(Different Methods) How To Get Paramount Plus On LG Smart TV

(Different Methods) How To Get Paramount Plus On LG Smart TV

We already shared a detailed guide on “how to watch Paramount plus on Apple TV and Android TV?” But in today’s guide, we are going to about “Paramount plus for LG smart TV”.

After publishing the installation guide of Paramount+ for android TV and iOS tv, we found that many websites are sharing wrong or un-updated information. In short, they are misleading the users who want to know “why can’t I find paramount plus on my LG tv” and “what are ways to install Paramount+ on LG TV?”

The first thing you should know is that the Paramount plus app is available for LG Tv but not for all models. Yes, some old and new models are not currently supporting this. But that doesn’t mean, you can’t Paramount+ on no supportable LG TVs.

Like Android & iOS devices, LG Smart TV has its own “LG Content Store” app store to install several apps, including Paramount Plus. If you have Paramount plus supportable LG smart TV, you can stream on-demand content from BET, shows, CBS, MTV, Comedy Central, etc without any issue.

But before paying for a subscription, we recommend you check the compatibility of your model. In cases the Paramount plus app is not available to download on your LG TV, you can watch paramount+ video content via a streaming player.


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Paramount Plus Supportable LG Smart TV Models

  • Right now, the Paramount+ app is compatible with all newer LG TV models including 2018 models.
  • Additionally, LG smart TV V needs to be running a webOS 4.0 or higher version. Otherwise, update the firmware of your LG smart TV on the latest updated version for free (if available)

Tips: Check the compatibility of your LG smart tv with the paramount plus app, simply search and download the app in your TV.

How To Install Paramount+ Application On LG Smart TV

Same as other applications, you can directly download Paramount plus app from the “LG Content Store”.

  1. Take the LG TV remote in your hand and directly press the Home key.
  2. Now, open the LG Content Store to download the application.
  3. Select the “Apps” section from the top of the screen.
  4.      Next, Select the “Paramount plus LG Tv app” official application if shown in the list of available apps. Otherwise, use the search section to find the app.
  5. Select the app  >>>> Click “Install”
  6. After successful installation of the “Paramount+ LG TV app” it will be available to access directly from the home screen.
NOTE : Make sure your LG smart TV is already connected to wifi to find and download the paramount+ app. If the paramount+ application is not visible in the “LG content store” that means, Paramount Plus doesn’t currently support the LG TV model.

Activate Paramount Plus on LG Smart TV After Download

Once the installation is done, you need to activate Paramount Plus with your account to stream content. Here you have two options to activate Paramount Plus service on LG TV

  1. Activate directly from the TV


  1. By using the activation link on your phone browser

(a)  In order to activate paramount+ plus on LG tV, launch the Paramount Plus app on your LG Smart TV. Make sure stable internet is enabled on the TV.

(b)  Go to Settings >>>> choose Sign In option to access the account.

(c)    Now, here you will see two options.

On my TV – It will prompt you to enter the Paramount+ credentials on your LG TV. In short, enter the account detail directly from the TV.

On paramountplus.com – It will display you an activation code or the login code.

(d)  Cope or type the below URL in the address bar to access Paramount Plus activation website for LG TV (https://www.paramountplus.com/activate/lg/).

(e)  Simply, type the Paramount+ activation code and then click the Activate button for activation.

paramount plus activation code for LG Smart Tv

(f)  Now verify your account and you are ready to steam Paramount Plus content on your LG Smart TV without any issue.

Alternative Method to Watch Paramount+ on LG Smart TV

In case, the paramount+ app is not available for your Smart tV that means, your TV is not supportable for this service. But still, there is an option that can be used as an alternative for non-supportable LG smart TVs.

Same as android and iOS devices, all the latest LG TV supports casting and AirPlay function to mirror android and iOS devices. Just pair your Smartphone device with LG smart TV and stream paramount+ content from android or iOS devices to LG TV.

  1. Connect your both TV and Android or iOS devices with the same wifi network. It’s important.
  2. For Android devices, you don’t need to enable the “Cast” feature. But for iOS devices, enable the “AirPlay” feature manually.
  • Select the AirPlay icon.
  • Enable  AirPlay
  • Select the Every Time in the Require Code section.
  1. Now download and install the paramount+ app on your phone and log in with account credentials. Skip the step, if already done.
  2. Enter into the app and play any video that you want to stream on the big screen from your phone.
  3. Next, tap the “Cast” or “AirPlay” icon from the app.
  4. App will start searching for the nearest smart tv for pairing.
  5. Select the name or model number of your LG smart tv and confirm it.
  6. Now the video will start mirroring on your tv from your connected device.

Fix Paramount Plus App Not Working On LG Smart TV

Sometimes, you may face paramount+ not working on LG TV due to several reasons. No need to worry about it. You can fix this issue by following the below instructions.

Check Internet Connectivity: Paramount plus stream service required a stable internet connection for smooth streaming. So, make sure you are using enough speed-based internet connection according to the Paramount+ streaming requirements. Actually, it required a minimum of 3000 kbps speed for without buffering streaming.

Restart Your LG Smart TV: In case, paramount+ app keeps crashing automatically on your LG TV, just restart your TV to fix bugs or errors. After restarting, launch the app again and stream the desired content.

Update the Paramount+ firmware/ App: Same as other devices, it’s necessary to use the latest paramount+ app to avoid possible bugs. An outdated version of paramount plus app also can be a reason of this problem. So, update the installed paramount+ app on your LG Smart TV and check whether the issue is fixed or not. Otherwise, delete the older one and reinstall it again.

Update Firmware LG Smart TV: As we already told you, it required the supportable lg smart TV with the latest OS. Just because Paramount+ is not available on the older version of the LG Smart TV, update the firmware of your LG TV to the latest firmware version to get the Paramount+ app.

Factory Reset LG Smart TV: If all the above solutions are not working for you and still the same error again and again then, factory reset LG TV without a remote.

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