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get traffic on new blog

It’s very hard to tell you that most of newbie blogger quit their blogging because they don’t get sufficient traffic on their blog. Everyone comes here to be a popular or to earn lots of money .but less of traffic cant make you famous .so for any newbie blogger need to drive full traffic on his blog ,that’s a secrete of success in blogging world.

               After creating a website or any blog it’s a main challenge to get traffic on new blog or site .it’s really a important task for any webmaster .if you have website and you have no more traffic you will lost your rank in Google Search .as we all know we can make money with website by using Google Adsense but if you have no good traffic on site its waste of time .there are no chance to make money without traffic on new blog.

           In this article I am trying to tell you how to get traffic on new blog .you have to follow the tips step by step and after that you can see huge traffic in your blog.

How To Get Traffic On New Blog? There are so many methods to get traffic on new blog or website. But here in this article we are just telling for newbie Blogger. When you will follow these steps then you will get start traffic on new blog after then you can read our other article How to Improve Page Rank in Google.

  • Network: we all know power of network .its a most important factor to get traffic on new blog easily. If you have more Networks it means you will get more traffic automatically.

(a)Facebook Network

(b)Twitter Network

We are including just two main Social Media network .its easy to spread your world.

  • Comment On Blog : blog comment is a SEO technique .always try to leave comment on other

Top blog but that blog should be in your Niche. One more important thing, try to be the first 5 will help you to create a valuable backlink for your blog.

             To become a first 5 commenter subscribe to their RSS feed and leave comment as soon as possible. Never use same comment all the time. Your comment should be valuable.

            It is one the best way to get traffic on new blog daily. If you leave comment on top blogs than it works as a backlinks. To find top blog in your niche just type “your Niche+blog”.

  • Promotion :if you want to make famous your blog just promote your blog as brand on Facebook

.you can join Groups and can promote yourself there. You can use Google Adword  to promote your blog online. Google Adword is one of the most add publishing platform by this you can promote your blog in any country .you can also use other paid services.

  • Write Quality Content : it’s a very important that your blog article should be included with lots

of information ,unique ,quality content .you have to remember Contents are king. You need to write 1000 words min article .never assume that you can get huge traffic without effort.try to spend more time to write quality content and differentiate yourself with other  bloggers.

Tips to Write:

  • You can read other post and can write in your words.
  • Your new blog should be with 40+ posts.
  • Every post should with 1000+ words.
  • Post article as much as you can post.
  • Try to post every day but if you are part time blogger you can post 2 or 3 article in a month.
  • Spend more and more time for writing.
  • Video Marketing : if you are following all above steps to get traffic then video is one best way to

Get traffic. Create a video and add your blog link at the starting of introduction .submit them on YouTube etc. you can find online free video maker tool.

  • Update Site Content Regularly :online user always try to know more and more .they want

Updated information .if your site is ready with updated information it will attract your audience again and again .they will visit on site regularly.

              In term of SEO content is a king .if your site content is good, unique and updated you will not only build a loyal audience, they will come to see what is new. Most important search engines will also love that type of sites.

  • Most Important SEO : after writing articles and after creating a blog it’s important to use

SEO. Without SEO you can’t achieve you aim or cant drive unique traffic on your new blog .above written topics are important but don’t forget SEO. You should focus on your keyword and keyword density.

         Make sure that you are not keyword stuffing your content .it makes your readers hard to digest what you want to say in your posts. If you are newbie blogger try to follow this for some time. You can read our other post about SEO and then you will be able to understand SEO topic easily.if you are using WordPress then readout best pluging for SEO.

Point To Point Steps for Huge Traffic —–


content is king

  1. Write only fully rich informative, unique, fresh and interesting article with eye catching headlines. Eye catching headlines attract 60% visitor to visit your website just because of good headlines.
  2. Always try to write long posts or article and fill your article with lots of information .your post should be last destination for any related visitor. Create truly epic content.
  3. Consistent schedule is important by this your readers know when to expect new content.
  4. Write list blog post –they get more traffic than any other kind of post.
  5. Try to use Google Trends and tweeter trends subject for writing.
  6. Always should be updated .write about new current stories.
  7. Use Google alert to know what other website holder are writing in your niche. Compare yourself and your article with best of one and update your article.
  8. Explore your analytic to find out which is your most popular content and create more of the same.


use of multimedia

  1. Use attractive photos and graphics in your post and website.
  2. Create pinterest friendly graphics with text on top of images to encourage people to pin your post.
  3. Upload videos with link on YouTube.
  4. Use some content to create a presentation and upload it on slide-share.


social media

  1. Create a facebook page for your brand website and share it on blog. Use it to communicate with your readers and post notification at the time of every new post publication.
  2. Use tweeter to tweet all your posts when you publish them.
  3. Share your post on Google+
  4. Regularly pin images from other sites.
  5. Use social media scheduling software like Buffer to post automatically on social media.
  6. Use Tumbler blog and add content related to your blog.
  7. Use Instagram to share your new post.
  8. Leave valuable comment on other blog (related to your Niche)
  9. You can also share and retweet other blog if they are useful.
  10. Try to reach out with other blogger and build a batter relationship.
  11. Include all social media button on every post so reader can share your post.
  12. Link to all your posts on StumbleUpon.
  13. If you got any e-mail and comment try to reply fast .it build good relationship between you and your readers.
  14. Join bloggers group on Facebook and share knowledge and help to promote each other “s content.
  15. Create a LinkedIn Profile with a link of your blog.
  16. Submit your best blog post or article on Digg and Reddit.
  17. Add your favorite blog on blogroll.


  1. Create backlinks and internal links for traffic.
  2. Link old post with new and updated post .
  3. Install and use related content plugin to link related post with each other.
  4. Find out most search keywords by keyword research tool and write about them and get traffic automatically.
  5. Use All In One SEO or Yoast SEO plugin for one page seo.
  6. Image file name should be relevant with post.
  7. Use useful tag in post.
  8. Try to use keyword in post headline and sub-headline.


offline promotion

  1. Tell your friend and your family member about your blog and tell him to share your blog.
  2. Use your blog name on your care or any other vehicle.
  3. Distribute your blog templates .
  4. Publish your blog in newspaper or magazines.
  5. Use your blog link in your visitor card.

Conclusion: it’s a short article for newbie blogger to get traffic on new blog but all shared points are golden points for everyone. These points are fully valuable for every blogger.try to promote or retweet your fellow blogger before asking them to promote your blog.

                    Guest post is good way but I never suggest to anyone for guest posting. Without having any online reputation you can’t post your article and it’s also not profitable for you .just try to focus on your content writing and get traffic on new blog.

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