9 thoughts on “How To Link Adsense Account With YouTube Account?”

    • first off all thanks to visit us but sorry i didn’t get your question? if you have already an adsense account then you can link it anytime on your channel videos.but remember never ever try to upload someone else videos to monetize it.
      youtube algorithm is very strong and you cant make them fool.
      feel free to ask again if you have any quarry.

      • i dnt have an account on adsense .. and every time i try to create one i cnt continue the next step where i put my url .. i choose the url of my youtube channel and it doesn’t work .. i need to have an account on google adsense before i start making videos on my youtube channel .. so plz help cz i follow all the steps and i watch it a lot of videos about this and nothing is workin .. im sry if there is some grammatical mistakes .. im not that good in English .. and thnx for replying

        • first of all create 5 to 10 videos then try to apply for adsense account.otherwise youtube will not accept your application.
          and then create a google adsense account before linking it with youtube.

          now just followthe link
          (a) Monetization Tab
          (b) now click on ” enable my account” or 5th point how i will get paid?
          (c) click on You must associate an AdSense account
          for more detail information click here

          • thnk u again .. okay I will make 5 videos and upload them on my channel .. then I will create an account on google adsense .. but I dnt guess this is the issue .. cz there is a lot of ppl that make ggl adsense account without having any videos on their channel . I knw that cz I watched many videos about how to create one but didn’t work to me in the scd step .. I will try again after a week then I will see the result .. I have one more question can I gain money from youtube if I live in Lebanon ?? bzc I dnt know if is it available

          • how to apply for adsense account and how to approve adsense account both are different .applying process is simple but getting a approval is little bit tricky.
            for your help i will add a video in our post for better understanding.
            adsense approval condition and pin verifaction process is different for some country.for this
            visit on https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!home and ask the community about your quarries.

      • Hi very informative article.I have one doubt.I have AdSense approved website.but now I sold that website.shall I use that website AdSense account to my YouTube channel?thanks.I m waiting for your response.

        • yes you can ..because adsense belongs to your Google account….website is a way to get a verified adsense account …now you can use your adsense account anywhere like on youtube ..or any other websites or blogspot site etc

  1. Hello
    I just created a new gmail id and then from youtube i submitted my application for the review to adsene. And within some hour the application get approved. I got mail of adsene account approval. But when i am clicking on monetization in youtube. It is saying to set up adsene. And after accepting association many times, monetization is not getting enabled. I dont know where is the proved. I have an approved adsene account but still my monetization is not getting on. Please help what should i do??


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