How To Install Microsoft office Suite On Chromebook

Learn How To Install Microsoft office Suite On Chromebook

As we all know Microsoft office is one of the best and most popular document management tool for all windows and mac PCs. Because of its simple and easy user-interface, we can see MS office software tool on every personal and business places. That’s why it’s hard to ignore and we can’t think to do our work without this software. Actually, Microsoft official application is a bunch of utility tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Paint, MS office access and MS official InfoPath etc that makes our work easier.

Apart from Windows PCs, we can also install the Microsoft Office Suite on Chromebook laptops. But if you don’t know how to run Microsoft Office on Chromebook manually, this guide is definitely for you.

Most probably you may know that we can’t install desktop version of MS office on Chromebook. But still we have another option to run and access MS office features on Chromebook laptops. In this tutorial we will show you how to do that but it’s must to know that it depends on what software you run on your Chromebook. Second main thing is, you can use MS office with limited capacity. In short, all the features of MS office will not be accessible through the Chrome book.

Most beautiful thing about Chromebook is that mostly Chromebooks work on cloud based system. Because of this, you no need to use any external hard drive to store your data. Do everything through the Google drive and forget about your hard disk.

But problem is that most of us use the Microsoft office tool like word, Excel, PowerPoint etc and Chromebook doesn’t support desktop based MS office software. Because of this limitation, there are numbers of quarries about Chromebook MS official version

  • Can you use Microsoft Official on Chromebook?
  • How I install Microsoft Office for free on my Chromebook?
  • Is official free on chromebook?
  • How to run MS official on Chromebook?
  • Is it possible to use MS office on a Chromebook?

These are very common quarries from Chromebook users and they actually wants to know “is it possible or not to use Microsoft office in Chromebook?” If yes then how to install and run it on Chromebook device?

Here in this guide we will try to explain all about Chromebook MS office limitations and installation process. So read the full post properly and learn all possible methods to run latest MS office software on Chromebook OS for free.

Tips :

Install Microsoft office Suite On Chromebook

As we all know, each and every device support some specific operation software. For example, windows pc supports windows OS and android devices support the android OS. Similarly,  Chromebook laptop runs on Chrome OS. Like iOS and android, users can’t install and run any third party apps using website or using any exe or dmg file. So, it’s necessary to use supportable format to run any software.

That’s why, if the app is available on Google Chrome web store, you can easily run them on Chromebook. Moreover, some Chromebook models also support the android apps from Google play store. At the time of posting this guide, official Microsoft Office is only available for Chromebook that support Android applications. Check out the list of Chrome OS system supporting android apps. In case, your Chromebook model not available in this supporting list, you can’t install the Windows or Mac desktop versions of Microsoft 365 or Office 2016 on a Chromebook.

Method01 Microsoft Office for Chromebook: Google Play Store

This is the most easiest way to run and access MS office on Chromebook [Only if your Chromebook support android app ]. Most off all latest chromebooks developed to accept android apps but till now some older Chromebooks still don’t have access to the Google Play Store.

If you are sure that your device supports the Google android apps then follow the below instructions to get MS officie on Chromebook laptop.

  1. Search and open the Google Play Store on your Chromebook machine.

Microsoft Office on Chromebook

  1. Type and search for Microsoft apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Skype.

Click on the links below to download specific apps Microsoft office:






Office Lens

  1. Once the app is in front of you, click on the Install.

install Microsoft Office on Chromebook

  1. Wait for download and when the app is installed, check the app on the Launcher page.
  2. Open the app and sign in with your Microsoft account. Start editing your files with Microsoft suite on your Chromebook.

Please Note: If your Chromebook doesn’t support the android app or have only Chrome web store access then you have limited options to use Ms office app on Chromebook machine.

Use the free online ms office web app for edit and share office files directly in your browser. Just connect your Chromebook with internet connection to use Microsoft Office on Chromebook. This is not perfect solution or ideal situation, but of cause you have an alternative to Drive.

FREE Microsoft Online For The Web – Microsoft 365

Method02 Stream MS Office On Chromebook

This is another wonderful solution for those who are not able to install MS office android app on Chromebook or can’t install because of unsupportable device. Just run your Microsoft on your pc and stream it to your Chromebook. This is actually a great idea to access MS office features on Chromebook because here you will get the option to run the full desktop version made for PC.

Before going to jump into below solution, make sure Microsoft Office and Google Chrome both are installed on your PC. Also, connect the both your pc and chromebook with stable internet connection.

Instructions To stream Photoshop on Chromebook laptop

setup remote access

  • A new “Chrome Web Store” window will appear in front of you. Install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension on your PC. [ Direct Download ]

chrome remote desktop

  • Come to the original tab again on your PC and name your computer.
  • Click on Next and create a new PIN (minimum six digits) .
  • If prompted, enter the PIN you created on your PC.

So guys these are all possible ways to use Microsoft on your Chromebook. Choose the Chrome web store or get Ms Office for Chromebook from android Play store [if supportable]. Also, if you are also searching for “how can I get Microsoft office for free on Chromebook, free online Microsoft 365 is available for you. At the time of publishing this post, these are the only solutions to run Microsoft office on Chromebook laptop.

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