YouTube Error 400 : Fix YouTube Problem With Server 400 In Few Steps

Tested Solutions For YouTube Error 400 : Fix YouTube Problem With Server 400 In Few Steps

In the past we already shared many different guides to fix YouTube errors such as “No Sound On YouTube”, “YouTube TV Not Working on Samsung Tv” and “Activate YouTube Using” etc. Probably you are not here to read these topics. But here we will suggest you to bookmark these troubleshooting guides for the future.

Now come to the main topic and see, what are the possible solutions to resolve the YouTube error 400 pc or mobile phone? If you are trying to watch videos on YouTube and suddenly getting “400. That’s an error. Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request” error. That means, you are going through the critical issue.

Don’t worry; you are not alone on this planet who is facing 400 bad request server errors on YouTube. If you try to search on the internet, more than 24k monthly quarries are generated for YouTube 400 error code on Google search. Actually, reasons for “YouTube error code 400” may be different for different users and you may face this problem while browsing YouTube on pc or mobile phone or smart tv. It’s actually very difficult to find out the causes of this error. But there are some solutions that can help you to solve YouTube server error 400 on mobile, pc and smart TV.

As we all know YouTube is the most popular and #1 video streaming platform. YouTube was founded in 2005 and after that Google owned YouTube. Nowadays, users watch more than one billion hours of YouTube video each day. Because of this, it’s now the second largest search engine.

Fix Issue of YouTube 400 Error

YouTube allows users to watch all types of contents from any platforms like android, iOS, windows and TV. However, many active users reported about “there was a problem with YouTube server 400” on pc and Smartphones. If you are also facing this annoying error- the YouTube error or Google error 400 then this guide is for you.

YouTube 400 Error

Just read the post carefully and then start with the compatible solution according to your own device.

(A) Common Solutions For Error 400 in YouTube

Before going to jump into advanced solutions, we recommend you to try the formal solutions. Actually YouTube 400 error comes from server ends. So, it may be for very limited time period.

Mostly “YouTube there was a problem with the server 400 error” may occur due to bugs or glitches in your system. Mostly this error happens during the browsing videos on Youtube mobile app or web browser.

So, without doing anything just restart your pc for once. Sometimes, a simple reboot is enough to fix bugs or glitches in pc or mobile.

Till now if the issue is the same, try to switch your browser and browse the video again to check server 400 error in YouTube.

If all the above solutions are not working for you, go for next advanced solutions.

(B) Advanced Solutions To Fix There Was a Problem With The Server 400

Check out the advanced solutions to fix YouTube 400 server error while browsing videos. Make sure, you are comfortable to apply these advanced techniques because it may remove saved files (passwords, documents and credentials) from your browser history.

Solution 01 Remove Cache And Cookies For YouTube

Clearing cache & cookies from browser and for YouTube both are different things. After removing cache from the browser, you will lose all the saved passwords, settings, bookmark pages and browsing history. So it’s a good idea to clear YouTube cache instead of removing browser cache.

Just delete YouTube cache and cookies for all devices and see if it works for you.

Here we are adding a method to remove cookies and cache for YouTube from pc browser. If you are getting the server error 400 YouTube on android or iOS devices then visit on the below guide.

Clear YouTube Cache And Cookies (Windows PC / Android / iOS )

Clear YouTube Cookies From Windows PC

  • Open the pc browser and click on “Three-dots” from the top right corner of the Chrome browser.
  • Scroll down the page and click on “cookies and other site data” under the “Privacy and security” section.

cookies and other site data

  • Scroll down again and this time selects the “see all cookies and other site data” option.

see all cookies and other site data

  • Now type “YouTube” and click the “Remove All Shown” button to clear YouTube app cookies from the browser.

Remove All Shown youtube cookies

  • Next, confirm your action by clicking on “Clear All” blue button.

Solution 02 Use The Chrome’s Built-In Cleaner Feature

As we already told you, Chrome browser comes with lots of useful features to make it more desirable browser. Built-in cleaner feature is one of them that help you to find any harmful software that could be causing your error 400. It’s really good to use, if you don’t want to install anything else on your pc. Simply run Google Chrome’s cleaner tool to remove unwanted or harmful software.

  • Launch Chrome pc browser.
  • Click on “Three-dots” from the top right corner area.
  • Open “Settings” section.
  • From the left side bar, click on the “Advanced” option.
  • Locate the “Reset & Clean Up” option from the list.

reset and clean up in chrome browse

  • Select “Clean Up Computer” from the “Reset and Clean Up” section.

Chrome clean up feature

  • Click on the blue “Find” button, and Chrome will start searching for harmful software on your system. Here it may take a couple of minutes to find and remove unwanted harmful software or tools.

chrome clean up tool

  • Done!!! After applying the above steps, close your browser and browse the YouTube again to check whether it’s playing videos or not.

Solution 03 Browse YouTube Video In Private Mode Or Incognito Mode

If the internet connection or wifi is working well on your system then you should try to open the video in Incognito Mode. Chrome’s Incognito Mode helps users to browse anything without cache & cookies files including third party apps or extensions.

When Youtube could not open a video for you, Incognito Mode will open the YouTube on pc without interference of any script or additional tool.

  • For Google Chrome Browser – launch the browser, click on three dots and select the “New Incognito Window” option. Then open YouTube website and play any video to hear the sound.

New Incognito Window chrome browser

  • For Firefox Browser – Open “Firefox” web browser, click on the three horizontal-lines at the top-right corner and select the “New Private Window” option.

New Private Window firefox

If the YouTube is loading in Incognito Mode or private mode without error 400 that means something is wrong with your browser.

In that case, reset Chrome browser from advanced settings section.

Open “Settings” section >>> “Advanced Settings” >>> “Restore settings” to restore the settings back to their original defaults.

Reset Chrome Browser

Solution 04 Browser Issue

Many times, your web browser could be a reason for no video in YouTube due to server error 400. If you are using any outdated version of a web browser, you may face 400 error on YouTube website in windows 10 pc or laptop. So, try to download and install the latest updated browser to run YouTube videos. Otherwise, update your older web browser on the latest version and check if the issue is resolved.

Still getting the same issue, switch to another browser to see if the issue still persists. Unexpected core issues may prevent YouTube from playing videos.

If you are able to browse YouTube without error 400 that means something is wrong with the previous browser. In that case, uninstall and reinstall the web browser and check it again. Otherwise, you can wait for a new update for your older browser.

Solution 05 Replace The Direct Link To The Video With Video ID

If all the above solutions are not able to solve “400 That’s an error. Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request” error then now you should try to change the direct link with video ID. It is very easy to find the YouTube video ID of any video.

Browse the video that you want to watch, here you will see the URL of that page. At the end of the URL, you see a combination of numbers and letters just after a = (equal sign). That unique combination of letters and numbers are the Video ID.


Reasons for why we do get the YouTube 400 error while browsing YouTube video is not clear? Technically, 400 code errors are directly related to server problems. But if we talk about YouTube, there is no chance of server error from their end. Most of the time the browser’s settings and configurations are the main factor of this error. Because of this you can test your browser in different modes and resolve the error.

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