Is Tecno Camon 15 And Camon 15 Pro Waterproof – Tecno Camon 15 Pro Waterproof Test

Is Tecno Camon 15 And Camon 15 Pro Waterproof – Tecno Camon 15 Pro Waterproof Test

Now a days Smartphone market is full with huge numbers of different models and brands. Tecno mobile is also one of them who is increasing their sell with the help of amazing latest devices. If you try try to see there are many Tecno models are available in market with amazing features. That’s way now Tecno mobile is becoming most popular brand in India including whole world.

In the last two year, Tecno Smartphone launched many different budget and high end android mobile phones but now they are moving for new technology. Tecno Camon 15 CD7 and Tecno Camon 15 pro CD8 are the best example of high rich features enabled android mobile.

In February 2020 they announced their first Pop-up camera Smartphone for users. Few of brands are available in the market who are presenting these type of pop up camera enabled devices. But the problem is that all the high end device are very expensive and users demand security features such as water resistance in  Tecno Camon 15 & Camon 15 Pro Smartphone. Seriously Tecno has done very remarkable job on the design and they tried their best to serve good quality and feature for their Smartphone users.

Both devices are powered by android 10.0 latest android version with latest security patch level and officially promised for next upcoming android update. Huge internal storage [ 128GB ], Dual SIM with Volte support, PS LCD capacitive touch screen, 6.53 inch large screen size and 6GB RAM are enough to mark it as full specification rich android phone. Best thing about these models is their prices. Now it’s available in 1500 RS to 15500 RS to purchase. Without any doubt in this price rand Tecno camon 15 and Tecno Camon 15 pro both are good for those who are trying to get a full advanced feature android mobile.

All these specifications and price range make the user assume that if these phones come with an IP waterproof certification as well. Unfortunately, Tecno never announced any official statement about their waterproof ratings.

But if you really want to know, is  Tecno camon 15 and Tecno Camon 15 pro water proof and splash proof then read this post properly. Here we tried our best to test waterproof test in all conditions. So that you can check water resistance capacity of Tecno camon 15 and Tecno Camon 15 pro mobiles.

We already conduct different waterproof testing for different Samsung and POCO mobiles. And now we are going to show waterproof test result of Tecno camon 15 Pro and Tecno Camon 15 devices.

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 Is Tecno camon 15 and Tecno Camon 15 pro Waterproof And What’s IP Ratings

Photography is the most common hobby for any users. So that they always looks for good camera feature enabled android device. For this purpose Tecno launched their first 48 MP pop-up camera based android Smartphone.

At the same time, good quality is not sufficient for some users because they demand for security. Same as some us love to take underwater pictures and videos. In that case waterproof device is must for underwater photography and video recording. Demand for waterproof mobile driving crazy over the market along with time. All these features [Waterproof & Splashproof] make such a device worth buying.

Basically it’s not only limited with underwater activities. This waterproof smart feature provides an extra layer of security against any solid/liquid matter. As a result, many Smartphone companies are working on it and they are ready to introducing their products with a waterproof IP rating.

Tecno Camon 15 & 15 Pro Water Resistant Test And Result

Officially Tecno doesn’t have an IP67 or IP68 waterproof certification for Tecno 15 Pro and Tecno camon 15 mobile. So officially these are not waterproof android phones. But as we all know IP rating is must for official commitments but let’s have patience and wait for the result of this waterproof test. We conduct a waterproof and splash proof test for these devices. So you can check their result below.

Tecno Camon 15 5 Gallon Water Test 15 Minutes & Result

We tested Tecno Camon 15 with 5 Gallon water for approx 15 minutes and surprisingly everything was fine without any issues and errors. Officially there is no any official IP waterproof rating for this mode but surprisingly it’s working find underwater for 15 minutes [Power button & charging port damage ].

  • Display and Touch screen both are working fine in water and without water.
  • Dialer and contact logs are accessible into the water.
  • Volume key, other hardware are working fine [Power button & charging port damage ]
  • Microphone and speakers completely fine without any noise.
  • Camera performance good during the water test and splash test.

Tecno Camon 15 Pro 5 Gallon Water Test 15 Minutes & Result

Same as above we tested Tecno Camon 15 Pro with 5 Gallon water for 15 minutes. Here are result of Tecno Camon 15 Pro waterproof test.

  • Galaxy A71 touch screen and display not working good underwater and outside the water.
  • Phone Dialer and contact logs are accessible.
  • [I/O prts ] Volume and power buttons not responding.
  • Microphone and speakers ok.
  • Camera working OK.
  • Touch Damage

Result Of Waterproof Test

After applying the water resistance test on both Tecno 15 And Tecno 15 Pro we found that both devices are not fully waterproof. During the test Power button and charging port damaged including touch hardware.

But good thing is we can use them in wet condition for very short time. In short, they are able to secure in accidental conditions but can’t use for underwater photography and video recording.

As a result we can say, users can’t use both devices as a waterproof android mobile. So if you are searching for waterproof android Smartphone, go for another mobile.

Tecno Camon 15
Waterproof NO
Splash proof No
Dust Proof Yes

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Tecno Camon 15 pro
Waterproof NO
Splash proof Yes
Dust Proof Yes


Water resistant test shows that both Tecno camon 15 pro and tecno camon 15 are not waterproof phones. They performed well in dustproof test but it is strictly advised to take care of it against water and dust. Extremely moist condition may brick the device’s hardware components. Otherwise,  both devices are fully configured with latest android features in best prices.

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