List Of High DA Blog Commenting Sites 2019 For Backlinks

List Of High DA Blog Commenting Sites 2019 For Backlinks

Are you searching a list of high DA blog commenting sites of 2019? If yes then you have landed on right place. Here in this post we are going add more than 100+ blog commenting sites to create free backlinks. Just follow the list, find your desired nitch and get free High DA backlink for website and blog.

But before that its important to know that whats is blog commenting sites and how to get backlink by comment on any site. Its specially important for those who are new in blogging and want to rank their site in Search engines to increase organic traffic.

When I was new in blogging world and started our blog and I saw a word backlink. Everyone one was taking about backlink building. As we all know its really very hard to create backinks [Organic backlinks] but there are so many other methods are available for this.

In order to create organic high da baklink, blog comment sites are perfect place for all newbie and advance users. Best thing is that blog commenting is the easiest method to create fast backlink for any site.

If you have enough knowledge about blogging then you may know that SEO is the most important part for any website to boost their search ranking. Without SEO you go so far in blogging world. Same as, there are so many white hat and black hat SEO techniques for users to improve website rank in search engines to increase organic traffic. But every time Google changes their algorithm to avoid spamming. Many things are already changed in SEO terms and competition is really very high.

Google bots can find any changes easily because of their smartness. But at the same time blog comments didnt lose its importance. Although, We are not sure that we are going to get Nofollow links or Dofollow links.

Best thing about comments is that your users can interact with you by commenting on your site. In other hand, you can get organic backlink by commenting on the sites.

For this purpose, we are going to share a list of best commenting sites high DA which can be use to get free Quality backlink by comment only.

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Benefits Of Blog Comment Site For Owner & Visitors

  • If you are owner of blog comment site then comments from reader plays a major roal to create connection in between owner and readers. Without readers, your blog is just a page with text.
  • Comments allow you to identify the mistake or your material. Same as they can help you to improve your detail by suggestion.
  • By commenting on any site, can help you to drive direct towards to your own site.
  • For newbie users – if you are a new website holder then comment can help you to boost traffic on your site. This direct traffic will help you to increase page views, which is necessary for SEO.
  • Proper commenting allow you to get free backlink for your own site. Which means, you can increase organic baclinks to rank up your website or blog.
  • As we already told you that comments can help you to increase traffic on your site that means, it will also help you to increase site revenue.

Method To Write Perfect Blog Commenting

You can choose any site for commenting but we always recommend you to choose relevant person or niche. Do not ignore the relevance, because relevance is very crucial. For this purpose, we added the blog commenting site list for different niche. Just forget all about dofollow or no follow blog commenting site and make it habit to leave 4 comments daily.

Too much comments can be a reason of spamming. So dont do it over. Do it in proper way with limited amount.

4 Comments daily or 70 comments in one month is enough to get organic backlinks from blog commenting.

How TO Make Blog Comments To Get Free Backlinks?

Its very easy to start. Just create an account on “GRAVATAR” with full detail. Its completely free for all users.  That’s it. Now you are ready for commenting on blog comment site.

Well, you can leave your comment on any site but we always recommend you to use High Domain authority blog like 30 Plus DA. Officially there is no any rule to choose high or low Domain authority blogs. But high DA site have their own advantages. One high DA site is equal to 20 low DA site.

So take your time, do some research to find high DA blog commenting sites and then go for next.

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Things Not To Do While Creating Backlink From Blog Commenting

  • Do some research, find the blogs and make a list of free blog commenting sites. Just avoid the blogs or sites which don’t provide the link option in comment section. Without your sitelink or blog link, you cant get back backlink from those sites.
  • Don’t waste your time to leave comment on social media platforms like Facebook and Google Plus etc. You will not get any back link or link juce from these sites but it may help you to drive some traffic.
  • Don’t try the too must commenting. Otherwise, Google may spam your site permanently. So do it properly. Maximum 4 comments daily are the good practices.
  • After you’ve got a good blog to comment on, choose the post or article from their site, read the post properly and then comment on it.
  • Don’t try to post a common comment. Like, great article, good job, fantastic, nice job, etc. Because like of those comments never give single benefits.
  • Don’t ry to be oversmart and never ever try to put keywords instead of the place of your name.
  • You can add your home page or any published article’s link. We suggest you to avoid home page. Use any article link of your site.

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Proper Method To Comment To Get Backlink

  • Check below list to find the blog commenting sites. Same as do some research and make list of blog commenting sites.
  • Visit on blog comment site and checkout the latest post or article. Try to submit comment at first place.
  • Read the post carefully, so you can put relevance quarry in comment section.

Don’t use the common comments like great article, good job, fantastic, nice job, etc. Because like of those comments never give single benefits.

  • Enter your mail ID, Full name and link [ Home Page like Or Any Post Link]
  • Write the genuine 100 words comment.
  • Don’t forget to submit and follow the comment after approval.


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High DA Blog Commenting Sites

List Of Blog Commenting Sites About Blogging, Social Media, Internet Marketing

S.No Website Domain Authority
1. 62
2. 55
3. 90
4. 59
5. 57
6. 78
7. 55
8. 42
9. 43
10. 47
11. 35
12. 39
13. 40
14. 51
15. 44
16. 46
17. 52
18. 50
19. 42
20. 49
21. 43
22. 43
23. 48
24. 38
25. 49
26. 40

List of Lifestyle Blogs for doing Blogs Commenting

S. No Website Domain Authority
1. 21
2. 49
3. 45
4. 33
5. 43
6. 34
7. 37
8. 32
9. 38

List of Travel Blogs where you can comment

If you are searching blog commenting sites for travel then use the below high Da travel blog commenting site to get free organic backlinks.

S. No Website Domain Authority
1. 35
2. 54
3. 59
4. 78
5. 27
6. 41
7. 43
8. 44

List of Technology Blogs for doing Blog Commenting

Checkout below High domain authority blog commenting sites to get backlinks for Technology website and blogs.

S. No Website Domain Authority
1. 57
2. 57

Want to add your own site in above Technology blog commenting site, please comment below or mail us.

List of Health & Fitness Blogs

S. No Website Domain Authority
1. 41
2. 53
3. 65
4. 35
5. 40
6. 51
7. 56
8. 56

List of Blogs for Finance

S. No Website Domain Authority
1. 52
2. 54
3. 63
4. 25
5. 70
6. 56
7. 47
8. 56
9. 44
10. 39
11. 32
12. 95

List of web hosting blogs

S. No Website Domain Authority
1. 89
2. 50
3. 90
4. 94
5. 62
6. 92
7. 31
8. 45
9. 51

Conclusion about list of blog commenting sites (with high DA) for 2019

These are list of some selected blog commenting sites with high DA rank. Just bookmark this page and start commenting on these sites one by one. Don’t comment too much in single day otherwise, Google will spam your site.

Above free sites allow you to add comment on their site to create free backlinks. After getting organic backlink, Google will index your site on top to increase rank.

if you have website and now want to add in the list, please feel free to contact us. Or type  site name in comment box. We will try to add your site as soon as possible.

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