Find Songs By Lyrics : Websites And Apps To Search Songs By Lyrics In Hindi And English

Find Songs By Lyrics : Websites And Apps To Search Songs By Lyrics In Hindi And English

In the past it was not really easy to find a song with their lyrics. But now we are in the digital world and many things have been changed. Each and every thing is equipped by advanced technologies. That’s why; we can easily find any desired song by advanced lyrics search. Even, users can find song by partial lyrics or few lines.

Sometimes, it may happen that you are driving your car or sitting in public space and a beautiful song is playing in front of you. Now you want to save that song in your phone or on your laptop/desktop but a song title gets stuck in your head and just does not go away. Now the question is “how do you find out the name of that song?”

Don’t worry, there are many websites and apps on the internet that can help you to find or search songs by lyrics. Simply put your phone towards the audio source or find the song name in your own voice. Similarly, there are many other dedicated websites and search engine sites to get the lyrics of the songs in hindi, English, Punjabi or in any local languages. Just type the initial lyrics or excerpts you remember and leave everything on “Search Songs By Lyrics websites or apps”.  These dedicated websites or apps will find complete lyrics of the exact song in real time along with song title, feature artist with downloading link.

To make it easy for you, here we are adding a list of websites that will help you to search songs by lyrics and date. You no need to go anywhere to find more advanced song lyrics finding tools. All the latest websites and apps are listed here, if you are trying to find a song but only know a few words.

Search Song By Lyrics – List Of Advanced Lyrics Search Websites

Most of us only use the Google or Bing or YouTube websites to find a song online. But fact is that these popular websites or search engines won’t be of much help unless you know a couple of words from the song. For this, you need to use dedicated search songs by lyrics websites. Just type the few words of the songs in the search bar of the lyrics site and they will pop up the related songs details in front of you.

  • LyricsWorld

Find Songs By Lyrics LyricsWorld

Same as Google or Bing search engines, LyricsWorld is also a dedicated song’s lyrics search engine for music lovers. Not only with lyrics, users can search the songs with the artist name and song titles. It has huge database of old and new songs that shows real time results. Just type a few words of song in the search bar and it will redirect you to those relevant music lyrics websites related to the lyrics.

Its algorithm works very smartly. Most of the time, it shows the relevant result from YouTube to show the result with video.

If you own a lyrics website and want your music app to be listed as a priority in the search results, Lyrics World would help you achieve that.

  • Find Music By Lyrics

Search Songs By Lyrics Find Music By Lyrics website

This is another online platform to search for unknown song by lyrics. Just type a few words or lines or phrases of an unknown song in “search bar” and it will show the complete result instantly. Here you can find your song in Hindi or English or any desired language. Just because it uses the Google search console API, there is no language restriction to find songs by lyrics. Additionally, you are free to search for a particular song by an artist or just the lyric phrase.

Simple and easy user interface allows you to find a song without any pre-registration.  Simply visit the website and start your search instantly.

  • Lyric Finder

This is another best working online website to find a song by lyrics. But most of the users already know this platform as a lyrics finder. If you want to find the full lyrics of any song then it can be a good choice. Just select the “Lyrics” option from the menu, type few words of songs and it will show complete lyrics of your songs in text format. Additionally, Lyric Finder helps you find a particular song by partial lyrics or artist name.

Best thing about this site is that here you can check out the top 25 most trending songs playlist on your home page.

If you are a music lover and always want to be updated then bookmark this site in your browser. This website will update you about every new music artist, new music releases and launches, and popular songs trivia.

  • AZLyrics

find song by lyrics AZLyrics

If you are new and don’t know how to find songs by lyrics online then AZLyrics is a wonderful place for you. AZLyrics was one of the most popular song lyrics search engine websites in 2019-2020. Its huge database including popular songs helps users to search their desired songs in their own way.

Same as other lyrics finding websites, it also offers a service to find a song by partial lyrics. Best thing is that the playlist database collection of this site is legal and updated with new songs and text lyrics. Moreover, you can find more music from their “hot songs” and “hot albums” categories.

Simply type the initial words of the song in the search bar and search for it. As a result, it will show the complete lyrics in English text format with audio player. That means, you can list the complete songs from the same platform.

  • Shazam

Find Songs By Lyrics Shazam

If you are interested in finding songs on your mobile using an application then Shazam is the best option for you. This application is most popular and widely used across the world by millions of active users. Here you can type the lyrics you remember and the Shazam app will find the relative result in front of you. Additionally, users can try this app to find the song lyrics by audio.

Lyrics finder app Shazam is available for mobiles phones such as android OS, iOS and windows OS. Moreover, you can use this app on iPad touch to find songs with audio.

Simply download and install the Shazam app on your phone according to your own phone OS (android or iOS). After that just put your phone near the audio source to capture the music. Now the app will start their work and show the possible song options that match with the words. It’s important to know that the Shazam app works only with pre-recorder apps. We can’t use it with live events or live performances.

This is the only app that helps you to search songs by lyrics, search by keywords and search by audio. Because of this it’s one of the best app to find music by lyrics for iOS and android Smartphone & tablet users.

With the help of the free version of the Shazam app, you can find 5 different music tracks per month. Interested users can subscribe to its premium accounts to get unlimited service without any limitation. Another best thing is that if the tune cannot be recognized, it will not charge anything from you.

Uk users can take more advantage from this service. Just dial 2580 and hold your phone to the music to recognize music with the Shazam app.

  • WatZatSong

find your song WatZatSong

WatZatSong works on very unique concepts. Because of its working it is very different from all the other mobile phone apps and sites we’ve listed to find your song. Basically, it works on humans search technique. When your computer (online website or app) fails to identify the song lyrics by word or audio, you can take help of human beings.

Actually, WatZatSong is a music community website where you can upload the sample of audio in your own voice or recorded from any source. After posting your audio sample, other members (music fans) of this site will help you find the exact song name or lyrics. Moreover, this is the only place to identify or find the song by humming. Upload the humming audio and leave everything on WatZatSong’s community. Here you will get replies within minutes by the active members. Same as other users, you can visit the site and try to search for the lyrics for other posted audios.

These are our best selection of online websites and apps that can help you to search song by partial lyrics or words, audio samples, humming and with the artist names. But if you are searching for song’s lyrics in English or Hindi, checkout list of best websites to find song lyrics 2021-2022.

Top Websites To Find Song Lyrics In Your Own Languages

  2. AZ lyrics
  7. Musixmatch

Please Note: Finding song with lyrics and finding song lyrics both are different things. If the song stuck in your head or remember only a few words then use the free online websites or apps to search specific songs by lyrics. But if you want to get the exact lyrics in text format then use the free find song lyrics applications or websites.

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