Bluestacks Hack -How To Change IMEI Number In Android

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How To Change IMEI Number In Android With BlueStacks App Player

Here in this tutorial we will show you how to change IMEI number in android but we will change IMEI numer in your window PC with the help of BlueStacks App Player –it is an android emulator and very known and popular software in the market to run android apps on windows pc. by using this bluestacks app player your can run most of all android apps on your windows pc like whatsapp,clash of clan etc.

By changing IMEI number ,android ID,mobile ID,phone ID ,google advertisement id you can use all these premium apps for life time without spending money on them. Morethan you can hide your identity or can change your identity again and again.

Change IMEI Number – Advantages

We all know now a days,coupons websites and apps are so popular and these websites generates lots of free recharge coupons and referral codes for their users .but these websites can track your IMEI numbers and device ID so they can limit you for multiple use.if you are able to change IMEI number and device ID then you can use same device for multiple times.

  • By changing IMEI number you can hide your device identity.
  • By changing IMEI number you can cheat offers providers .
  • changing IMEI number help you to generate GUID out of an IMEI code
  • By changing IMEI number you can download restricted and premium apps and games free
  • Earn unlimited recharges by changing IMEI number ( change IMEI frequently)

Now we are describing the full process how to change IMEI number and device ID .just try to understand this hacking technique and after that try to implement it.this is really 100% working procedure by which you can change IMEI number ,model id,device id just follow the steps one by one.

Now we are going to change IMEI number of Bluestacks

  1. To start the process just download Bluestacks app player from here and install it on your windows PC.
  2. Ok now press windows + R to launch RUN commend box.
  3. Now open the registery of your windows PC.for this type regedit in commend box and hit enter.
  4. After hitting enter you will see a bunch of directories .find the below line


  1. Now double clickon boot Parameter as shown in below screenshot.


   6. Now a pop up window will be open in fron of as shown in above screen in this pop up box you can see a line of code ,now just find out the IMEI number and change it with any value.

It will look like this example and IMEI number is highlight with red color

” root=/dev/sda1 SRC=/android DATA=/dev/sdb1 SDCARD=/dev/sdc1 PREBUNDLEDAPPSFS=/dev/sdd1 HOST=WIN GUID=73b24942-7b4cj-11a6-bb42-cbe27fbi3343 VERSION= OEM=BlueStacks LANG=en_US armApps=true GlMode=1 P2DM=1 SPOTLIGHT=1 ”


above red colour value is IMEI and ID of your bluestacks .change it with your desired value as you want (no big issue).

Now Change Device ID Of Bluestacks App Player

  1. To change device ID of bluestacks you have to download and install device ID Changer on your bluestacks here.
  2. After successful installation now launch application and generate new ID.
  3. Now Click on SET NEW ID.
  4. After doing all process now restart/reboot your bluestacks.
  5. That’s it.

Now Change GUID ,Advertisement ID and Device model

  1. Now you have to download and install BSTweaker . install BSTweaker emulator on windows PC.[NEW BSTWEAKER]
  2. Now change the GUID ID,Advertisement ID and device Model of your blustacks as shown in screenshot.

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Ok now you have changed IMEI number of bluestacks app player and you are ready to get unlimited free recharge from apps like MOJO,TEEN PATTI<FREECHARGE<PAYTM<GANA and many other apps.after change IMEI number of Bluestacks you can use your windows pc as a android device and invite yourself again and again for referral and earn unlimited.

How To Use Rooted Bluestacks App Player For Unlimited Money?

Remember it will work only if you followed all above steps properly.

Now see a example how you can use this trick for unlimited freecharge credits via rooted bluestacks.

  • Simply open new account on freecharge
  • get referral code .
  • now change IMEI Number and device ID and clear all data
  • now open new freecharge account with referral code
  • use this steps again and again by change IMEI number and Device ID with same referral code.
  • Now you will see reward money is adding in your first account.
  • You can use same trick on any apps to get unlimited money.

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