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Netflix On Switch : How To Watch Netflix On Nintendo Switch Gaming Console?

Netflix On Switch Console : How To Watch Netflix On Nintendo Switch Gaming Console?

Your Nintendo switch is not only for gaming. Use the same gaming console to watch Netflix videos for free. Here is the best and easy method to watch Netflix movies on Switch gaming console.

Netflix is one of the best videos streaming service which allows users to watch wide variety of movies and web series, tv shows etc on many devices. Moreover, Netflix also allows user to download and save videos contents to watch offline on their mobile phones. Same as other online movies streaming services like Hulu, Amazon prime, you can enjoy unlimited entertainment by streaming massive amount of web series, award TV shows, events, movies, anime on tv, movie and mobile.

New users can take free Netflix account subscription for limited period and after that they  can convert it into monthly or yearly subscription. Nowadays, Netflix is growing very fast because, it provides on-demand contents without ads. Additionally, it supports almost all internet connectivity devices like Apple iOS, android Smartphone & tablets, windows pc, Ma cpc and various streaming devices like Firestick, Chromecast, Roku ect.  But do you know, you can also you can also watch Netflix on Nintendo switch console? If not then this guide is for you.

As we all know there are several free online movies sites are available on internet but all these sites serve the pirated content without official permission. Similarly, some smart users use the Netflix mod application to get free premium Netflix account. This is information is only and only for educational purposes and we never support piracy.

All the gamers already know about Nintendo switch console which is one of the best platform to enjoy limitless HD gaming. Another good thing about this console is that, it is also designed to support various streaming apps to watch videos, movies, live TV channels, shows, events programs etc. But another fact is, many of you really don’t know how to watch Netflix videos on Nintendo switch console for free and Netflix on Switch release data?


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Is It Possible To Download And Watch Netflix On Nintendo Switch Gaming Console?

Before going to learn about how to download Netflix movies on Nintendo switch console, it is must to know, is it really available for Nintendo switch console or not?

Unfortunately, Netflix application is not available on Nintendo e-shop for subscription. In short, Nintendo switch directly doesn’t support official Netflix application. But still you have another tricks and additional methods to access Netflix for Nintendo switch console. Same as you, millions of peoples are search for official Nintendo switch Netflix app. But believe me guys, don’t waste your time on it. If you really want to watch Netflix on switch gaming console then you have to apply the following methods.

IMPORTANT: The Netflix official app is only supported on Nintendo 3Ds including Nintendo 2DS, New latest Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL. Netflix movie Streaming on Nintendo 3DS family is only and only accessible in the U.S.A and Canada regions.

Hulu and Youtube apps are available for Nintendo Switch from the first day of releasing switch console. That’s why, Nintendo Switch owners are also waiting for Netflix app for their switch console.

How To Watch Netflix On Switch Gaming Console

As we already said, at the time of publishing this guide Netflix app only and only supports Nintendo 3Ds and their family consoles. Officially they don’t serve their videos streaming service on Nintendo Switch console. So, we can’t install Netflix app on switch directly. But still we can do it with lille bit smart way. Let’s see how to setup our device to get Netflix on switch console.

Method01 Setup Nintendo Switch On TV And Install Netflix Apk

Step01 Setup Nintendo Switch On TV

As we already told you, official Netflix application is not listed in Nintendo e-shop. So, in order to get Netflix on switch Nintendo, we have to setup Nintendo on our tv.

  •  First off all, Remove the back cover of the Nintendo Switch Dock.

Nintendo Switch Dock

  • Now you need to connect the USB from the Nintendo Switch to AC adapter and then connect the other end of the AC adapter to a wall outlet. Is it simple? Go for next step.
  •  In next step, connect one end of the HDMI cable into the sectionl of HDMI OUT and then connect the other end into an HDMI port on your TV.

Nintendo Switch Netflix

  •  Now it’s the time to power-ON your TV and choose the correct HDMI input from available inputs, if you are using multiple connections..
  • Launch the Nintendo Switch on TV and open the home menu option.

First step completed and now go-ahead for next to install Netflix official app on Switch.

Step02 Install Netflix on Nintendo Switch

  • Once the Nintendo Switch is launched on your TV, enter the correct credentials and open it.
  • Navigate to home screen and select e-shop icon for open.
  • Once the e-shop store is opened, select the box next to search bar to get the on-screen keyboard.
  • Enter Netflix in the search box bar and then search for Netflix official application.
  • Select Netflix app from the search result.

netflix on Nintendo Switch console

  • Install the Netflix app and sign in with Netflix credentials to stream online videos contents on switch.

Method02 Alternative Method to Install Netflix on Nintendo Switch

  1. Take switch in your hand, goo to Nintendo Switch home screen and select e-shop icon for open.
  2. Select Menu button from the top right >>> again select the select Search
  3. Now select Add Search Filters >> choose the criteria [ Platform, Genre, Publisher and price ]
  4. Select any specific Filter option and click on Apply Filter
  5. A list of content will appear in front of you. It will shows list for your search filter.
  6. Find Netflix from the search filters and install it on Nintendo Switch.
  7. Done!! Now to are free to access Netflix on Nintendo Switch.

Official Statement – Why Nintendo Switch Doesn’t Have Netflix App?

This section is for those Nintendo Switch users, who are waiting for official Netflix for Nintendo switch release date 2020.

According the Netflix executive Scott Mirer had said the video streaming service won’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch quite yet because Nintendo’s priority is putting games first.

Nintendo Switch doesn’t support Netflix app but it supports other apps officially like YouTube and Hulu etc. But still millions of users are enjoying Netflix on it using Netflix on switch trick 2020. I hope above tested methods will also work for you to get Netflix app on Nintendo Switch console.

After applying the above tricks, you can access the Netflix app directly from Nintendo home screen.

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