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Do you want to learn how to appear offline on WhatsApp While Online, find the all possible methods and tricks.

Hey guys, once again we are here with another new WhatsApp tweak and trick 2021-2021. Today we are going to discuss about “can I go offline from whatsapp without disconnecting from internet” or “is it possible to appear offline on WhatsApp messenger while online”. Actually, these are highly trending quarries on internet from WhatsApp users. Everyone wants to know the trick to chat in WhatsApp without showing online status to hide their real online status.

Unlike SMS, any WhatsApp user who have your WhatsApp number can see your last seen and online status easily. If you are online on WhatsApp, anyone can send SMS to you and expect to get a reply from you. It’s great to communicate with your friends and customer, but sometime you really don’t want to receive messages or want to show to others that you are not available on WhatsApp for chatting. Reasons may be different for different users that why he/she wants to appear offline in WhatsApp application. So, we don’t want to go into deep discussion. Reasons are yours and solutions are here to get offline status on WhatsApp.

So, before going to start more about this topic, it’s must to know that there is no any official invisible option in WhatsApp while you are online. But app also provides the options to hide my last seen WhatsApp and hide online status permanently.  Most of you already know about these options. But I know you want to hide your online status during the chatting.

Without any doubt, WhatsApp is #1 social media service powered by Facebook. Millions of people from the globe using this App on their iOS and android Smartphones. With the help of this amazing social media service, everyone can connect with each other with an internet connection. Here users can send or receive short videos, songs, pictures, GIF files, stickers, text messages, pdf and GPS location etc.

After getting huge popularity of WhatsApp, developers are trying to include more and more features such as video call, audio call over the internet. All the text messages and calls [Audio / Video] are end-to-end encrypted and thus no one except you can access them.

Just because this app is using by millions and millions users, security is most important and they are quite concerned about it. To make it more secure according the privacy and policy, WhatsApp implemented end-to-end encryption and other security-related features in updated WhatsApp application. For instance, it lets the users unhide the profile picture (DP), last seen on WhatsApp. Moreover, users can also show they stay offline while using WhatsApp messenger. It’s really interesting and useful sometimes. Let’s see how to show offline on WhatsApp messenger?

How To Appear Offline On WhatsApp While Online [ Hide Online Status WhatsApp ]

In the starting of WhatsApp messenger service, there is no any official option to hide online status and profile photo, WhatsApp dark mode etc [check out dark mode for android & iOS ].  But after that in 2016 they realized user’s requirements and introduce the WhatsApp online status hiding option. Now anyone can stay hide or invisible on WhatsApp while chatting. By using the simple built-in offline status option users can show offline in WhatsApp when they are online on their Smartphone. let’s and try some new tricks to know how to appear offline on WhatsApp while online?

Method01 Official Method To Hide Online Status On WhatsApp 2021 – 2020

  1. Simply launch WhatsApp messenger app on your Smartphone (Android/iOS).
  2. Once the app launched, click on Menu icon (three vertical dots) from the right corner of the home screen on Android. For iOS, select Settings from the bottom right corner.

whatsapp chat settings

  1. Select Settings (gear icon) option from the drop down list.
whatsapp chat settings
Click Settings – How to Show Offline on WhatsApp
  1. Next, select “Accounts” option [Privacy, security, change phone number].

whatsapp account settings

  1. Again select the Privacy option from the available list.

whatsapp privacy

(6) Choose necessary options like Status, Last Seen, Profile Photo, About and hide it.

Set Offline on WhatsApp

Set Offline on WhatsApp

6.a Tap on Last Seen WhatsApp option and choose Nobody option.

Hide Last Seen - How to Show Offline on WhatsApp

(6.b) Select Profile Photo and click on Nobody.

Turn Nobody for Profile Photo

(6.c) Click on About and select Nobody.

Keep About visible to Nobody - How to Show Offline on WhatsApp

(6.d) Select Status option and click Nobody.

(6.e) Finally, tap on the toggle button to turn off read receipts.

Turn Off Read Recipient

  1. All done!!! After applying the above settings in WhatsApp messenger app, WhatsApp will show offline to your contacts and friends. In this way you can appear offline on WhatsApp without disconnecting internet. If you don’t want to see no longer offline on WhatsApp, revert the setting again any time.

Method 02 Trick To Appear Offline On WhatsApp Without Changing Settings

As you can see, it’s very easy to hide online status in WhatsApp by changing the default settings. But you have to go online to apply the modifications but don’t want show your activity. For this try the alternative methods.

  • If you frequently want to change your online status to offline without entering into whatsapp then follow the below trick.

For ANDROID Smartphone - - Hide Yourself Offline On Whatsapp

  • Go to Settings
  • Navigate to Installed Apps or Manage Apps section.
  • Find and open WhatsApp application.
  • Select Data Usage

=> Disable Mobile Data / Data Usage

=> Disable Wifi

=> Background data

hide online on whatsaap

  • Clear WhatsApp from recent apps - If any notifications coming, WhatsApp “Checking for new messages” that you can hide from Manage notifications, disable Connectivity notifications.

For iPHONE - Hide Yourself Offline On Whatsapp

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down the screen to open WhatsApp Messenger
  • Open it and untick last 2 options

=> Mobile Data

=> Background App Refresh

Clear WhatsApp from recent apps

  • Phone doesn’t allow you to disable Wifi, so you have to turn off the Wifi to be offline & make this work.
  • Also, hide your Online status on WhatsApp by force stopping it. Open phone Settings >>> Apps >>> Downloaded Apps >>> WhatsApp >>>  Force Stop WhatsApp.

Note: This method will help you to appear offline on WhatsApp without disabling internet but you can’t use or see WhatsApp messages at the same time. Same as any other android app, it also runs in the background of your device. That’s why, whenever you try to access your WhatsApp, it will start consuming the data in the background and will show online again. Otherwise, you are free to access and use any other app like YouTube, Amazon and any other games.


  • Check your notification panel, Turn-ON Airplane mode on your device to temporarily hide your online identity on WhatsApp. This will allow you to read the WhatsApp messages and story but the recipient will know you have read when you turn on the internet.


Method03 Appear Offline on WhatsApp without Disconnecting Internet

All the above method01 & method02 are working and useful to apply offline status on WhatsApp officially. But if you are trying to find a way to hide yourself on WhatsApp without disabling the internet then you can try this new WhatsApp offline trick 2020.

By doing this, your contacts and WhatsApp friends would not find you on WhatsApp while online. Regardless your phone has the internet or not.

If you try to search on internet, several modified versions of WhatsApp are available such as GBWhatsapp. Here on these mods apps, you can customize and modify many things according to your own choice those are not allowed on official WhatsApp. It lets you make yourself offline on WhatsApp without disabling wifi or data connection on mobile.

So, it’s now clear that it’s possible to appear offline on WhatsApp while online without disabling internet connection. But remember, recently WhatsApp announced that they may permanently disable or terminated your official WhatsApp account for using these unauthorized apps. Another important things is, it’s a third party apk and not available on Google Play Store for download. So it may dangerous for your privacy and security. In case, still want to use GBWhatsapp mod apk then download it from Google search, create new account and start customization.

Here you can see, we tried our best to include all possible official and unofficial methods and tricks to appear offline on WhatsApp for any person while online. Try the described solutions and tricks according your own choice and hide online on WhatsApp messenger. In this tutorial we added all the quarries related to "How To Appear Offline On Whatsapp While Online 2020". In any case getting any issue or want to know more about the topic, please leave your comment below.

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