How To Bypass Administrator on School Chromebook

Lean How To Bypass Administrator on School Chromebook To Access Admin Previllages

Reasons might be different for different users to bypass the administrator password on Chromebook. For example, you bought a new Chromebook from eBay or any other online platform that is already enrolled with an organization. It means that the organization is still controlling your Chromebook and you need to unroll your new Chromebook from the current administrator.

Actually, sometimes it’s a little bit hard to contact the current administrator to remove their administrator password because you bought it online. In that case, removing school administrator from Chromebook is the only solution for you.

Now the question is, “is it possible to bypass the administrator on Chromebook without permission, and how to do that?

The answer is “yes”. We can remove administrator on school Chromebook but it’s not easy for everyone. It’s also important to know that bypassing the administrator on a Chromebook without authority is not allowed and it may land you in trouble.

How To Bypass Administrator Password on School Chromebook

Before going to jump into bypassing an administrator on the Chromebook process, make sure you are the right person with permission from the current administrator. Otherwise, it might be illegal to power wash an active school Chrome book.

Resetting the Chromebook is the only solution to unlock school Chromebook without an administrator password. We already shared a detailed article on “different ways to reset Chromebook without password?” Read the article or follow the below steps.


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Remove Administrator, If Developer Mode Is Not Blocked On Chromebook

Step 01

First of all, you have to turn ON developer mode to power wash your Chromebook device.

  1. Press the “esc” + “refresh” + “power” buttons at the same time to enter into developer mode.
  2. Next, press the “Ctrl + D” once the message shows up.
  3. Again, press the “Spacebar” or “enter” key from your Chromebook. Different models of Chromebook have different key functionalities.

The system will restart automatically after applying these keys combination and it will take you directly into the “Chrome OS developer Mode”.


Reset Or Power Wash Chromebook

Now it’s the time to reset your Chromebook to remove administrator passwords and control.

Press the “CTRL” + ”D” again and Chromebook will power wash itself.

Power wash on Chromebook is the same as reset on a Windows OS and it will wipe all the custom settings including the data of your Chromebook. After completing the resetting process, enable system verification and boot the device into default mode again.

NOTE: The resetting process may take some time and it depends on many things like internet speed, data size on the system, etc.

Condition: Above method is suitable, if “developer mode” is not blocked by the administrator on your Chromebook. If it’s already blocked and Chromebook is saying that Developer Mode has been blocked by the admin then you can’t unlock Chromebook by using this method.

Remove Administrator On School Chromebook, if Developer Mode Blocked

Method 01 Bypass Administrator On Chromebook Without Developer Mode

If you are trying to unlock the school Chromebook by following the above method but a message is popping “Developer Mode is blocked on the Chromebook while trying to turn on the dev mode” then don’t turn off your Chromebook immediately. Otherwise, its OS will take you through the registration process.

  • Instead of turning OFF your Chromebook, press the “ESC” + “refresh” + “Power” keys at the same time.
  • Next, press the “Ctrl” + “D” and then spacebar or enter key.

Warning: We never suggest you press the “Dev mode keys” or “Ctrl + D” again and again if it is not working for you. Continuously pressing the Dev mode key can crash the “BIOS” and “UEFI info” on your system.

Method 02 Bypass Administrator On Chromebook Without Turn On Developer Mode (advanced method)

This is an advanced process to unlock developer mode on Chromebook. But remember, this method may void the warranty of your Chromebook or static charges may damage the motherboard of your device. So, use the below-advanced method, if method 01 is not working and the Developer Mode on your Chromebook is blocked.

  • Unscrew the back cover of your Chromebook in power off mode.
  • Remove the battery of your Chromebook and keep it safe.
  • Now open your system and press the “power” button for the next 30 seconds. This action will bypass the administrator block on Chromebook.

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Q1 How do I remove a school administrator from my Chromebook?

Ans. If you are able to access the device and now want to remove administrator on School Chromebook then first log out the device. Next, go to “Chrome://Settings” >>> select “Manage other users” section >>> click the name of the administrator >>> click “Remove”. That’s it. It will remove the existing administrator from the Chromebook device.

Q2 What Is the Method to get administrator privileges on my Chromebook?

Ans. Follow the steps to get administrator control on your Chromebook.

  • Open the terminal windows by pressing the “Ctrl + Alt + T” shortcuts.
  • Type or paste sudo su and hit the enter key.
  • Type the password to continue the process and hit the enter key again.
  • Again type chsh -s /bin/bash and hit enter.

Q3. How do you unblock a blocked website by the administrator on a Chromebook?


  1. Open Google Chrome browser >>> type address “192.168. 1.1” in the address bar. ( is a private IP address used to login into the admin panel of a router)
  2. Now your device will ask you to enter the administrator access. Enter the administrator username and password.
  3. Click on “Block Sites” >>> find the website URL that you want to unlock.
  4. Select the site, then choose the “Delete Keyword” button.
  5. Click “Apply” to confirm your action and then click on the “Log Out” button.

Q4 How do I make myself an administrator on a Chromebook?

Ans. Open your Chromebook, go to “Settings” >> click “Make me an administrator” to make yourself an administrator on a Chromebook.

Q5. How do I remove an owner from a Chromebook?


  1. Go to the Chromebook Sign-in screen
  2. Select the desired profile that you want to remove from the Chromebook.
  3. Click on the Down arrow near (From Profile name) and select the Remove option to remove the profile.
  4. Select Remove this user from the screen..

Q6. How do I bypass forced enrollment on Chromebook?

Ans. If you and your Chromebook are already enrolled with a school or organization then you can’t bypass the enrollment. Simply contact to your administrator to unlock your Chromebook.

Q7. Who Is Administrator On Chromebook and How To Check?

Ans. If you are in school or working for any organization then the administrator of your Chromebook can be a person who provided the device with your username. In some scenarios, it could be a person who is managing your email service for school or company.

To check the administrator of your Chromebook, navigate to the “Security and Privacy’ option and then go to “Device Administrators”. Here you can see who is managing your device as an administrator.

Q8. How To unlock a Chromebook without the password?

Ans. Here are the simple steps to unlock your Chromebook without a password.

  • Login in as a “Guest” to access the Chromebook without a password.


  • Try to unlock Chromebook without password using the “PIN” feature.


  • Unlock your Chromebook by power wash or reset process.
  1. press the Alt +Ctrl + Shift + R key
  2. click on “Restart,” >>> choose the Powerwash from the next screen.

Q9. What Is Chromebook Developer Mode?

Ans. Technically, developer mode on Chromebook is a system files protection feature that allows access to critical files as read-only. Same as Android’s developer mode, it can be used on Chromebook to run commands, install different OS and other customization by accessing the critical system files. In short, you can’t customize your Chromebook without enabling the developer mode or bypassing the enterprise block.


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