Download FRP Lock Bypass Tool D&G Unlocker Tool – How to use D&G Unlocker Tool

in this tutorial we will show you how to download D&G unlocker tool and how to use D&G unlocker tool to bypass FRP lock on any devices.Download D&G Unlocker tool to bypass FRP lock on any android phone.D&G unlocker tool supports almost all android phone and very easy to use.D&G unlocker tool also known as universal FRP lock bypass tool because it’s allows you to remove factory reset protection on any phone which is locked after factory reset.

D&G unlocker tool comes with Setup.exe file, so you have to install it on your pc .after successful installation of D&G FRP unlocker tool you can remove or bypass Google account verification from any Samsung,Motorola,Huawai,HTC and Lenovo.

D&G unlocker tool supports all windows platform like windows 7, windows 8/8.1 and windows 10 [32bit & 64Bit].

download D&G unlocker tool

D&G Supporting Devices

D7G unlocker tool is an universal FRP lock Bypass tool and support different phone’s models.

  • D&G unlocker Samsung FRP Bypass Tool
  • D&G unlocker Motorola FRP Bypass Tool
  • D&G unlocker Huawei FRP Bypass Tool
  • D&G unlocker Lenovo FRP Bypass Tool
  • D&G unlocker Xiaomi FRP Bypass Tool
  • D&G unlocker Yuphoria FRP Bypass Tool
  • D&G unlocker Deep FRP Bypass Tool

Smart Features Of DG Unlocker Tool

  1. Free downoad  &G unlocker tools on your windows.[ Download From below link]
  2. D&G is an Universal FRP bypass Tool
  3. D & G unlocker tools supports almost all devices.
  4. Easy to install and use.
  5. latest D&G unlocker tool 2017 – 2018

How to Use D&G unlocker TOOL To Bypass FRP Lock

If you forget your Google account credentials and after factory reset Google is asking for “Google account verification” then you can over ride this situation if you put correct Google account credentials which was sync on that device before factory reset.But if you don’t know what’s the mail ID and password then you can bypass google account verification by using D&G unlocker tool.there are so many tools are available on the internet which allows you to bypass factory reset protection but most of them works on particular devices.But D&G unlocker tool is an universal FRP lock bypass tool because it’s support all types of android mobile brands and enough to able to bypass frp lock on any device withing few steps.

How to use D&G Unlocker Tool

  • At first download D&G unlocker tool on pc.
  • Now install D&G unlocker tool on pc and launch it.
  • Now reboot your FRP locked device and enable Wifi on it and come the stage where Google asking you to “Google account verification”.
  • Now connect the phone with pc.

  • Now select the phone brand from the top of D&G header.
  • Now click on “read info” button to read your device first.
  • Now you can see complete detail in the D&G message window.
  • Now navigate to “Archivos” tab and select any method to bypass FRP lock like SideSync, Nova launcher, Bypass Remover.

For Example if you click on “Side Sync” it will ask you to install SydeSync on your pc to bypass FRP lock.just continue and install the sydesync properly.

  • Now again disconnect and connect your FRP locked device with pc and click on “read infor” button.
  • This time click on “Remove FRP Samsung” button and remove the FRP lock on any device.

this is all about “How to use D&G Unlocker Tool” and “how to download D&G unlocker tool? simply click on below downloading button to download latest D&G unlocker tool to bypass FRP lock on any devices and very soon will update a new video “How to use D&G Unlocker Tool to bypass FRP lock?”


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