples are using android Smartphone in their daily life. It’s really very big number and you can take idea of popularity from these numbers.

Obviously, we can install any android application from official Google play store. Thousands of free and paid applications are available for android users. But problem is that we can download and install .apk or app files only. If you have any pc software and now you want to use it on android mobile then what you will do?

Probably you may know that we have option to run android app on pc using android emulators. But it’s not same for android mobile phone. We can’t run or install exe format file in android. You can’t enjoy your favorite pc games or software in android phone with this kind of format files.

EXE file support only and only windows OS and we can’t run these executable files [.exe] in android directly. For this purpose, we can use exe to APK file converter tool and apps.

Users have option to choose their desired method to convert windows application into APK file.

What Is EXE To APK Converter For Android

As same it’s name, this tool allows user to convert exe file into apk file on pc as well as in android mobile. If you have any pc software with executable file [.exe], use the free exe to apk converter mobile app or pc tool and convert it into android application. After converting the apk, you can install it in any android mobile. In short, feel free to use any pc software in android mobile.

Download EXE to APK Converter Tool For PC


How To Covert EXE To Apk File On Windows Pc – EXE to APK Converter Tool

Method 01 : How To Covert Exe File To APK On PC – EXE to APK CONVERTER TOOL

There are so many different methods are available to convert EXE to APK on windows pc and android device. This method is for PC users who want to convert EXE file into APK file on computer. Once you are ready with converted APK file, go to your device and install exe file on pc without any issue.

In this EXE to APK convert method, we will use offline free EXE to APK converter pc tool which is completely free for all users. This EXE to APK file convertor pc tool one the best tool in their own section and highly recommended for our readers.

Simply download EXE to apk converter pc tool and follow the below steps to convert setup .exe file into apk for android.

Steps To Use EXE to apk converter pc tool

  • Click on below download button to download “Change My Software [ EXE to APK converter software ] and save it on pc.
  • Just because it’s free EXE file to apk converter tool, so it comes with survey. After download the file, you have to complete the survey on the official site to get latest version of EXE to apk converter tool.
  • Once you have downloaded the latest software, just extract the downloaded EXE to apk file converter zip file on pc. After extracting the zip file, you will see “EXE to APK converter software” as shown below.
exe to apk convertr tool
exe to apk converter tool
  • Just because it’s portable pc software, so no need to install it on pc. Simply run “EXE to APK converter tool” as administrator.
launch exe to apk converter tool
launch exe to apk converter tool
  • Now a new Pop-up window will appear in front of you. Here you will see two different options 1. I have a setup files. & 2. I have a portable application.

From here, choose the second option which says “I Have a Portable Application” and then hit on next button.

i have portable application

  • Again a new pop window will appear to set your destination folder on pc. Just browse the exe file which you want to convert into apk format. Wait for few minutes until the tool fetches your EXE file completely.

  • Make sure you are going to select correct folder and after that click on “Convert” button to start the process.

  • Now process will start and it may take long time to convert windows application into android APK. EXE to APK file convert process depends on size of exe file. If the setup file [.exe file] is large, it will take more time to convert.

  • All done!!! After completing the process, you can see the converted exe file as APK file. EXE to APK file convert process completed successfully.
  • Now connect the Android phone with pc via USB cable and move this APK file into phone storage or SD card and install it without any issue.

How To Install APK in Android : Navigate to “File manger” on android mobile and install APK file by clicking on “Install” option or you may use any package installer on your android mobile.

Please Note: Just because it’s APK file, you have to allow or enable unknown sources on android device before installation. It’s a android security feature which never allows user to install any third party app or APK without owner permission.

So guys, this the complete step by step guide to convert EXE to APK using exe to apk converter pc tool. Simply download the portable exe to apk converter software for pc and follow the above steps properly.

Although, you can use exe to apk converter android app for the same purpose, but we highly recommend you to follow the exe file to apk converter pc tool only. It’s highly reliable and more efficient software for pc users.

Getting any issue in pc software, go for next alternate method and use android mobile application to convert exe to apk without pc.

Method 02 EXE To APK Converter Android APP – EXE To APK Converter APP

Above first method is only for computer users who want to use EXE to APK convertor tool on pc. But if you are looking for “how to exe to apk file on android mobile” then download exe to apk converter android app free from below download section.

This exe to apk converter android mobile app will help you to convert EXE file in apk without pc. That means, you can convert any windows installer file into android app using android mobile.

Simply download free exe to apk converter android app and start process of convert exe to apk online. If you try to see many users want to know “is it possible to convert exe to apk?” Answer if yes, but you can’t run all pc software on android mobile, this is another drawback.


  • Save the exe file into phone storage.
  • Install exe to apk converter android app on android and launch it.
  • Follow the on screen instructions and convert exe file into mobile apk using android mobile.

To APK Converter Android APP

Your Converted APK Is Working Or Not?

Sometime you may fail to install converted apk on your android mobile. Reason may be different for different users. For example, may be you are using low configuration based android Smartphone.

Another big reason is, you are trying to run heavy application on your mobile. As we all know, Android designed to run only APK file and it didn’t support exe application.

But if you are trying to use those massive files after compressing them to apk then lots of pressure may crash the device or converted apk.

In case, still you are confused about exe to apk converter software then we can say it works. You can try low size software which does not need a lot of memory and RAM from your android device.

Still unable to run converted apk on android, you can try online EXE to apk converter websites and can try to change pc software into apk.

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