What does Pending Mean on Snapchat | Fix Snapchat Message Stuck on Pending

Learn What does Pending Mean on Snapchat App And Try To Fix Snapchat Pending Notification

Without any doubt, Snapchat application is one of the best social media platforms to share snaps with friends and family members. But if you are a new Snapchat app user then there are many things to know. If you have landed on this page directly from Google search that means you really don’t know “what is Pending mean on Snapchat app”. So, in this guide we will try to explain all about “Pending message or gray send arrow or gray arrow check indicator”.

What does Pending mean on Snapchat?

snapchat pending

Let’s try to understand the “reason of Snapchat message stuck on Pending” with an example. Sometimes, you may see a “pending or gray send arrow” after sending a message to different accounts on Snapchat.

Pending is a term used to describe unsent Snapchat messages and Snaps. Similarly, reasons for pending may be different for different users. In most cases, Snapchat shows up as a “pending” message, if you are no longer friends with the end user. Simply, it indicates that the recipient has removed you from their Snapchat contacts list. Same as Facebook and other social apps, Snapchat app also doesn’t notify people when they are unfriended. So, we can also use this feature to know for sure whether you’re still on someone’s friends list.

Just because it’s due to end users, you can’t do more to resolve this type of issue. Here you can just ask another person to add you in their contact list to fix pending issues in the Snapchat app.

Reasons And Solutions Of Pending Notification On Snapchat

snapchat pending message

As we already said, generally pending message mean that your snap is not making it to the intended destination. Reason of this gray arrow pending indicator may be different for different users according to the conditions. Here we are adding some most common reasons why the pending notification keeps popping up in your account.

(a)    If You are not friends with other user

If you continuously keep seeing a pending message on Snapchat that means, you are not currently friends with that user.  According to the Snapchat app settings, it only accepts snaps from people that have been accepted as friends. So, if you have recently added someone to your friend list and till now not accepted your friend request that means that person is not your friend.  In that case, your message or snap will stop and snapchat flips the pending notification as a result.

Solution : If the pending gray arrow sign or notification does not go away after a while that means, you are not friends with another user. In that case, you can only contact that person via phone message or by calling. Otherwise, nothing is in your hand.

(b) If You Are Blocked

Same as other apps, the Snapchat app also allows users to block someone from your friend list. So, everyone can block anyone without telling him. So, if you are blocked by someone, then snapchat will block incoming snaps from you. Snapchat includes this to reduce harassment and other problematic behavior on the platform.

So if you are getting the pending message indicator in Snapchat, it could be because the other user has blocked you permanently. Because of privacy policy, Snapchat never notify people when they are blocked by someone for incoming snaps.

Solution: If you are blocked from other users then there is no any method to unblock from your own side. Similarly, you can’t open an appeal for unblocking.

(c)  Bad Internet Connection

Sometimes, poor or low internet connectivity can be a reason for the ‘Pending’ message in the Snapchat app. Poor internet connectivity affects the incoming and sending messages in every app including Snapchat. So, at the time of facing pending message error if either you or your friend has a bad connection.

Solution : Check internet connectivity on your device and then follow the below steps.

  • Close and Restart Snapchat
  • Turn Airplane mode on and off for once
  • Clear cache and data of the Snapchat app [If required]
  • Reboot your device

(d) Recipient has deleted their account

If the recipient Snapchat account no longer exists then you will see “pending” notification in your account. If the account has been deleted, your snaps can’t be delivered on a closed snapchat account. At that time, Snapchat flips the pending notification as a result.

Solution: If the account has been deleted from your friend, you can’t do anything. You can try to ask him to reactivate the old account. After that they should receive any pending messages as long as they haven’t been deleted from the Snapchat servers.

What happens when Snapchat Shows pending Notification?

  • The receiver or recipient will get a notification for all new pending messages in the Snapchat app.
  • The receiver or recipient can see the sent messages [[naps] without accepting your friend request.
  • The receiver or recipient can choose if they wish to receive messages from your account or add you as a friend.
  • You can’t find out if the person has read your pending messages or not.
  • Snapchat never told you, if the other person has ignored your message or blocked you in case your message remains pending for a long time.

How TO Check Snapchat History Privately

Probably you may know that Snapchat keeps a private record of every snapchat account. So, we also use this facility to identify the exact notification status. Unfortunately, users can’t access this private history data on the mobile app. They have to use Snapchat’s desktop website via any pc browser.

  • Simply Login into Snapchat’s account website with your own credentials.

snapchat login

  • Once you are into your account, select the My Data option from the list.

snapchat manage my account

  • Scroll all the way to the bottom, and click Submit Request Option.

snapchat history

  • Now it will ask you to verify the registered mail id which is associated with your Snapchat account.
  • An email will now be sent by Snapchat to your registered email address on your Snapchat account with all details.

Now you can see these are 4 most common reasons for pending message notification on Snapchat accounts. At the time of the Snapchat pending message, you can identify it with a gray arrow. Sometimes, it’ really very helpful to figure out who your friends are, who has blocked you on Snapchat, or if anyone has deleted their account.

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