How To Root Android Devices Without TWRP Recovery – [ Root Without TWRP ]

How To Root Android Devices Without TWRP Recovery – [ Root Without TWRP ]

Do you know now we can root any android phone without TWRP recovery? Yes, now users have option to get root access without flashing official or un official custom TWRp recovery.

Most probably, you may know, in the starting of android generation we used the one click root apps to root android phone without TWRP file. But after that it was not possible due to new versions and security updates.

Similarly, now we have Magisk root app for systemless rooting. With the help of Magisk root file, we can root android phone without flashing twrp recovery.

As we all know twrp recovery is must to flash magisk zip file. After that we can root our android Smartphone by flashing Magisk root package [ Magisk Zip File ]. But in that case, you have to wait for official or unofficial TWRP recovery for specific device. Sometime it may take long time to release official TWRP recovery. Meanwhile, you can also flash un-official TWRp build for the same purpose but it may harm your device badly.

There are many un-official developers are also available who always try to build an unofficial TWRP recovery for your device. But it’s not possible for all the devices. In that case, it was hard to root android mobile without TWRP recovery.

But now it’s very easy to root your device with Magisk app. In short, you no need to flash twrp on your device before rooting. Simply use the free Magisk apk, create patched boot image and flash it via fastboot command. That’s it.

We already managed full detail post to root any android phone via TWRP recovery, therefore we are now focusing on how to root android devices without TWRP recovery?

For the unknown, whenever you root your device with any method, a small su file gets placed in the system directory of your device. This su file is very important for providing administrative privileges. After that you have full control over your device as a developer. Once you get this access, you are free to apply different customization and modifications or can apply tweaks & tricks. Moreover, you can install mods app, frameworks, audio hacks etc which were restricted in your non-rooted mobile. That’s why all the advanced android users love to root their device because they don’t want to stuck with stock UI and features.

But still you may ask “why should I opt for this method of rooting” because it will not help you to flash custom ROMS. It’s true, we can’t flash any third party custom ROMs without TWRP recovery. This is the main drawback of this root procedure. But main advantage is that you no need to perform an extra step of installing a custom recovery. Additionally, you will get the regular OTA update for your device.

Once you flashed a custom TWRP recovery, you will no longer receive the official OTA updates notification. These OTA software updates are extremely important. They not only bring about certain new features with them but also contain the monthly security updates released by Google. So, not receiving them would be a major loss for your device. Moreover, wrong TWRP recovery may stuck your device into bootloop.

So if you have official TWRp recoveries for your device then flash it and then root your device. But if you really don’t want to wait for official or un-official custom recovery then this method is perfect to gain root access without custom recovery such as TWRP / red fox TWRP etc.

Concept Of Rooting Without Custom Recovery

In the traditional rooting method TWRP recovery is must to flash Magisk or SuperSu exploit to gain root access. But now many things have been changed due to Magisk System less rooting app. With the help of Magisk Manager app, we can create patched boot image for specific device and then flash this new patched boot image file on the device.

May be you are thinking that it’s hard to perform but believe me guys it’s very easy and straight forward for everyone.

Pre-Requirements To Root Phone Without TWRP Recovery File

IMPORTANT NOTE: While using this method, you need to find the patched boot image (boot.img) file for your device. Make sure that it exactly matches your current OS version. For this you can download fastboot ROM or Recover ROM of your device.

Method To Root Android Devices Without TWRP Recovery

If you are still wants to root your android mobile but don’t have any official or un official TWRP build for you device then this guide is for you. By following this rooting procedure, root phone without custom TWRP recovery.

Method is straight forward and easy to apply for any newbie or advanced android user. Follow the instructions, create patched boot image file and flash it on mobile to gain full root access.

To make it easy to understand we are splitting in different sections.

  1. Create Patched Boot Image File Using Magisk Manager APK
  2. Flash Patched Image File And Root Android Phone Without TWRP

Step01 Create Patched Boot Image File Using Magisk APK

In order to root android device without twrp, we need to create pre-rooted patched boot image using stock boot.img file. For this we will use Magisk Manager apk.

Follow the below steps and create pre-rooted patched boot image for any android device.

  • Find or download “boot.img” file for your own device.

Tips:  Stock ROM is an easy place to get correct boot.img file for your device. Each and every fastboot ROM or recovery ROM comes with pre-installed boot.img file. Otherwise, do Google to download boot image file for your own device model.

  • Now move this “Boot Image” file or “boot.img” file into internal storage of the device.

boot image file

  • Next, download and Install “Magaisk Manager apk” on your mobile.
  • Once the app installed, launch it.
  • Click on “Install” button >>> click on “Select and patch a file” option and then browse the “boot.img” file from internal storage.
patch the boot image file using magisk
patch the boot image file using magisk
  • Just after applying the above step, Magisk will take few seconds to patch stock boot.img file and then it will create new pre-rooted patched image file for you. You can find this new “Magisk_patched.img” file in the “Download” section of your device.
create patched boot image file
create patched boot image file
  • Now go to download section of the device, copy & move the Magisk_patched.img file on desktop.

magisk patched imag

Steps 01 is completed successfully. Now we are ready to root our device by flashing pre-rooted patchedboot image file [Magisk_Patched.img] file via fastboot commands.

Step02 Flash Patched Image File And Root Android Phone Without TWRP

This is our final step to root android device without flashing TWRP recovery. In this section we will flash patchedboot.img or magisk_patched.img file via fastboot commands. This process will replace the pre-installed boot.img file with Magisk_patched.img file.

Lets see how to flash pre-rooted Patchedboot.img file for rooting?

  • Download “Minimal ADB & fastboot tool” setup and install it on your windows pc/laptop.

GUIDE : Proper Method To Install Minimal ADB && Fastboot Tool

  • Extract the downloaded “Platform Tool” zip file on pc.
Platform tool folder
  • Copy the newly created “magisk_patched.img” file [from step01] and move it into “Platform tool” folder.
  • Enable USb debugging on your device and connect it with pc via working USb cable.
  • Again go to “Platform tool” folder, press & hold “Shift” key + “Right” click and select “open command window here” or “open power shell window here” option to open command window on pc.

  • Type the below adb commands to check if the device is properly connected with pc or not?
adb devices
  • Check your phone screen and allow USB debugging permission by clicking on “OK” button.
  • Boot device into Fastboot / bootloader mode via Fastboot command or manually.

Here you have two options to boot device into fastboot or bootloader mode – “Manual” or “Fastboot Commands”.

Boot Device Into Fastboot Mode Using Commands

adb reboot bootloader


adb reboot fastboot


Boot device into Fastboot / Bootloader mode manually

Power off device >> Press & Hold volume down key + power key at the same time.

  • Connect the device with pc via working USB cable.
  • Execute the below fastboot commend to check, if the device is properly connected with pc or not.
fastboot devices

  • In next step, execute the fastboot command to flash Magisk_patched.img file on your phone.
fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img

Important : If the patched boot image file name is different than rename it before executing the command.

  • After successful flashing of patched boot image, type the below command to reboot device into normal mode from fastboot mode.
fastboot reboot
  • Done!!! Download and install supersu app to verify root access on the device. Or you can also check it by magisk manager apk.

Check Root Access

Open Magisk manager application on your mobile and this time you will see “Magisk is up to date” insets of “Magisk is not installed”. That means device is fully rooted. Similarly, install Root checker app and it will show the current status of the device.

root android phone without twrp

This is the best method to root any android phone without TWRP recovery. Simply create pre-rooted patched boot image file with Magisk Manager apk and then flash it via fastboot command. It’s an universal method to root phone without flashing twrp recovery.

At any point, if you want to unroot your device then flash official stock boot image file again. This will un root your device without installing stock firmware.

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