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Ok if you are a youtuber or trying to earn through youtube by uploading videos then it is necessary to know that YouTube is very strict about their policy and you can’t use other person videos for money .so if you want to earn by youtube then you can upload only self created videos for monetization. If you are copying someone else videos and trying to find a way uploading them on your youtube channel then it can be risky for you. We all know YouTube is a largest video browsing website on the internet and we can easily earn money by uploading videos .so just because of this youtube uses very high confidential algorithm to avoid inleagle copyright activities. so if you think you can cheat youtube then forget this thing. If they caught you, they can delete your video or they can permanently block your account. After this we all know we can’t approve our account again.

Creating a youTube video is not a big deal now a day. Because nearly every computer have built-in video editing software. But if you are using copyrighted songs and images on your videos then your video may be removed (delete) and YouTube may even suspend your copyright.

   But here is trick if you are unable to create new videos. For this you have to find videos those we can share legally. After all, we can’t share or use any video because of some are protected with a copyright. Don’t worry here we will show you how you can find creative common videos and you can use them without any problem and the answer is creative Commons Videos or Creative Commons Media (CC).

What Is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons (CC) is an internationally active non-profit organization that provides free licenses for creators to use when making their work available to the public. These licenses help the creator to give permission for others to use the work in advance under certain conditions.

So the main benefit of creative commons is that all licenses allowed to everyone to use and share all content without any cost with anyone. Same as teachers can use it for educational purpose. Sometimes creator can modify and remix a CC work without any problem .

Creative Commons Videos or Creative Commons Media (CC)

(a) YouTube – youtube is one of the best site to get creative common licensed videos. Just find your desired video, edit or remix it and upload it again on your YouTube channel and enjoy.

How To Find Common Videos On YouTube –

  • Metod 01 : unfortunately there is no any direct link or path to find out creative common videos on youtube.but you can append the word “,creativecommons” (including the comma) to the end of your keyword or search check out list of your search term ,you can use these videos legally.most important if you see the option “Remix This Video” you will know that this video can be used.


  • Method 02 :
    • Go to YouTube website.
    • Click on search bar and type your search text in the search box.
    • After search now click on filters options as shown in screenshot.

creative common video on youtube

  • Under the filter result select “Creative Commons.

creative common video on youtube

  • Now all the videos are creative commons licensed videos. Note this will return all Creative Commons licensed videos, so you will need to be sure to check out the particular license and abide by its conditions.

(b) Archive

Archive is also good place to find media files like creative common licenses ,including is just same youtube so there is no any direct link to find these type of videos conent.simply go to search option and find any video , it will say in the identifying information towords the bottom if it is creative common video ( creative common licensed).if this is not teged as a  creative common then simply consider it not licensed and go to next video.

(c) Vimeo – vimeo is another popular and best place to get creative common licensed videos .if you will see the Vimeo site offers different types of licenses like Attribution share Alike, Attribution no derivatives, Attribution non- commercial , Attribution non- commercial share Alike etc. If you’re unsure which license fits your need, there’s a handy explanation on the right side of the main page. Underneath each of the different licenses is a link to browse through all the videos of that type. Alternatively, you can perform an Advanced Search and indicate within the options which license you are searching for.


(d) Flickr –normally we all know Flickr for images but in actually they have some videos on the site. For this purpose they have a page just for creative common works including images and videos. just search your keyword and select your video and then see “additional info” .it will show you what type of creative common license it is reserved for.

If you will try to find there are lots of other places to get creative common videos but above four websites are the best one of them. Just try it .for additional we are listing some best of best sites to find creative common media. Check out the complete list and get audio, video ,text and images for your work.

Places To Find Creative Commons Media

Find Creative Commons Audio –


Find Creative Commons Images –

  • Flickr Creative Commons search

Find Creative Commons Texts


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