Jio f220b qcn File download | Jio f220b diagnostic Port enable | F220b IMEI 0 repair

LYF Jio f220b qcn File download 2021 | Jio f220b diagnostic Port enable | F220b IMEI 0 repair

We already shared a full detailed tutorial to repair IMEI of Jio LYF F220b QUALCOMM mobile. But many users reported that they are unable to write  IMEi using Jio Qualcomm IMEI tool after the new update. That’s why we are listing this new IMEI repairing guide for Jio F220b Qualcomm mobile phone.

As we all know, DIAG port should be enabled to write IMEI on any Qualcomm android or feature mobile including the Jio F220b. But after the new update of Jio mobile, it’s not possible to enable automatic DIAG port for the Jio F220b which is necessary for IMEI flashing. So, in this guide we are sharing a new Jio IMEI repair technique [ flash  file & QCN file ] with free tools. Just flash your device with new Jio F220b flash file to enable Diag port or diagnostic Port  and then restore IMEI with the Jio F220b QCN tested file. Otherwise, you can also use the Qualcomm Jio IMEI tool to write new IMEI.

What’s New In New JIO F220B IMEI Repairing Technique

Due to the new jio software update, the diag port can’t be enabled automatically. For this, we need to downgrade the Jio F220b on the older version. After that it will enable DIAG port without doing anything. Once the diag port is enabled for the Jio F220B mobile, we can restore the original IMEI of the device using the free Jio F220b QCN file tested. For this we will use QFIL flash tool which is 100% working and tested flash tool and QCN restore tool. Alternatively use the free Qualcomm Jio F220b IMEI tool without a box.

Let’s see how to write IMEI on LYF f220b Qualcomm mobile phone?

Jio F220b Imei 0 Repair Solution After New Update

If you are unable to open diag port Jio F220b to repair IMEI number then follow the below guide properly. Just because many things have been changed due to new software updates. So, IMEi repairing is not a simple and straightforward process at this time. To make it easy to understand, we are splitting the complete IMEI flashing process in two different steps. Apply the entire steps one and restore IMEI without any professional tool.

(a) Downgrade Jio F220b On Older version

(b) Write IMEI On Jio LYF F220b

(c) Restore IMEI using Jio F220b QCN File 2021 – [ For Insert SIM or No Network ]

(a) Downgrade Jio F220b To Enable Diag Port

In case, if your Reliance Jio f220b mobile is running on latest software and you are unable to create a DIAG port then downgrade your device first. This step will install an older version on your phone and then you can easily enable DIAG port 9091/9092 to repair IMEI numbers. Just download the Jio F220b older flash file tested with the tool and flash it by using the free QFIl/QPST tool.

Download jio F220b DIAG Port Enabling flash file : DOWNLOAD / MIRROR

Jio F220b Flash tool Free Download : DOWNLOAD / All Versions

USB Drivers For Jio F220b Qualcomm : DOWNLOAD 

jio f220b diag port enabling file
jio f220b diag port enabling file
  • Install Qualcomm USB drivers on pc. If already installed, skip the step. [GUIDE]
  • Extract the downloaded Jio F220b downgrade flash file on desktop.
  • Next, extract the downloaded QFIL flash tool zip file and run the setup as administrator.

Please Note: In case getting any issue to use portable QFIl tool then install QPST tool. After that run the QFIL tool through the QPST tool.

  • Once the tool opens on pc, select the “Flat build” option from the “Select Programmer” section.

  • Next, click on the “browse” button and load the “prog_emmc_firehose_8909_ddr.mbn” file from the extracted flash file folder.

jio f220b fireshose file

  • Again, click on load XML button and browse the “rawprogram0.xml” file.

jio f220b rawprogram xml file

  • Now a new window will appear in front of you. Just select the “patch0.xml” file.

patch file for jio f220b

  • Come to the device and press the flashing boot key for Jio F220b mobile and boot it into edl mode.

Power off device.

Remove & re-insert battery for once.

Press & hold * and # key at the same time and insert USB cable.

  • If the device is properly connected with a pc, you will see “Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader 9008 port” on the top of the tool.

  • Click on the “Download” button and the tool will start flashing within a few seconds.
  • Wait for 2-3 minutes for successful firmware flashing.
  • Done!!! New software installed on your Jio F220b and it will enable DIAG mode automatically.

This step is necessary to enable DIAG port on Reliance Jio F220b Qualcomm mobile. Now you can go to the next step to repair the imei of your device.

(b) Write IMEI On Jio LYF F220b

Once you are able to create a DIAG port for the Jio F220b Qualcomm phone, we can easily write IMEI numbers without any issue. Here you are free to use any Jio Qualcomm IMEI tool without a box. Just connect the device with the pc via working usb cable in power ON mode and it will enable DIAG port which is necessary to write IMEI number.

We already published a full detailed post on “how to write IMEI on Jio F220b to fix IMEI 0 problem?” For this, you can use the free QLM IMEI tool or WriteDualIMEI(W+G_eMMC) tool. Both tools are 100% working and tested tools for all Jio Qualcomm phones.

Guide To Flash IMEI On Jio F220B

(c) Restore IMEI using Jio F220b QCN File – [ For Insert SIM or No Network ]

Above method is useful to flash new IMEI on Jio F220b, if the IMEI number status is IMEI 0. But till now if you are getting no network on your mobile after flashing IMEI number then restore the Jio F220b QCN file using QFIL tool. This method is also helpful to fix network running and insert SIM error in Jio mobile.

Download Jio F220B QCn File : DOWNLOAD / MIRROR

QFIL Tool : DOWNLOAD / All Versions

  • Extract the both “Jio F220b IMEI QCN File & QFIl Tool” on desktop.

jio f220b qcn file

  • Connect the device with the pc via a working USB cable and press the boot key to boot the device into edl mode.

All Jio Boot Keys

  • Open the QFIl tool on the pc and select the Qualcomm HS-USb QDLoader 9008 port manually, if already not selected.
  • Next, go to “Tools” >>> “QCn backup and Restore” option from top of the tool.

qcn restore jio f220b

  • Again, click on the “Browse” button and select the “LYF_F220B_QCN_BY_99mediasector.qcn” file from Jio F220b QCN file.

jio f220b qcn imei restore

  • Finally hit the “Restore QCN” button and It will restore the new QCN for the Jio F220b mobile.

restore qcn on jio f220b

  • Done!!! Reboot your device and check the device is properly working or not.

Tips: users can also create new qcn file for any device with QCN rebuilder tool and after that restore QCn with QFIl Tool.

This is all about a new method to repair IMEi of Jio F220b after new software update 2020. Downgrade your mobile first then flash IMEI to fix null IMEI or invalid or IMEI 0 issues. After that, if you are also facing no network or insert SIM on Jio F220b, restore IMEI using QCN file. All the flash tools, IMEI tools, flash file and QCn file are completely free without password. Just download them and follow the guide properly.

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