How To Unsend A Snap In Snapchat App – Is It Possible?

Do you want to learn about How To Unsend A Snap In Snapchat App and Is It really Possible? Check out the guide and learn each and everything.

If you are regular user of Snapchat social media app and too much involved in snaps sharing with your relatives and friends then hold down your speed. What you will do, if you sent a wrong snap to a wrong person on Snapchat. There is no any wonder, it may happen with anyone. In that case you will start to search for how to delete a snap before someone sees it or how to delete a Snap in Snapchat app?

How to unsend a snap picture or what are possible ways to unsend snaps in Snapchat is highly popular string in Google search. It’s because anyone can send inappropriate or wrong snaps accidently. In that case, you never want to embrace in front of that person.  To avoid this type of situation, snap deleting is the only solution for users. But questions is, it worth to delete sent snap immediately? To get answer of this question, read the post and learn all about it.

Can You unsend a Snap Once It is Sent?

Here is a straight forward answer of this question and that is big NO! We can’t unsend a snap on Snapchat by using any trick or hack.

Most of you already know that it’s very easy to delete chat history and send item on snapchat but it’s only from our side. Once a snap leaves from your phone, it is out of your hands. As of now there is no any official or un-official method to unsend any snap once you have sent it to other user.

To get more traffic on website, some site holders are sharing 100% working tricks to delete a delivered snap on Snapchat application. But believe me guys, it’s quite impossible to unsend  Snapchats that haven’t been seen yet. The Snapchat app now has an infinite time setting, meaning 10 seconds is no longer the max time a direct snap may be. Pay attention to what you’re doing!

Is It Possible To Unsend A Snap In Snapchat App

Before publishing this article we tried our best to try all possible methods and tricks to unsend snaps. So, you don’t need to try the weird techniques for same.

Just because of human nature, you will definitely go on internet to find some possible solutions. For this, here we are listing all tricks or so-called hacks to delete sent snaps those are posted on other websites.

Unfriend The user To Unsend Snaps [ videos, text, picture] – Doesn’t Work

Some website claims that we can easily unsend a snap by unfrineding the user as soon as we sent the snap. We personally checked this same trick with our own account but it’s not worth. Snap is still on other account but can’t reply back due to unfriend.

Turn-Off Internet Data To Unsend Snaps On Snapchat App – Doesn’t Work

turn off data to unsend snap

Many users think that they can stop and delete the sent video, text and photo messages on Snapchat application. Actually, Snapchat app woeks on cloud based system to share your snaps. So as soon as you send any snap through your app, it uploads it on their server quickly, even if you put your device on airplane mode. Those means, turn off your data immediately or put your device on Airplane mode, never helps you to stop your messages. Practically it’s not possible.

Is Deactivating Account Unsend Snaps – Doesn’t Work

It was possible to unsend snaps from Snapchat but now this bug has been patched by the developers. Actually it was a bug, not an official method. It was used as a last resort to prevent the other user from viewing your sent snap. After coming this trick online, Snapchat developers stopped and fixed it.

Block users To Unsend a Snap– Doesn’t Work

block user on Snapchat to unsend a snap

According the quora community, You can block the user before they view your sent snap. This action causes a type of glitch, making the snap show as opened (and no longer viewable) on their end. We also find that number of people swear by this method. For the testing, we also blocked the user after sent the snap picture, but they still able to view the snap. Just because of blocking issue, they could not reply back, until we unblocked them again.

How To Delete Sent Messages On Snapchat?

Deleting sent message and unsend a snap both are different things. But many users are still confused to identify the differences. Here is good news for all users that now snapchat offers official option to delete sent messages, even if they have not yet been opened. Let’s see how to delete sent messages on Snapchat app?

  • To delete a sent message, open the chat >> tap and hold on the message.
  • In the popup menu, select ‘Delete’ option.
  • The message will immediately be deleted from both, yours and the other person’s account.

Please Note :Currently, it is only possible to delete a chat message in Snapchat app and not a sent Snap. That means, there is no any way to unsend a snap in any how condition.

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