How to Make Active Directory Replicate Instantly

How to Make Active Directory Replicate Instantly

In today’s guide we are going to discuss about “instant Active Directory (AD) replication”. Probably, you may know that users can set Microsoft Active Directory environment replication interval for15 minutes. But what you will do if you want to your AD environment to replicate instantly instead of waiting 15 minutes?

Steps To Make Active Directory Replicate Instantly

Here we are adding two different methods according to your own choice.

(A) DA Replication Instantly One Time

Follow the below instructions if you want to force a replication one time.

  1. Open “Active Directory Sites and Services“.

How to open Active Directory Sites and Services

  • Execute the command dsa.msc to open active directory console from “Run” window.
  • Open command prompt, type the command dsa.msc and hit enter to open Active Directory Sites and Services using “command prompt”.
  1. Now expand “Sites” >>> “Inter-Site Transports“.
  2. Again, expand the “site”, then the “domain controller”.
  3. Right-click “NTDS Settings“, then select “Replicate Now” option.

(B) Always Replicate Changes Instantly

Now here is different situation, If you want every change to sync to all domain controllers instantly.

  1. First off all launch “ADSI Edit”.
  2. Expand “Configuration” and Configuration.domain.local/com.
  3. Next, expand the “Sites” >>> “Inter-Site Transports” >>> “CN=IP“.
  4. Right-click on the site link >> open “Properties”.
  5. Double click on the “options” from the “Attribute Editor” tab.
  6. If “options” is set to “not set”, just set/configure it to “1″. In case the value is already set, you will need to perform a BITWISE OR calculation on the existing value to come up with a new value to use.

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