How To kick Someone off Netflix Without Changing password

Are you using Netflix video streaming service and exceed the account limit? If yes then remove somebody out of your Netflix account and minimize the chance of losing your own account.

Probably, you may know that Netflix on playback devices does not use a username and password for repeat connections. They use the cookies to login again without credentials. To learn more about this topic, check out how to get a free Netflix premium account using cookies. Actually, a simple browser extension is required to import Netflix cookies and then we can watch Netflix without any username and password.

Because of this, sometimes unauthorized access is also possible on your account. So, you should always check the active devices page to know who is using your Netflix account with or without your permission.

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How To Kick Somebody Out of your Netflix Account?

Each and every premium Netflix plan allows limited users to watch or stream videos at the same time. So, if you want to prevent your own account when you want to watch something then kick out someone from Netflix to enjoy uninterrupted movie streaming. When you hit the absolute capacity of your subscription plan, you can ask another one to stop streaming on Netflix. But we know it’s really annoying sometimes for some users.

Please Note: According to Netflix terms & conditions, an account credentials sharing is officially intended for households who lived together. So, Netflix doesn’t like this type of sharing, and may lead to Netflix temporarily blocking your account.

The steps below will help you kick out any particular user from your account.

Method01 Remove Devices From Netflix Account

  1. Firstly, Log in to your Netflix account with correct credentials.

login to Netflix account

  1. Tap or Hover on your profile and click on “manage profiles’ from the drop-down menu.

How To Kick Somebody Out of your Netflix Account

  1. Now, select the “Sign Out of All Devices” option from the My Account page.

remove someone from netflix account

  1. Next, a confirmation message box will appear in front of you – “are you sure you want to sign out of this Netflix account on all devices?” Click on “Sign Out” blue to button to confirm your action.

How To Kick Somebody Out of your Netflix Account without changing password

This action will forcibly close all the sign-in devices and you can check the status under the recent device streaming activity page. If you haven’t shared your Netflix account password with anyone, other users can’t sign-in again without your permission. That means, you no need to change the password of your Netflix account after kicking other people out of your account. But, if other users might have your Netflix account login credentials, Netflix will suggest you change the older password with a new one. So, you should check it once and then choose your next step.

Please Note: This process may take around 8 hours to sign out all the connected devices.

Method 02 Change Password to Boot Everyone

After checking the Recent device streaming activity page, however, if you found that someone has your login credentials and still they can access your account after applying the “Sign out all devices” option. Just change the Netflix account credentials [Netflix password]. This is the only way to fix this issue. Otherwise, you can’t remove somebody from your Netflix account without changing your password.

  •  For this, launch your Netflix and login to your account.
  • Click on “Profile menu” >>> “Account” and click on “Change Password” option.

change password netflix account to remove from Netflix account

  •  In order to change the password, you have to enter the current password and a new password.

create new password netflix account

Note: Don’t forget to check ““Require all devices to sign in again with new password” option, if you want to kick all the logged-in devices off your Netflix account.

Is It Possible To kicking people off your Netflix account Without Changing Password

As you can see, kicking somebody out of your Netflix account is very easy. We can change the password of our Netflix account or can activate the remove devices from Netflix account option. Both are the only possible ways to remove users from our Netflix account.

So, if you want to remove someone without changing password then ‘remove devices from Netflix account” option is the best option for you. But it has a limitation. It will work for you, if you haven’t shared your Netflix account password with your friends and or family members.


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Reasons to kick somebody out from a Netflix account may be different for different users. But, if you cannot maintain your shared account with the limited users or want to keep a single slot for emergencies, just remove them.

How can I kick someone off my Netflix without changing my password in a highly searched quarry in Google search? Actually, it depends on you whether you gave them account access credentials or not. If they do not know the login credentials, you can force a log out of all devices and log in your own devices. Otherwise, change the password again.

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