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Just like a Google, Baidu is the search engine used in China having more than 70% of the market share. Because of its popularity in China it is also known as a Google of China. Baidu is also a big IT company just like Alibaba and Tencent. Chinese people call these three giant companies BAT. It is interesting to know that Google was defeated by BAIDU in china market year ago. After then Google leave china and now baidu is the largest search engine in China Country. So never forget to submit site on Baidu search engine to target china users.

Importance To Submit Sit On Baidu Search Engine.

badu serach engine

We all know China is the largest population country in the world and in the same way Chinese are one of the highest internet users in the world. According a research approximately one million English searches are carried out in China per day. If you go to see Google’s appearance is only 15% in China and Baidu is covering more than 75% in China. Microsoft is having a tie up with baidu for English search result.

I know here you have a question in your mind, your site is not in Chinese language but here we are highly recommending you to submit site on Baidu. Your site traffic will increase multi-fold if you will index your site in Baidu search engine.

How To Submit Site On Baidu Search Engine?

Remember site submission can be possible in Chinese through Baidu Webmaster Tools account. You need to submit only your site home page URL. After that Baidu search engine will include all other web pages in this post I will help you to convert all Chinese language in English so you can submit site on Baidu search engine without ant problem.

Step 01 

Click Here to register for Baidu Webmaster Tools and fill all required detail as shown in screenshot.

baidu signup

Step 02

After submit all detail you will see a success messages. Now login in your mail ID .here you can see a verification email in Chinese in your mail account. Just click on verification link to activate your account. This verification link will show you as a screenshot below.

Baidu verifaction link

 This verification Link will be valid only for 48 hour after registration so you need to verify your authority within 48 hours. If no activated within time limit you may need to register again.
  • Remember nowadays Baidu made SMS verification or Chinese CAPATCHA verification almost mandatory for international users. So may be possible after clicking on verification you will be redirect to CAPTCHA verification page or either they will take you on SMS verification page. CAPTCHA page will be look like this screenshot.

baidu capatch

  • If you are using Gmail Account or Yahoo account for Baidu registration then generally you will redirect to SMS verification page. See screen shot and fill all detail as shown here. Choose country code from drop down menu, type your mobile number and click on “Get Verification Code” button to revive verification SMS. When you receive code enter that code in the box and click to “Submit” button to complete your Baidu registration.

Baidu sms verification

Step 03

Once you completed your successfully registration, click here to direct login in baidu webmaster Tools account. Simply enter all details like email ID, mobile number and password and get login in Baidu Webmaster Tools.

login in baidu wbmaster tools

Now Add Site On BAIDU Webmaster Tools

Step 01

Now navigate to the first option “Site management” and click on the “Add new Site” is same like as a Bing Webmaster Tools.

add site in baidu webmaster tools

Step 02

Now enter your site URLs in blank area as shown in the screenshot and click on “ADD a Site” button to submit finish your process.

baidu webmater tools

Now your site is submitted on Baidu webmaster Tools. Now you will see a popup window to verify your site ownership. Verification of site ownership is an important step. Without ownership verification your site is not fully configured in Baidu Webmaster Tools.

Site Ownership Verification Method In Baidu Webmaster Tools.

You can verify site ownership by using these three Methods
1. File Upload – Download the verification file and upload it in your website’s root directory.

2. HTML tag verification – it’s a simplest method ,just copy and paste HTML code in the header section of your site.

3. VNAME Setting / DNS verifaction.

if you are using wordpress platform for your website then use Yoast plugin and Verify your Baidu webmaster tools Meta Tag in yoast by simply paste it in Baidu section.

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