How Old Is My iPhone – Check out iPhone Age ( 4 Solid Methods )

theHow Old Is My iPhone – Check out iPhone Age ( 4 Solid Methods )

Are you going to buy a second-hand iPhone or want to know the age of your iPhone, then follow the below methods. With the help of this guide, you can check your iPhone 4, 7, SE age, and manufacturing date easily.

If you try to check on the internet, you will see several quarries on “how old is my iPhone or the iPhone’s age”. Reasons to find out the exact date of iPhone age may be different for different users. For example, it may be used as a used iPhone purchase or sell iPhone.

Most of the time determining the age of an iPhone is useful when you are going to sell your old iPhone or buy a new iPhone / used iPhone. In that situation, you always need to know your iPhone age, manufacturing date, warranty details, etc.

If you are sure about “how old is your iPhone” then you can ask for a good price when you are planning to sell or exchange it for a new model.


Is It Possible To Find out how old my iPhone is?

In a single word “YES”. We can easily determine the age of our iPhones. For this, you need to know iPhone serial number. With the help of the original serial number, we can find out all the details of any iPhone like manufacturing details, warranty period etc.

For this, note down the serial number from the back of your device or get it from the “settings” section.

Methods To  Check How Old is My iPhone?

As we already told you, there are several working ways to check old is your iPhone. Here we are going to add all possible methods that are easy to perform for anyone. You no need to use any paid service for this. All the methods and tools are fully free for all iPhone users.

(A)   IMPORTANT STEP: Find The iPhone Serial Number

Before going to check the phone’s age, find out the serial number.

  1. Unlock your iPhone >> navigate to the “Settings” section.
  2. Now, find and click the “General” >>> “About”.
  3. Now tap the “Serial Number” and not down it.

check The iPhone Serial Number

Once you have iPhone serial number in your hand, follow any below method and check the age of your iPhone Smartphone.

Method 01 Find iPhone Age Via Apple Coverage

Apple coverage is the best method to find the iPhone age. It’s a subdomain of the Apple page that allows you to check iPhone device details via serial number.

(a)    First of all, find the serial number of your iPhone device and not down it,

(b)   After getting the serial number, visit the “Apple Check Coverage Webpage” .

(c)    Now, simply enter the serial number in the input field and hit the “Continue” button to check details.

On the next page, you will see all the related information like the warranty period.  With the help of a warranty, we can calculate “how old is iPhone”.

This is the traditional method to find out “how old is the iPhone”. But another fact is that sometimes your iPhone may be older than one year. In that case, we can use the tool to find out the correct manufacturing date of our iPhone.

Method 02 SNDeepinfo Tools To Find Out How Old Is The My iPhone

In the above method, we can check the warranty period of any iPhone to determine the age of our iPhone. But SNDeepinfo is an online tool to get detailed information about the device like physical & technical characteristics such as color, memory, date of manufacture, stock firmware version, and memory, etc. That means this tool is a much reliable and more useful way to get full technical data of iphone device.

  1. Open the free Chipmunk tool on pc or any other device.
  2. Now, enter the correct Serial Number of your iPhone.
  3. Click on Show Info.
  4. A new page will be open in front of you, where you can see the exact age of your iPhone, Manufacturing Year, Week, Country, Color, etc.

iphone age finder tool

Method 03 find iPhone’s age using Chipmunk Klantenservice Tool ( iPhone Age Finder Tool )

Same as SNDeepinfo online iPhone age identifier tool, Chipmunk is a dutch website and a third-party tool to find the age of your iPhone.

(a)    Find and note down the serial number of the iPhone.

(b)   Now open the Chipmunk website and Enter iPhone’s serial number in the text input field and click on the “Laat de informatie zien” button.

Chipmunk Klantenservice Tool to find iPhone age

(c)    On the next page, it will show device production year and production week.

find the age of your iPhone

Method 04 Traditional Technical Way To Know Age Of My iPhone

Nowadays there are many paid and free online tools to know the iPhone age using serial numbers. But if you want to learn, you can still find out the age of the iPhone without an online tool or website. For this, you need Serial Number knowledge and Interpretation.

Technically, the serial number is the unique combination of alphabets and numbers that gives exact information about the technical, date, time, place, and model number. That means, we can easily determine how old is the iPhone and its age.

After getting the serial number of your iPhone, you can see it’s a 12 characters combination. It’s important to know that out of 12 characters, the 4th character gives information about the manufactured year. Find out the 4th character from the serial number and compare it from the below list.

  • K – 2013 (First Half)
  • L – 2013 (Second Half)
  • M – 2014 (First Half)
  • N – 2014 (Second Half)
  • P- 2015 (First Half)
  • Q- 2015 (Second Half)
  • R- 2016 (First Half)
  • S- 2016 (Second Half)
  • T- 2017 (First Half)
  • V- 2017 (Second Half)
  • W- 2018 (First Half)
  • X- 2018 (Second Half)
  • Y- 2019 (First Half)

This traditional method is the best way to find out “what’s the age of my iPhone without online tool?”

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So guys, there are fully working and tested methods to know “how old is my iPhone device” that can be used for any model of iPhone device. Out of four, Apple’s check coverage is valid only for less than one-year-old iPhones. To get the exact date of manufacturing, we recommend you to use free online tools or websites.

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