How To Submit Site In Bing Search Engine?

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Bing is the second largest search engine on the internet. If you are a webmaster or creating a site for your client then it is necessary to submit site in Bing search engine and also in all other available search engines. We all know if you get success to improve Google rank for your site then no one can’t beat you and automatically you will be on #1 rank in Bing and all other search engines .but #1 Google rank is not a simple task. Before it you have to reach with all audience and it can possible if your site is available on every search engines. If you are serious about your money site and want to improve your ranking and traffic then submit your site on all search engines. It’s a key of success. You can’t assume how traffic will be flow to your site.

Now yahoo & Bing search use a common Bing search engine, so here you can drive traffic from Yahoo and bing by submitting your money site only on Bing search engine.

search engine market distrubation

You can see Yahoo! And bing together Hold 25% to 30% of search engine traffic. Bing also has a partnered with Bindu .bindu is the largest and famous search engine in china for displaying English search result. Just because of it we can’t forget these 30% traffic

Here in this post I will show you that we can submit site in Bing search engine with two different methods.

Method 01: We Can Submit Site As A Anonymous

Method 02: Submit Site In Bing Search engine By Using Bing Webmaster Tools

Method 01:Submit Site In Bing Search engine As A Anonymous

By using this method you no need to register in Bing webmaster tools. We can submit site in Bing without any registration as an anonymous. Main drawback of this method is that you may not be able to use other important available services like keyword report, Crawl report and traffic sources etc.

Click Here to submit your site on Bing search Engine. Enter your Site URL, verification code and Click to “Submit” button. That’s it.

submit site on bing withour registration

Method 02: Submit Site In Bing Search engine By Using Bing Webmaster Tools

We are highly recommending you to use this method to submit site in bing search engine. For this you need to sign up in Bing webmaster Tools with your mail Id or you can also use your window live ID. Click Here to Signup.

After creating an account in Bing webmaster tools, now inside the Bing Webmaster Tools you can see “ADD A SITE” link on the top of the page as shown in screenshot. Click on it now fill you site URL here.

add site on bing

Once you add your site then it’s necessary to verify the ownership of your submit site. Here you can verify your site ownership by using these three methods.

  1. File upload
  2. Adding meta tag in header
  3. CNAME record to DNS

Meta Tag verification method is the easiest way to verify the site ownership. Just copy and paste Meta Tag in your site home page and click to verify button in Bing webmaster tools. After first verification it may take few days to crawl and index your site in the database.

By using this type of submission now you can use various other features link SEO Report, Markup Validator, SEO analyzer, Keyword report, Crawl Report and sitemap submission etc.

Note:Don’t forget to submit sitemap in bing webmaster Tools.

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