[Updated] How To Delete Users On ps4 & ps4 Pro

Updated Methods On How To Delete Users On ps4 & ps4 Pro Console

If you are using PlayStation 4 or PS4 console from a long time that means you have bunch of users account on your console. So, now it’s the time to remove or delete the unwanted users from PS4 by following this tutorial.

Here in this guide you will see the complete step by steps process to delete a user profile from your PS4 gaming console. But before going to jump into direct solution, it’s important to pay attention that if you delete a user from the PS4, all data managed by that user will also be deleted automatically. So, don’t forget to save required data before removing any user profile on Playstation 4 or Playstation 4 pro. After deleting PS4 user account, there is no any way to retrieve the deleted account data. Similarly, deleting the PlayStation Account (PSN) will remove all the saved data, digital downloads, apps and all other account information stored on the console.

There is no need to tell you that PS4 or PS4 pro both are one of the best gaming consoles in the world. Every online gamer wants to play games on Playstation 4 to enhance their gaming experience. PS4 console offers ability to create maximum 16 users profiles at the same time. But if your Playstation 4 is not working properly due to out of storage issue, you need to delete user on PS4 console as well as PS4 pro console. Additionally, if you want to add new user account on your PS4, then it’s a good idea to remove unnecessary and unused user account profile before adding new user. But if you had decided to sell your own PS4 console to any other person, it’s always recommended to delete all the existing users account from PS4 to secure your data and privacy.

I know, you have many questions about to delete PS4 user account permanently. Like

(a) Does deleting a user on ps4 delete the account?

No, deleting a user on ps4 will not delete the account permanently. Deleting PS4 account and deleting PS4 user account both are completely different things. You are free to add or remove upto 16 user profiles. But removing the PS4 network account will delete everything including all the users profiles at the same time.

(b) What Happens to a Deleted Account?

As we all know, here we can create upto 16 users profile on PS4 and PS4 pro but if you accidently added any user on your pS4, remove it to free up the user slot and disk space. But if you have any strong reason to close your account on Playstation then you can’t access any data related to the user including saved game data and screenshots are deleted. Additionally, all the games, media and application purchased by that user will become inaccessible.


  • All the saved data and user information related to the user will be delete after removing users profile on PS4 console.
  • Game licenses, media, applications those are purchased by the user will be removed and can’t be accessible anymore.
  • Parental controls set by the user will remain constant on your PS4 after deleting the user profile.

( c ) Difference in between deleting PS4 user account and deleting Playstation network account

PlayStation network account (PSN) and PlayStation user account both are two different from each other. That’s why methods are also different to delete PlayStation 4 account and PlayStation 4 user profile account. If you try to search on internet to learn how to delete PlayStation 4 account permanently, you will see different guides and tutorial on how to delete user on PlayStation 4, but I know it’s not that what you want.

Is you want to close your PlayStation account permanently, you have to connect Sony in order to perform this task. Check last section of this guide to learn more about this.

 Methods To Delete User Account On ps4 & ps4 Pro Console 2021 – 2020

delete ps4 user profile

If you have multiple users profile accounts on PS4 console and there is no room left to add new user account or simply don’t want to continue with old PS4 users account then there is no reason to keep your PS4’s hard drive cluttered.

Here we have two different methods to delete a PS4 user account.

Method01 Delete Users on PS4 Using Login Settings

  1. Login to your PlayStation account on PS4 using your own credentials and then go to the Settings menu from the top of the screen.

ps4 settings option

  1. Scroll down the screen, select the Login Settings option from the Setting menu.

ps4 login settings

  1. Once you are into Login Settings screen, click the User Management option from the list.

ps4 user management to delete user account

  1. In next screen, you will see two options “create User” & “Delete User”. Click on the Delete User.

delete a user on PS4

  1. Now you see the list of all user profiles that you have created. Just click the user profile account that you want to remove or delete from PS4/PS4 pro.

users list on ps4

  1. Again a new confirmation screen will appear in front of you, click the Delete and this will permanently delete the user account from PS4 gaming console.

delete a user on ps4

  • Done!! You have successfully removed user profile on PS4/PS4Pro.

Video Guide – How To Delete Users On PS4 Console PlayStation New update

Method02 Delete Users on PS4 Using Parental Controls / Family Management

Please Note: If there is only one user account under the user management section that means you can create total 16 user profile on PS4 console. But here we recommend you to create new user account on PS4 before removing that specific account profile. Just login into newly created PS4 user account and then delete the desired user account from your PlayStation 4 Console.

  1. Turn on your PlayStation console >> connect it to the internet >> Sign in with your PlayStation account, which you want to delete.

Delete PlayStation Account

  1. Navigate to Function area and select the Settings menu from the top of the screen.

ps4 settings option

  1. Select Parental controls / Family Management option from the list, under the settings section.

Delete PlayStation Account

  1. On the very next screen select Family Management option from the list.

Family Management ps4

  1. Under Family Management, select the name of the ps4 user profile that you want to delete permanently.
  2. Again select the Delete User Profile from the list.

Delete PlayStation Account

  1. Now you need to follow the on-screen instructions to delete PlayStation account.

Please Note: This method is not applicable to delete guest account on PS4.

These are simple and working methods to delete Family Members/Sub-Accounts off on PS4 gaming console. method 02 is useful to delete users on PlayStation 4 without login settings.

Method To Delete PSN Account Permanently

Delete PSN Account Permanently

Above methods are useful to delete of cancel older and unwanted PS4 users account from PS4. Instead, if you really wish to delete PlayStation account permanently, follow the below instructions.

close account psn

  • Click and select “Playstation 4” from the listed device.

  • Now site will open a new window with article on “what will happen after you close your PS4 account” and “what information required (Online PSN ID, email associated with the account, payment information, serial number of console, details of a recent transaction)”.

what will happen after you close your PS4 account

  • Now scroll down the page and here you will see two options to select “Live Chat” & “Live Call”. Use any method to close PSN account or Playstation 4 account permanently 2020.

PSN account removal support

Important : Deleting my PlayStation account using any above method [Live call / Live chat] will result in the following.

  • You no longer able to access to any content purchased using the account.
  • Loss of access to any subscriptions and their entitlements.
  • Loss of PSN wallet Funds – funds in your PSN wallet are not returnable. So you can’t get back again after removing the account.
  • Closed account’s ID can’t be use to create new account on PS4.

These are simple steps to follow for how to permanently delete your PlayStation network account with its drawbacks.

So guys this is all about how to delete a user on PS4 and how to cancel PS4 account permanently after new updates. Removing a user profile on PS4 is straight forward process and user can create or delete any PS4 use account any time. But process to delete PSN account is not possible without accessing the live support. Now it’s your own choice that why you want to delete user on PS4 or delete PSN network permanently.

Tips :

  • If getting any software issue on PS4 or PS4 freezes during the gaming, factory reset PS4 console and get back into default state.
  • Download and install Netflix on PS4 console without sideload method and enjoy Netflix on PlayStation 4.

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