How To Create PlayStation Network Account (PSN) On PS4 & PS3 Console

How To Create PlayStation Network Account On PS4 console & PS3 console – Create new PSN account

In this guide we are going to learn how to crate PSN account on PS4 and PS3 console. But before that it’s impotent to know the difference in between PS4 PSN account (PlayStation Network) and PS4 user account. In PSN account, you need to create an online PlayStation ID which is also known as PSN ID. Just because PSN ID is an unique ID, you can’t change it again in future and it will remain forever. But PS3 / PS4 users can create or delete user profile (User Account) any time. PlayStation console allow users to create and keep upto 16 users account at the same time so that you can manage them for different users.

PlayStation is one of the best and most popular gaming devices powered by Sony. With the help of PlayStation systems [PS2/PS3/PS4/PS4 pro] you can play high-end graphic online games over the internet. Just connect your PlayStation devices with home WIFI or Ethernet and enjoy your online games on PS devices. Also, here you can download latest games for PlayStation console.  Additionally, uses can pre-order the new games and special editions before their release. But all these thinks you can do after creating PlayStation Network account or PSN account for PS4 or PS3 consoles. PlayStation Network (PSN) is a digital entertainment service for your PlayStation system to access games download, movies, videos, Tv and much more.

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What You Should Know About PSN Account

  • PSN account creates an unique PSN ID and it can’t change again in any how condition.
  • PlayStation network account or PlayStation account or PSN account is required to download games, demos, movies, shows and music on PlayStation devices like PS2/PS3/PS4 etc.
  • PSN network account and user account both are different from each other.
  • User can create PlayStation network account using PC or using PS4, ps3 & PS2 console.

Methods To Create PlayStation Network Account (PSN) On PS4 & PS3 Console

If you already have PSN network account then it’s not required to create new playstation network account again. You can’t transfer the older account’s related data (games, download access, movies) on newly created PSN account. But if it’s your first time, follow the below methods to create an account on PlayStation Network using pc and console [PS4/PS3/PS2].

psn account ps4

Method 01 PS4 : Create PSN Account PS4 Using Pc

This method is useful for those who are looking for “how to create a PlayStation account on computer?” Follow the below steps one by one and get PSN ID for your PS4 gaming console.

Step 1: Open the any web browser on your computer and browse the Sony Entertainment Network create new account page.

Sign Up for PlayStation Network

Step 02 : Click on “Create New Account” button >> “create” button >> Enter “DOB” & click on “next” >> and fill other information like country, preferred language and provide a new password to your account.

create new psn network account using pc

Step 03: After providing the correct information click on “I Agree. Create My Account”.

i agree create my account psn

Step 04: Now check your email that you provides at the time of creating new account. Click on verification link is sent by Sony entertainment.

Step 05: Come back to the Sony Entertainment Network website, then click on continue button for next step.

Step 06: On the next page you need to update account image for your PSN account profile.

Step 07: Now choose the Online ID [unique ID] which will be visible to others gamers while playing online games on PlayStation devices.

Step 08: Click continue option to continue setup the account.

Step 09: Finish updating your PSN network account by clicking on Continue option on each screen with your name, personal information and payment details.

Step 10: Finally click on Finish to Complete the PlayStation sign up process. Just after this, you will see a message that Your account is now ready to access PlayStation Network. That means, Playstation Network account created successfully and you can login onto PS4 console or PS3 console with new PSN account ID.

Method02 PS4 : Create PSN Account Using PS4 Console

Same as pc, users can create new PSN account on PS4 console system. If you are much familer you’re your console, check out the straight forward instructions to create PSN account using your console.

Step 01: Turn on your PlayStation Console and connect it to internet.

Step 02: Press PS button from console and select the New User option.

Select New user option on PlayStation

Step 03: Select Create a User option and then accept the term & condition and user agreements from the next page.

create a user

Step 04: Select the New to PlayStation Network? Create an Account option from the next window.

Sign up for PlayStation Network

Step 05: Simply select the Sign Up Now option in order to create new PlayStation network account.

 Sign Up Now option ps4

Step 06: Now follow on screen instruction and enter your Email address and password then click on Next button.

Please Note: Use the non-registered or new mail id to create new PSN account using PS4 console. You can’t create PSN account with existing or already used mail ID.

Enter signup requirements

Step 07: Here it will ask you to select an Avatar. Don’t worry, you can change it any time in future if you want.

select avatar psn account

Step 08: Now enter your Online ID (nickname/username) under create your PSN profile section including your original Name, then click Next. Remember that it will be public.

Sign up for PlayStation Network

Step 09: In the next screen, you can choose the facebook information as your public detail. You also have the option to not display your full name and picture while playing online games.

Step 10: Now you should set your privacy settings for your new PSN account. Pick Anyone, Friends of Friends, Friends Only or No One for each specific activity.

Set Privacy settings playstation network account

Step 11: Just click on Accept from the final Terms of service and user agreement screen.

accept terms for PSn account

Done!!! That’s it. Your PlayStation Network sign up using PS4 console process is successfully completed. And now you can sign in to playstation network ps4 with your credentials.

psn account for ps3

PS3 – Create PSN Account on a PS3 Console

  1. Open the “PlayStation Network” icon from the main menu.
  2. Next, select Sign Up for PlayStation Network >>>  Create a New Account (New Users) >>>

Please Note: Make sure you are not signed into another PlayStation network account (PSN) at the time of creating new PSN network account with PS3 console.

  1. Enter the information like country/region of residence, language, and date of birth, and then select Continue.
  2. Now click on “Accept” from PlayStation terms of service and user agreement / Privacy Policy You have to do this twice.

  1. Again enter your email address, security question/answer and new password for your PSN account, and follow through with the Continue button. Create a strong password for PSN account and it should be at least 6 characters and should include letters and numbers.

  1. Create an Online D : Now pick an ID that can be seen by others online users because it will be your public PSN ID. This is what other online users will see when you’re playing with them.
  2. The next page will ask you to enter the correct name and gender. Fill in those fields and then select Continue once more.
  3. Fill some information about your location so that the PlayStation Network has your street address and other details on their database.
  4. Enable or disable those checkboxes, if you want to receive news, special offers, and other things from Sony, as well as whether or not you want them to share your personal information with partners. It’s an optional step.
  5. Now you’ll get an email from Sony official with a verification link. Go to your mail box and verify that that the email addresses is yours.
  6. Verify the link and then select OK on the PlayStation.
  7. Select Proceed to PlayStation Store to go back to the home screen and login with your new PSN account ID and password.
  8. Done!!! New PSN account created with PS3 gaming console.

This is all about “’how to create PlayStation network account for PS4 and PS3 console?” Use your pc or console and make new PSN ID and password to login in PSN network account. It’s a master account and after that you can create multiple users account for your PlayStation [upto 16]. PlayStation console also offers several free games. Moreover, it uploads two new games every month for PlayStation users and they can access them after creating a PSN account.  Once you have your PSN account or PlayStation Network account, you are free to download and access new games, videos and movies [download Netflix on PS4 & PS3 console].

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