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Sometimes if you go to search on internet you will see some sites are on the top of search engines even if they have written it in the past and have less information than you? It’s very annoying situation for any new website holder. You tried hard to written rich information but less information included websites are on the top. Yes, it is just because of Domain Authority (DA).Domain authority allows you to improve search engines ranking.

As we all know that Google rank is most important factor for bloggers and advertisers. Blogger’s can achieve their goal with high search rank and advertiser can see which sites are good to publish their ads. But, there has been no Google page rank updated from long time. Because Google is not updating new page rank so advertisers and bloggers are taking a advantage of domain authority (DA) and considering it as a valuable factor to know which websites are doing good on their niche.

         If you want to learn how to improve domain authority then you landed on right place will try to explain you all about domain authority in this single post. You need not to go anywhere to search about domain authority.improve domain authority

Let’s Start With Your Question – What Is Domain Authority (DA)?

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Ok if you are a blogger then very popular company Moz will not new for you. Domain authority is website metrics which is developed by Moz. it’s a most important factor in SEO. It is easy to understand that high DA means more chance to appear in search engines without any doubt, more traffic, high rank and high earning. This Moz domain authority metrics helps advertisers to know how good a particular website or blog is doing and they can easily identify best website to publish their brand or products.

      Moz algorithm worked on many different factors (moz rank, moz trust, social signals, numbers of backlinks ,users experience ,website loading speed and most important traffic on site) to predict how a domain is ranking in search engine.

   A website can score Domain authority from 1-100 but Domain authority (DA) above 25 is much good score for any website and you can achieve this score easily by doing little hard work. but getting a score  DA 40 is very difficult task for any website. It is interesting to know that some authoritative websites like Facebook, Google and Wikipedia have Domain authority (DA) score 100/100.

Domain authority Key factors

Domain authority shows how many links are pointing to your site directly. It is same as how many peoples are talking about peoples are websites and you are as your website. For example facebook have Domain authority score 100 out of 100 it is just because facebook is most popular website in the world and everyone is using facebook. So its DA score is high. There are lots of factors while calculating DA for any website. It is very hard to gain DA score 100 for any website or can’t change DA score like we change our Meta tag.

Here are some important key factors to calculate the domain authority of any website.

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Root domain Links : domain authority is dependent on how many domains or websites are linked with your website. It is easy to understand that 50 links from different website are better than 100 links from a single site. Numbers of different website links help to identify your domain reputation and also help to improve domain authority of your website.

 Moz Rank: Moz rank is important for website. It is based on moz algorithm (link profile) and reflect the importance of website on the internet. A website can score 0 to 10 for Moz rank. If you can earn quality backlinks from popular websites than it is quite easy to get Moz rank more about Moz Rank.

Moz Trust: Moz trust is also like a moz rank and determines the backlinks from reputed websites. You can improve your website moz rank by earning backlinks from government institutions websites and universities. Read more about Moz trust.

Quality of content: as we all know “Content is King”. Unique, fresh, rich information is a big SEO part for any website. Improve your writing skill and serve only quality content on your website so visitors can engage with your website. Nothing is better than quality content to achieve good DA.

Social network: we all know the power of social network. By social media we can viral anything within a hour. In the same way it helps us to make DA. It means total numbers of shares and likes your articles get in social platform.

Improve your search engine visibility .

Understand Difference between Domain Authority and Page authority

Don’t get confused between domain authority and page authority .domain authority is related with over all website domain authority and page authority is related individually with particular webpage. just focus to improve domain authority.

Check Domain authority With Simple Tools

There are lots of domain authority checkers are available online but I recommending you only Moz’s open site Explorer and Moonsy Tool to check domain authority. Probably it get updates after 15 days and sometimes it can take more time to update. But keep checking your domain authority regularly  so you can understand how’s you are doing for your website am writing this post on 09/09/215 and my site is just one month old so I have not so much focus on my website domain authority. Right now I have one domain authority. Domain age is also a big factor for DA .read continues to know how domain age affects DA.

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Now here is a most awaited part of our article .improve domain Authority of website.

How To Improve Domain Authority – One Page Solution

Improving domain authority is not difficult but is not as easy as you change your Meta tag. You can’t influence domain authority by constraint on a single factor. But you can improve domain authority by doing some hard work and can see better result in a very short period. If you have only 10-20 DA then you would not be ranking well for your focus keywords. You have to pay your time with proper strategies then you will see improvement in your DA. Ok now let’s start with tips ……….

1 Domain Age or Website Age: domain age is very important to improve domain authority .your domain age allow to know search engines that you are serious about your work and want to stay for long time. In my view your age should be more than 5 year then you may definitely be able to see a good domain authority score by just doing simple hard work. May be possible in future domain age not considers as an important factor but as for now it is really a major factor for DA. Because of that many of that many of blogger prefer to buy domains from auctions to start their new blog or website. It’s a legal trick to approach the DA. If you are trying to buy a new domain (Money website) from auction then Check Your Website is Banned by Google Adsense or Not?

2 Quality Content : as in past I told you “content is king” and it is most important factor to improve your SEO as well as DA. You can use tricks to improve your search ranking but nothing is better than quality content. Unique, organic, rich information for users automatically works as a SEO for your website. In ordering to improve domain authority, you need to write quality content that no one can beat you. Quality content means true valuable for readers.

       Prepare your post with lots of research and use your writing skill and serve it with better presentation so visitor can engage with your post. Most important avoid duplicate content issue it can harmful for your website ranking. Focus on your keywords and post relevant content on your website. You can get idea from Google Alert and Google trends and can see what topics are trending and what your competitors are doing in your same niche. These all points are included in our post “how to improve Search engines ranking?’.Read it for full details.

3 Improve Technical SEO : as we all know why SEO is important for any website? It helps us to improve search engines ranking. For better search engines ranking we need to work on SEO. proper SEO of website boost our website ranking. If we talk about technical SEO , that means optimized your robots.txt file, sitemap and structure of your site URLs. Technical SEO comprises the core of a DA. To improve your domain authority improve your SEO.SEO includes sites stricture, navigation, Meta tags, header tags, article length, keywords etc. it’s all are on page SEO.


Increase Domain Authority Of Website

Improve Saerch Engine Ranking

Off Page SEO: off page SEO is different way of SEO. But it is also so necessary for website to improve site rank. Off page SEO tips.

Comment On Blog: blog commenting is a very popular and effective way to get backlinks. By commenting on relevant post you can easily attract to new visitors. But remember always try to leave comment on relevant niche websites otherwise your comment can be interduse as a spam for irrelevant can affect your site negativally.

Guest Post- guest post is another way to get backlinks from other famous website.but it is time taking have to write for other guest post you can prove your authority.

Social Bookmarking : social bookmarking is a better way to improve domain using social bookmarking you can serve your content for world. It means you can improve your site traffic by sharing your contents. In the same way if your readers or audience re-share your content it means it is more popular and valuable for readers. It will definitely improve domain authority.

4 Earn High Quality Backlinks: in my thought backlinks earning is much better than backlinks building. Simply if you will get success to earn quality backlinks then there is more chance to improve domain authority. Numbers of root domains linking is a major factor to improve your DA .but remember never ever try to buy backlinks. Your backlinks should be organic and genuine otherwise you can blacklist for Google or other search engines. These paid backlinks can make you spam. For example 50 organic backlinks from popular website’s are much better than 1000 of spam or bad backlinks.try to find spam backlinks and avoid them forever.

       You can earn quality backlinks by writing helpful content and by writing case studies that help your audience.

5 Improve Website Internal Links Structure: internal links or cross links are important for SEO to improve your site rank and it also helpful to improve domain authority of website. Use better internal links structure so that they can point out your other related WebPages. This type of technique helps you to reduce website bounce rate. Use proper anchor texts and don’t overuse a given anchor text and don’t use exact anchor texts. To improve internal linking network you need to write more and more content on your site so you can use all content links as a internal links.

6 Be Patient: if you are doing exactly what I have explained in the above steps, a will rise. But as I told you in the starting of article that Domain age is also a big factor. If your domain is fresh and new then it can take some time to rise up. Sometime DA considers historical data and if your domain is new then it can reflect with delay. So be patient and continue all above steps with hard work.


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I the last I just want to say better content mean better everything. By writing better content you can improve domain authority, search engines visibility, website ranking and traffic for your site. Just focus on your content writing with keywords and do better SEO and rise up your domain authority.

      If you see or want to suggest any other important factor you can leave comment.

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