How To Delete Netflix Account To Remove Bank Account From Netflix

How To Delete Netflix Account To Remove Bank Account From Netflix

In our previous posts, we talked about “changing of Netflix payment methods” and “Netflix auto payment removal process”. But if you don’t want to continue the Netflix service or want to hold the service then this guide is for you. In this guide we will show you how to delete and deactivate Netflix account.

Amazon Prime and Netflix both are the most popular video streaming services right now. Without any doubt, Netflix is at #1 position in comparison to Amazon prime. Netflix is an on-demand videos streaming service that offers a huge collection of latest movies, web series and TV shows. It’s a great way for the entire family to have fun and watch the content of choice.

But it’s also possible that you don’t want to continue this service due to shortage of timing or money. In that case, you are free to put your Netflix membership on hold or cancel it or delete your account. Reasons may be different for different users. For example, free Netflix premium apk is available to watch Netflix movies without paid service. In that case, you can deactivate or delete your Netflix account according to your own choice.

How To Deactivate Or Delete Netflix Account Permanently

Before going to jump into the deleting process, it’s important to know that “deleting profile”, “put it on hold”, “cancel a Netflix account” and “delete a Netflix account” are different things. So, read the detailed article and then choose the right action for you.

(A)   How To Delete A Netflix Profile

This section is only for those users who want to delete profiles on Netflix. In that case, you no need to delete your Netflix account. If you try to check Netflix official statement, Netflix allows you to have up to five individual profiles in one single account. Sp, users can set their preferences by deleting the selective profile. To edit or delete a profile follow the below instructions.

Deleting a profile on Netflix differs from deleting an account.

  • Login into your Netflix account with correct account details.
  • Now click on “Profile icon” from the top right corner of the screen and will open a drop down list.
  • Next, select “manage profiles” option. It is right above the menu item that says “Account”.

manage profile option to delete netflix profile

  • The next screen will show all the profiles associated with your account.
  • Click the profile that you’d like to delete.
  • Again click the “Delete Profile” button to permanently remove that profile from your Netflix account.

Delete A Netflix Profile

These are simple ways to delete a profile on a Netflix account. In the similar ways, you can create a new profile by clicking on “Add” button.

(B)   Put Your Account On Hold

In my opinion, putting your Netflix account on hold is a good solution if you are not sure what to want. For example, if you are not ready to pay for the next billing cycle due to your busy schedule then you can set it on hold.

Because of customers demand, Netflix offers a service to put your account on hold for a set period of time – typically between seven and 90 days. So, you can hold your Netflix account for a fix period without deleting your account.

  • logging into your account on
  • Click on “help center” hyperlink on the bottom of the screen.
  • Now click “Start a Live Chat” to be connected to Netflix customer support.
  • Tell them that you would like to put your Netflix account on hold and they’ll process the request.

(C)   How to Cancel And Delete Netflix Account

Because of any reason, if you are not ready to put your account on hold and have decided to cancel or delete your account then you need to follow the below instructions.

If you try to check, there is no dedicated button to delete or deactivate Netflix accounts. You can cancel your Netflix membership anytime. After that you need to complete the 10 months locking period to delete it permanently.

IMPORTANT : Cancellation and deleting processes are the same but there is a huge difference. Netflix will not automatically delete your canceled account unless it has been canceled for at least 10 months. So cancel it first and then you have to wait for the next 10 month for it to be permanently deleted.

(a)    Cancel Membership On Netflix

(b)   Remove Account Details (Phone Number, Email And Profile}

(c)    Remove Payment Methods

(a)    Cancel Membership On Netflix

The cancellation process is the first step, in order to delete Netflix account permanently.

  • Login into your account on Netflix.
  • Click on “profile icon” >>> select the “Account” option.
  • Next, click on the “cancel membership” option from the “membership & billing” section.

cancel membership option in Netflix

  • Follow the on screen instructions to cancel your subscription on Netflix.

(b)   Remove Account Details (Phone Number, Email And Profile)

Actually this step is not required if you are going to cancel your subscription. Netflix claims that it does not store any user data after deleting your account. But since, you are not going to use your account anymore, so it’s best to remove all personal details.

Remove Phone Number In Netflix Account: For this, navigate to “Membership & Billing” section. Click on the “Change Phone Number” link. In the next screen, you will have the option to Delete Phone Number.

Remove Email In Netflix Account: On your account page, you can see an option to change email account. Just replace the email account ID with a fake temp email address which you don’t plan to use.

Remove Profile In Netflix Account: Same as other sites, Netflix also tracks your watching habits to suggest similar content. To prevent this remove your “Netflix Profiles” from your account. Check the starting section to know how to remove a Netflix profile.

(c)    Remove Payment Methods

Officially Netflix never allows you to remove all payment options from your linked Netflix account. After applying for cancellation membership, it will remove all the account details from their server. Otherwise, you can use a trick to remove credit card and debit card details.

  • For this, create a virtual credit card from any bank and add it as a new payment method.
  • Now remove the previous credit or debit card details from Netflix account.

Netflix claims that once the account is removed, all the payment methods are also deleted from the servers check it here.

How To Delete A Netflix Account Faster

According to the Netflix official page, the permanently deleting process takes 10 months after applying for an account cancelation request. So, don’t try to log-in again in between this locking period. But if you want to delete or deactivate your account faster then send an email to from the email address associated with your account. Don’t forget to mention “Delete My Account” into the subject for the email and then request in the email to delete the Netflix account. Now you don’t need to do anything. Netflix will process your request and respond to your email address when your account is deleted.

So guys this is all about “Netflix account cancellation process”. Once you are done to cancel your Netflix account then it will delete automatically after 10 months. But make sure you are not going to access it again within the locking period.  Netflix account deleting process is almost the same for all android mobile, pc and android smart TV. User interface is a little bit different for different android smart TV (according to the brand), android app and web.  Find the same settings and apply for “cancel membership”.

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