Best 3DS Emulator For Android Devices – Android 3DS Emulators List

Best 3DS Emulator For Android Devices 2020 – Android 3DS Emulators List

Are you a Nintendo 3DS games lover and confused to find out the best android 3DS emulator? If yes then you have landed on right place. Here in this post we will discuss about latest and working Nintendo 3DS emulators for android Smartphone and tablets.

Just stop your search here and find the best of best 3DS emulators 2020 for android phone and other devices.

A good working Nintendo 3DS emulator is very important to play classical Nintendo games on android without gaming console. But the problem is that there are huge number of list is available for android 3DS emulators which actually causes a confusion among the fans to choose right one.

For this reason, we prepared a list of best android 3DS emulators 2020. All the added Nintendo 3DS game emulators are added after getting user’s reviews. So you can select any one and experience it yourself.

Best thing about these 3DS EMU is that most of them are free to download and very few may ask to pay to experience advanced premium features.

Well, we all know that Nintendo 3DS games can be play on Nintendo game consoles. But everyone doesn’t want to buy these consoles because we are living in technical world. Now a days many things can be manage using the proper techniques. It is same with Nintendo 3DS games consoles.

We all are using latest android Smartphone and tables in our daily life. So with the help of 3DS emulators we can install and play Nintendo games on android devices easily. Moreover, we can change default controls with custom ones with 3DS emulator or 3DS Emu platform. These easy modifications allows user to play Nintendo games on android smoothly.

Now if you are ready to experience Nintendo games on android Smartphone and tablets, go though the below list and pick up one which you found most appealing.

List Of Best 3DS Emulator For Android Devices

  1. MegaN64 Android Emulator
  2. My Boy! Nintendo 3DS Emulator
  3. DraStic Emulator [Paid]
  4. NDS Boy Emulator
  5. Pretendo NDS Emulator
  6. EmuBox


MegaN64 emulator for android
MegaN64 emulator for android

MegaN64 3ds emulator is the best of 2020 – 2019 by which you can play number of Nintendo 64 games on android mobile with fewer modifications. Its user interface and easy to run feature makes it more popular in Nintendo games lovers. That’s way we added in #1 position in the list of best Nintendo 3DS emulator for android phone.  Official MegaN64 emulator is available on Google play store as a free application. Basically it’s a modified form of Open Source project known as Mupen64. So you need to place your game files in SD card / memory card and you are ready to go.

One more good thing about this emulator is that users can play the games without even touching the setup options. Additionally, you can customize its controls and also can adjust visual setting for better gaming experience. MegaN64 android emulator can be a good choice for you if you love to play Nintendo 64 classics.

DOWNLOAD – Google Play

My Boy! Nintendo 3DS Emulator

My Boy! Nintendo 3DS Emulator
My Boy! Nintendo 3DS Emulator

My boy is an advance Nintendo game emulator for high end android devices. Most of the android users prefer this tool to play almost every Gameboy games on android mobile. Practically this My Boy! Nintendo 3DS Emulator required high RAM and external memory to run the games smoothly.

It’s important to know that this emulator doesn’t include any Gameboy game itself, the only possibility to play the Gameboy game is to find the ROM and save it to your Smartphone. For this purpose you have to do Google to find the specific website to download the Gameboy Advanced ROM.

Same as above emulator, it also have option to adjust the game sound, graphics quality and even the control system. Don’t hesitate to test this amazing powerful best 3DS emulator for android from Google play store.

DraStic Emulator [Paid]

DraStic emulator is another popular 3ds Nintendo emulator for android phones. But unfortunately its paid for android users. This application allows you to play almost every game those are listed in catalog of games. Visual quality adjustment, audio adjustment and controls adjustments helps users to experience live gaming with full efforts. Moreover, this emulator has option to save games anytime by clicking on single button. That’s cool.  After that you can resume your game from the same position. No need to start game again from the starting.

We can assume power of this 3Ds emulator from its visual quality control system. For example, we can enhance the graphics twice or thrice than original resolution. Custom button modification, audio controls, portrait or landscape features are another specialty of this best android 3DS emulator. Special thing about this emulator is that you can also get cheat codes and you can surge the emulation speed with the feature of fast-forward.


NDS Boy Emulator

NDS Boy Emulator
NDS Boy Emulator

NDS Boy emulator is newly added android 3DS emulator in 2020. In the past year, it was not so much popular but not for now. Basically it’s an open source Nintendo emulator for android phone and now becoming most popular among the Android users.

specialty of this android emulator is that you can play evry kind of Nintendo game on your NDS Boy 3ds gaming console. Developers of this Nintendo emulator’s are very hard working and they are trying to make it more powerful by applying the different attractive features.

Compatibility rate of this tool is very high and that’s the reason this emulator is capable to run any games on its platform. This is the only emulator which is continuously existing in all the list of best free 3ds emulators 2018-2019 & 2020. Try it for one and experience its basic and advance features for free.

Pretendo NDS Emulator

Pretendo NDS Emulator
Pretendo NDS Emulator

Another 3ds emulator in the list is Pretendo NDS 3Ds emulator for android phones and tablets. By using this free android 3DS Pretendo NDS emulator, you can enjoy almost all Nintendo classics games on android devices. Good thing about this emulator is that this tool allows you to upload and play games from ROM files in .rom and.ds formats including compressed formats such as zip, 7z, and Rar.

Additional auto-save option helps you to save your games automatically, so you can stop and resume your game anytime. Graphic adjustment, audio control makes it more powerful for user experience.

Download APK / MIRROR

EmuBox Android EMU

EmuBox emulator
EmuBox android emulator

Last but not least and that is EmuBox Nintendo emulator. We are adding it in the last of the list of best Nintendo 3DS emulator for pc because it’s new in the market and most of users are not fully aware about this tool. But performance is very impressive. It’s all-in-one emulator for android users because we can use it for NDS, PSX, GBA, GBC, and NES. Same as above emulator, it also provides the auto-save option to save game files automatically. Moreover, we can take picture or screenshot of any level and can share it with one click.

Important Points To Use Nintendo 3DS Emulator On Android Phone

Checkouts the above lists of best free 3ds Nintendo emulators of 2020 and grab one for your device. But before that read the below points carefully to experience the smooth game experience. Each and every Nintendo emulator comes with their own features and they have different compatibility parameters. So you need to choose right one according to your own device.

  • Resolution : Resolution compatibility is different for different Nintendo emulator for android. Some of them allow you to change the resolution settings for your convenient. That is very helpful if you are using low graphic or high graphic android mobile. You can adjust their setting for smooth gaming.
  • Audio : Sometime if you are facing any issues with gaming on android emulator, you can adjust their settings also. Ensure that you can use headphones or speakers to get the best acoustic sound.
  • Auto Save : All the available Nintendo emulator don’t have this feature. So we recommend you to use auto save feature enabled Nintendo 3DS emulator for android phone because it will save all the progress automatically. Auto save option is really good to save your time and you can enjoy the game from same level again.
  • Compatibility : Nintendo emulator compatibility is very important to avoid issues. When you proceed to download your favorite 3DS emulator from the list, it should be fully compatible with your device. Otherwise, you may face different types of issues during the gaming. In case, if you have low graphic device or low RAM device then make sure you are going to download compatible Nintendo emulator for android.

This is all about  list of latest Nintendo 3DS emulator 2020 with their amazing features. Just download Nintendo 3DS for android and start playing your Nintendo 3DS games on your phone and tablet.

As we already told you, these are not only available Nintendo 3DS emulator for android. This list is very huge because of Nintendo 3DS games popularity. So here we tried our best to list and describe the top 6 Nintendo 3DS emulators for android devices.

I would love to hear your feedback in comment box about the 3DS emulators you found on the list and which one appealed to you most and you would try that first.

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