How To Submit Sitemap on Bing Webmaster Tools?

After Google, bing is the second largest search engine on the internet. Now a day’s lots of peoples are using Bing search engines to find different topic and information. If we are running a website or blog then we know very well that visibility of website is most important for us . It can possible after submit sitemap in bing webmaster tools.It is because of to improve search engines ranking, domain authority and more traffic for a site .so it is necessary to us to add our site on every search engines.

In the past I published a post on “how to submit sitemap on Google webmaster tools” if you are running your website on wordpress then read post about “how to create XML sitemap in wordpress?”sitemap is a important part in process of sitemap submission in Bing webmaster tools.In the same way to boost up your site traffic and search appearance on bing we need to submit sitemap on bing webmaster tools. Submitting a sitemap on bing webmaster tool is quite easy.

Most of webmaster and newbie user ignore bing traffic and focus only on Google search engine. Its fact Google is a king of search engine but that means is not other search engines are useless. So in my view if you are serious about your money site then consider all other search engines including Bing webmaster tool.

. Check out most visited website per country – interesting world map.

Learn what Sitemap Is and Why It Is Important?

In a simple way website sitemap is a bunch of all weblinks. Whenever you publish any posts or page a sitemap pig to search engine for your new post or page. Sitemap helps to search engine to crawl your site for every new post and page. After crawling search engines can index your publish post easily for the world. We are not discussing more about sitemap importance and working here, if you are interested you can read more about sitemap on our site.

How To Create Sitemap?

To create sitemap you can use any type of sitemap generator .you can choose online platform or can also can create offline. If you are newbie user then try to understand what sitemap is and how to create sitemap for a website. Simply use below sites sources to create XML sitemap for your website.

After creating a sitemap now come to our topic and start process to submit sitemap on bing webmaster tools.

Format Of Sitemap Accepted By Bing

Bing accepts the following 4 Formats…

  1. XML sitemap
  2. RSS 2.0
  3. Atom 0.3 7 1.0
  4. Text file containing URLs of your site.

Here it is important to know that RSS or Atom feeds are used to submitting blog feeds.

Easy Steps To Submit Sitemap On Bing Webmaster Tool

If you are newbie for this, Bing webmaster Tool is a free service offered by Microsoft for webmasters and website holders to submit their sites. Here you can see complete SEO report and information related to submitted site.

Step 01 – Create account On Bing Webmaster Tools

Just click here to start and signup by filling the complete detail.

Step 02- Add And Verify Website On bing webmaster Tools

Now Add site on bing webmaster Tools by simply type your website URL

add site on bing

After adding a site now you need to fill full details about site and ownership like Sitemap, website owner details etc. if you are using wordpres platform you can read how to create XML sitemap in wordpress?

Now copy your XML sitemap link and add this sitemap link in the site info page as shown in screenshot. This sitemap link allows Bing bot to crawl your site to index your site on Bing search engine like Google.

add sitemap in bing webmaster tools

Fill details in “ ABOUT MY WEBSITE”

Fill details in “ABOUT ME”

After filling all details carefully, review all details and then click to SAVE. As you click on save button you will redirect to webmaster tool dashboard, here you can see a message “site ownership has not been verified, verify now”. Simply click on verify now button and use any type of verification method to verify your bing webmaster tools. Simplest method is Meta Tag verification otherwise you can choose any one method that’s here…

  1. File upload
  2. Adding meta tag in header
  3. CNAME record to DNS

Meta Tag vitrifaction is a easiest method to verify site ownership.

Bing verification By Yoast plugin  – Meta Tag Verifaction

If you are using WordPress then you can verify Bing by using Yoast plugin. In yoast plugin you need to past Meta tag and save changes. That’s it. WordPress dashboard> SEO > General > webmaster Tool > Paste Meta code > save

meta tag verifaction in yoast

After save Meta tag in Yoast plugin now come to again in bing webmaster tools and click on verify button. Now your site is fully verified in Bing webmaster tools.

Quick steps to Submit Sitemap In Bing Webmaster Tools

  1. Login in Bing Webmaster tool account and select a site you want to submit a sitemap.
  2. To submit a sitemap in bing webmaster tools you need to verify your ownership. To verify ownership you can use any Method  as I told you before in the post.
  3. Open your Bing webmaster tools dashboard > Configure My site > sitemap

submit sitemap in bing

4. Just enter your XML sitemap here and click on submit button.

bing sitemap

Remember after submitting XML sitemap on Bing webmaster tools it may take some time to crawl your site .after that bing bot will crawl your site every day. If the crawling of your sitemap is success then the status of the sitemap will be appear as “Success”. if bing bot see any errors in crawling process then the crawl error will be shown and you can see crawl error report in “Crawl Information” under the “report & Data “tab.

If you feel any type of problem to submit a sitemap in Bing webmaster tools then contact us or you can comment us. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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