Is Samsung Galaxy A51 And A71 Waterproof Smartphone? [ Waterproof Test & Result ]

Is Samsung Galaxy A51 And A71 Waterproof Smartphone? [ Waterproof Test & Result ]

Year 2020 is really great for Samsung Smartphone lovers. Recently Samsung launched many latest Smartphone with unique features and now they are focusing on waterproof android phones. Samsung Galaxy Xcover pro is a good example of this.

In the starting of January 2020, Samsung launched it’s brand new model Samsung Galaxy A51 and it get very good response in android Smartphone market. Also, Samsung Galaxy A71 is exacted to be launched by 21st February. Both devices are rich featured android mobile to change expectation of android mobile users. Big change in both Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 is that they will come with waterproof IP68 waterproof ratings.

Official waterproof specifications are not available for Samsung A51 and Samsung A71. So here in this guide we are going to share Samsung A51 and Samsung A71 waterproof test to check IP ratings.

As we all know Samsung is a giant South Korean based Smartphone company. It is well know mobile company for both flagship and budget phones [ Android & keypad ]. Display quality is the USP of Samsung phone which is unbeatable for any other good Smartphone companies like Xiaomi and Moto etc. Built in quality and disapl7y quality makes if different from other,, so that it is one of the best android mobile device.

Samsung have huge range of good android and keypad mobiles but now they are focusing on latest waterproof android phones. For 2020 Samsung Galaxy A51 and Samsung Galaxy A71 are the additional name in the waterproof mobile’s list. Now a day’s all the smartphone containing almost same features and techniques with their new devices. Just because of this Samsung developers are taking it serious and now they are launching new latest android devices with additional waterproof features to facilitate underwater photography and video recording. That’s why users are also taking interest in waterproof models. By using this waterproof design users can use their expensive mobile phones in rainy season without any issues.

As we all ready told you, officially they don’t announced that Samsung Galaxy A51 and Samsung Galaxy A71 are waterproof devices, so we are conducting waterproof test for Samsung Galaxy A71 and Samsung Galaxy A51 android mobiles.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Models : SM-A515F/DSN (Global); SM-A515F/DS (LATAM); SM-A515F/DST (Brazil); SM-A515F/DSM (Russia); SM-A515F/N (Australia)
Samsung Galaxy A71 Models : SM-A715F/DS, SM-A715F/DSN (Global); SM-A715F/DSM (Russia)

***UPDATE*** : Samsung Galaxy A71 comes with level 3 camera2api support, so we can install Google Camera in place of stock camera to improve photography and video recording experience. Read the tutorial to install and setup Google camera for Galaxy A71 Phone.

Samsung Galaxy A51 and Samsung Galaxy A71 Is Waterproof Or Not?

Most of all flagship devices like Samsung Xcover pro, Samsung galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 plus are waterproof android Smartphone. Because of this extra layer of security more and more popular loves these waterproof designs. And the result we all know.

Waterproof android mobile is really very good for those who loves underwater photography, video shooting and want to enjoy underwater selfies. A good waterproof and splash proof Smartphone can withstand underwater for an extended period of time. This amazing feature of mobile makes waterproof device more demanding in comparison of non waterproof mobile. If you try to search on Google trends, waterproof Smartphone is on the lead because of lots of interest. That way all mobile phone companies are ready to serve good featured android Smartphone with additional waterproof, dustproof and splash proof facilities.

Official Waterproof Specification Of Samsung A51 and Samsung A71

We already checked all official sources to know the official IP68 ratings of Samsung Galaxy A51 and Samsung Galaxy A71 mobiles. It is good to know that Samsung Galaxy A51 model have official IP68 waterproof rating. But unfortunately Samsung Galaxy A71 don’t have an official IP67 & IP68 waterproof rating. That means Samsung A71 is not an officially waterproof mobile. To know its water resistance power, we conduct a water test Samsung Galaxy A71 model.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Is Waterproof Officially – YES
Samsung Galaxy A71 Is Waterproof Officially – No

Samsung Galaxy A51 Waterproof Test And Result

samsung galaxy a51 waterproof test

Well, Samsung officially announced that this model comes with IP68 waterproof rating that means it is fully waterproof and dustproof device. That means it can survive in any accidental water splash or any exposure to water. So that we can experience underwater photography and underwater video recording in river, swimming pool and wet locations.

Galaxy A51 5 Gallon Water Test 15 Minutes & Result

We tested Samsung Galaxy A51 with 5 Gallon water for approx 15 minutes and surprisingly everything was fine without any issues and errors. As company promised, it’s 100% working underwater for 15 minutes.

  • Display and Touch screen both are working fine in water and without water.
  • Dialer and contact logs are accessible into the water.
  • Volume key, power button and other hardware are working fine.
  • Microphone and speakers completely fine without any noise.
  • Camera performance during the water test and post test.

 Galaxy A51 10 Gallon Water Test 30 Minutes & Result

5 Gallon water test for 15 minutes is very normal for any IP68 rating waterproof device. So now we tried this test in10 gallon water for next 30 minutes. Technically this water presser and test timing is really hard to survive for normal waterproof phones. As Samsung launched this waterproof device as a full flagged ruff and tuff device, so we are going to test it on extreme conditions.

  • After applying the 10 gallon water test for 30 minutes on Galaxy A51, screen was surprisingly working fine.
  • Phone’s display ok into the water and outside of the water.
  • All the options, functions and applications are working into the water.
  • Volume button malfunction not detected.
  • Earpiece, speaker and microphone working as usual.

Waterproof Test result For Galaxy A51

After conducting a waterproof and splash proof test we can say latest Samsung Galaxy A51 is 100% waterproof Smartphone of 2020 as they promised. For more result we also tried in into our near pond, Water Park and shower but its efficiency is excellent. No water damage found in water proof test.

Samsung Galaxy A71 Waterproof Test And Result

samsung galaxy a71 waterproof test

It’s must to know that Samsung Galaxy A71 doesn’t come with any officially IP68 waterproof ratings. So we can’t consider it as a waterproof Smartphone. However, most of all latest Samsung phones come with decent waterproof and splash proof features. For this we test it in same condition to check whether the Galaxy A71 can hold itself under a splashproof and waterproof test.

Samsung Galaxy A71 5 Gallon Water Test 15 Minutes & Result

We tested Galaxy A71 with 5 Gallon water for 15 minutes and surprisingly everything was fine without water damage and any issues.

  • Galaxy A71 touch screen and display working good underwater and outside the water.
  • Phone Dialer and contact logs are accessible.
  • [I/O prts ] Volume and power buttons not responding.
  • Microphone and speakers ok.
  • Camera working OK.

10 Gallon Water Test 30 Minutes & Result

After applying the 10 gallon water test for 30 minutes, screen was ok but much hardware damaged.

  • Display were ok for few minutes but touch failed.
  • Unable to use applications easily.
  • Volume button malfunction started.
  • earpiece speaker damaged underwater

Galaxy A71 Splash Proof Test

Galaxy A71 officially announced that this device comes with splash poof coating and it’s enough to protect the device from accidental water splash.

Galaxy A71 Waterproof And Splash Proof Test Result

As a result, we can say the device does not come with any official promises but we it can survive in accidental situation but not for long time. It’s splash proof because of Splash proof coating which is good to secure it in rainy conditions. But we can’t be considered as a full waterproof design. So if you are looking for full waterproof android mobile for underwater events like underwater photo shoot and video recording avoid this model and go for some other best options. At the time of testing device’s speaker and earpiece malfunction shows that proper waterproofing is not done to the device.

Conclusion :

We simply tested the both Samsung A51 And Samsung A71 models underwater to test waterproofing feature but we never recommend you to go with Samsung A71 because it failed in our water proof test. The Galaxy A51 is officially IP68 waterproof device but Galaxy A71 is not.

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