How To Verify Google Adsense Account Without Google PIN Online?

verify google adsense without pin

If you are serious to make money online so nothing is batter then Google Adsense . Google Adsense is a simple and most powerful and most popular source of earning for publisher and webmaster .its offer you simple earning by your website or more fact about Google adsense that it is hard to get Google Adsense approval  in first attempt. Read our post to get fast Google Adsense Approval.

      When you get approval for publishing ads on your site or blog by Google adsense its start showing ads on your site and you start earning .once you reached $10 threshold earning you can set payment mode in your Google Adsense account.

But after  $10 threshold Google adsense need to verify your address  by sending Their Google Adsense Verification PIN ,by post  it to your account address .

       So be sure always use genuine address for adsense account. When you receive That PIN code enter it in Google adsense account for verification of your postal address .when you verify Google Adsense Account successfully  than Google can send your earning Cheque easily.

Google Adsense Threshold Limit – $10

Google Adsense Minimum Payout Limit – $100

Why You Need To Verify Google Adsense Account?

May be this question is in your mind that is it necessary to verify Google adsense Account? Why Google want to verify us and also our address? what happen if any case I will not verify Google Adsense Account by using Google PIN? Ok let me clear. Google is strict about their policies and Google can’t tolerate policy avoidance.

  1.  Google wants to know that you are real human not a robot.
  2. Google verified our address by posting a Google verification PIN number.
  3. Google allows only one unique adsense account for single person.
  4. If you don’t verify Google adsense account then Google adsense will not release your amount.

if you are unable to verify Google adsense PIN then delete your Google adsense account to payout complete adsense earning.

That’s why Google need to verify Google Adsense account.

How To Verify Google Adsense Account By using Google Adsense PIN :

If you received your Google Adsense account verification Pin ,use following steps to verify Google Adsense Account …………

  1. When you reach $10 threshold limit Google generates an automatic verification PIN and send it to your Postal address which you add into adsense account.once PIN generated by Google it show following massage in your Adsense Account header.

Your PIN will be sent by post 3-5 days after the listed above and may take 2-4 weeks to arrive depending on the postal service.

  1. If the first pin fails to reach your address you can again generate a request for Google PIN .But you have to wait for 30 days.Google adsense allows you 3 chances to regenerate verification PIN .
  2. If you get your PIN ,got o Payment Section and enter your 4 digit Google Adsense account verification PIN code.

google adsense,fast approval adsense

Google allows you 6 month period to fill your PIN to verify your adsense account .

Problem is that most of us don’t get Verification PIN .So what is next.

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How To Verify Google Adsense Account Without PIN Online 

If you did not get your Adsense Pin for verification  till now [After applying third time]  don’t worry .there are another method for verification .you can verify Google Adsense account online.just follow steps and verify adsense account by submitting your address proofs likeDriving license or any other Identity proof of Account holder .lets start …………

  1. Simply sign-in in your Google adsense account with username and password .or use this link- verify Google Adsense Account without Pin.
  2. In Google adsense Account Dashboard you can find a red line with Payment history link.just click on link and you will redirect automatically to another form.

Now  here you can see Please Enter Your Pin Link, just click here and you will be redirect to ENTER YOUR PIN section .you can type your PIN here if you have but in case you have no PIN code just scroll down click on This  link .see screenshot.


          3.  As you click on “This Form “ link you will get another form fill it by Publisher Id, mail ID and upload Photo ID and Address proof and click to submit .

verify Google Adsense Account

How To Create file For Attachement:

You can use notepad or any other text editor and fill it with your personal information.use following pattern for attachment—

  • Name:
  • Contact address :
  • Phone Number:
  • Email Address: publisher ID:
  • Postal address:
  • Country:

Review all information and make sure all details are correct as you filled into Google adsense account. save this text file on your pc and upload it in the attachment section.

Now click to “submit” button.

After reviewing by Google adsense account team they will approve your account and now you can start your earning may take 2 or 3 days after applying online Google adsense vitrifaction and will approve you behalf of your document.please don’t resubmit this application again and again.just wait for few days.

       Normally Google adsance use Cheque to pay but now they are using EFT (electronic fund Transfer ) you can update your information and can change your payment mode to get insistently payment .

How to make EFT for adsense account?

Documents for Address Verification: its noticeable that Google has not published any list of documents for verification. They want official document as a general practice the following documents are acceptable as a proof in USA (Google team sit and review your documents)

  1. DL (Driver License )
  2. House Apartment registration Document
  3. Passport
  4. Bank Statement
  5. Voter ID (India )
  6. Unique ID (Aadhar Card )

NOTE: Address and your name should be same as you had provided in Google adsense account.otherwise you cant verify Google Adsense Account and Google will not release your adsense earning.

Phone Verification : Phone verification is not allowed for all countries .its available for limited countries.

  1. China
  2. Germany
  3. France
  4. Spain
  5. Itly
  6. USA
  7. UK
  8. Canada

How To Activate Google Adsense Disabled Account?

Important Point :

1.Google will send you a Vitrifaction Pin if your account reach to $10 minimum threshold.if your adsense account amount is below $10 then don’t even worry about Pin.

2.You can request for pin only for 3 times between 6 month duration.if you don’t get Pin, please check your address in your Adsense account.

3.You can generate Google adsense verification PIN only for three times within 6 month.After that you can find a link for online Google adsense verification. 


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