How To Delete Unopened Snapchat Messages

How To Delete Unopened Snapchat Messages -Sent an wrong message on Snapchat app by mistake and then immediately delete it, if don’t want to feel embarrass in front of someone.

Well, in our previous we discussed about how to unsend an Snap in Snapchat application? In that article we tried all possible methods and tricks to remove send snaps. But as we all know it’s not possible for us to unsend a snap in any how condition.

After getting to o much quarries, Snapchat developers work hard for it and include this feature in the latest Snapchat app version. Snapchat understands our pain and has brought to our rescue the ‘Delete chat’ option. That means, now we can delete chat messages in Snapchat app. But it is stick only for text messages, not for sent snap. Yes, it’s limited but this is a welcome feature for Snapchat app users.

How To Delete Messages In Snapchat App – Delete Chat Message Snapchat

Now the latest text chat deleting feature allows user to delete message before the other person has viewed it yet. Additionally, you can also delete or remove opened messages too. In short, you are free to remove all text messages in Snapchat with latest feature.

Let’s see how to use new deleting option to remove or delete a chat in Snapchat app?

  • In order to delete any Snapchat text message, open the chat that you want to delete.
  • Now long press or hold on the message.
  • Select the “Delete” option from the list and it will delete Snapchat message immediately.

delete message in Snapchat

Snapchat messages deleting method is completely same as whatsApp app. Just select the messages to get the delete option.

After applying the above method, the message will be deleted from both yours and the other person’s account at the same time. Method is same for both unread and opened messages. Main drawback of this method is, we can’t delete multiple chats together. Every time you have to select the chat line and delete it.

IMPORTANT : Users can delete the chat messages that have sent from their own side. You can’t delete the messages sent by the other users.

Will the person know that I have deleted a chat?

If you are going to delete or remove text chat message in Snapchat then you can’t hide it. Each and every time when you delete any message, that user will receive a notification message in the conversation window letting them know that a chat has been deleted.

snapchat message delete notification

Till now there is no any official or un-official method to hide “Deleted A Chat” gray notification. Even, If you delete multiple chats, each line deleted will show the notification message in gray color.

Can We Delete Saved Messages On Snapchat App?

Same as text messages, we can also delete the Snapchat saved messages using the same method. Above listed method will delete both messages saved by you and other user.

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